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MARS RED: Zero Kikan Nippou
Recorder and Randsell
Atsushi and Atsumi image

Episode 1

Atsushi and Atsumi

Atsumi and the Everyday image

Episode 2

Atsumi and the Everyday

Sayo and Atsumi image

Episode 3

Sayo and Atsumi

Atsushi and Grade School image

Episode 4

Atsushi and Grade School

Atsushi and the Bean-Throwing Festival image

Episode 5

Atsushi and the Bean-Throwing Festival

Atsushi and Chocolate image

Episode 6

Atsushi and Chocolate

Movies and Misunderstandings image

Episode 7

Movies and Misunderstandings

Atsushi and the Doll Festival image

Episode 8

Atsushi and the Doll Festival

Take and Finding a Job image

Episode 9

Take and Finding a Job

Atsushi and White Day image

Episode 10

Atsushi and White Day

Atsushi and the Library image

Episode 11

Atsushi and the Library

Atsushi and Misunderstandings image

Episode 12

Atsushi and Misunderstandings

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