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Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories 4th Season
Tongue image

Episode 1


Fish Tank image

Episode 2

Fish Tank

Sewing Shears image

Episode 3

Sewing Shears

Red High Heel image

Episode 4

Red High Heel

Night Bus image

Episode 5

Night Bus

Guess Who? image

Episode 6

Guess Who?

Footsteps image

Episode 7


Cassette Tape image

Episode 8

Cassette Tape

Grinding Teeth image

Episode 9

Grinding Teeth

Calling Crane image

Episode 10

Calling Crane

White Line image

Episode 11

White Line

Snow Hut image

Episode 12

Snow Hut

Woodpecker Detective's Office
A Pleasant Occupation image

Episode 1

A Pleasant Occupation

A Red-light District Woman image

Episode 2

A Red-light District Woman

Casual Remarks image

Episode 3

Casual Remarks

Strange Stories of the High Tower image

Episode 4

Strange Stories of the High Tower

Accursed Beast image

Episode 5

Accursed Beast

Honeysuckle image

Episode 6


Gentleman Thief image

Episode 7

Gentleman Thief

Young Man image

Episode 8

Young Man

Events Fulfilled image

Episode 9

Events Fulfilled

Over Many Mountains and Rivers image

Episode 10

Over Many Mountains and Rivers

The Hour of Demons image

Episode 11

The Hour of Demons

Pale Blue Skies image

Episode 12

Pale Blue Skies

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