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D4DJ First Mix
First Mix image

Episode 1

First Mix

Next Step image

Episode 2

Next Step

Only Me image

Episode 3

Only Me

Make My Song image

Episode 4

Make My Song

One and Only image

Episode 5

One and Only

Fall Camp image

Episode 6

Fall Camp

Holy Gifts image

Episode 7

Holy Gifts

Dear Friend image

Episode 8

Dear Friend

Encounter With Light image

Episode 9

Encounter With Light

Brand New World image

Episode 10

Brand New World

Voice of Evolution image

Episode 11

Voice of Evolution

Childhood Friends image

Episode 12

Childhood Friends

SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation
I'll do my bets! image

Episode 1

I'll do my bets!

First Astronomical Velocity image

Episode 2

First Astronomical Velocity

Sonico Goes to Okinawa image

Episode 3

Sonico Goes to Okinawa

Day Dream image

Episode 4

Day Dream

New World image

Episode 5

New World

Cruising of the Dead image

Episode 6

Cruising of the Dead

Star Rain image

Episode 7

Star Rain

Super Sonico Murder Case image

Episode 8

Super Sonico Murder Case

Sonico's Longest Day image

Episode 9

Sonico's Longest Day

Ramen and a Little Rice image

Episode 10

Ramen and a Little Rice

A Saint is Coming to Town image

Episode 11

A Saint is Coming to Town

We're right here. image

Episode 12

We're right here.

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