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Restaurant to Another World 2
Cheesecake / Breakfast Again image

Episode 1

Cheesecake / Breakfast Again

Beefsteak / Cream Puff image

Episode 2

Beefsteak / Cream Puff

Hamburger / Beef Tendon Curry image

Episode 3

Hamburger / Beef Tendon Curry

Children's Lunch / Cream Croquette image

Episode 4

Children's Lunch / Cream Croquette

Scotch Egg / Mont Blanc image

Episode 5

Scotch Egg / Mont Blanc

Rice Burger / Pizza image

Episode 6

Rice Burger / Pizza

Okonomiyaki / Green Tea Shaved Ice image

Episode 7

Okonomiyaki / Green Tea Shaved Ice

Roast Beef / Cheesecake Again image

Episode 8

Roast Beef / Cheesecake Again

Macaroni Gratin / Fruit Jelly image

Episode 9

Macaroni Gratin / Fruit Jelly

Teriyaki Burger / Mocha Chocolate Parfait image

Episode 10

Teriyaki Burger / Mocha Chocolate Parfait

Quiche / Coffee Float image

Episode 11

Quiche / Coffee Float

Pork Loin Cutlet / Buffet image

Episode 12

Pork Loin Cutlet / Buffet

The King of Fighters: Destiny

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