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A Day Before Us Episode 8

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Tsuredure Children

Tsuredure Children

To those of you out there who never could say "I love you" — This story is about ordinary highschoolers and how love makes them fired up, shaken, laugh, cry, and hurt. Whether things go well or not, this story of adolescence and romance will show you how they spend their precious youth. Every character is the main character here, and you're...

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Jaimefm Jaimefm says

These anime are both short and cute. Romance and relationships are the main focus of both. Tsuredure Children has longer episodes and a larger cast, while a day before us has episodes that are only two minutes long and focuses on four people, but if you enjoyed one you will probably enjoy the other. 

rammyramramram rammyramramram says

Both series show and document the innocent anxiety before feelings are declared. Each episode is short and has a very simple story to tell, but does it in such a heartwarming way.

JailBait707 JailBait707 says

Both Tsuredure Children and A Day Before Us focus on mini moments of romance between some couples, in addition, both series have rather short episodes 

I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying

I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying

Kaoru is an OL you can find anywhere, serious and works diligently, but her husband is a super otaku and more-or-less a NEET. She is caught up in one of her husband's whims one day or the subject of his concerns another, but the two are so close that it's embarrassing to even watch them!

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ran88 ran88 says

Both shows are short episode romances. Although both are quite different in most other aspects, they have a similar mood to them and I suggest giving the other a watch.



It's the first day of high school, and plenty of school clubs are doing their best to recruit new members. However, for ditzy Yui, none of them seem to fit the bill. However, when she accidentally signs up to join the light music club, Yui begins a hilarious adventure to become a world class guitarist! There's just one problem: she's never played the guitar...

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JulDer JulDer says

Both shows are cute and have a small and enjoyable cast. They each have their share of fun and laughable moments, and are each a short and enjoyable watch!