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Food Wars! The Fifth Plate
Final Exams image

Episode 1

Final Exams

The BLUE Preliminaries image

Episode 2

The BLUE Preliminaries

The Last Supper image

Episode 4

The Last Supper

Convenience Store Brawl image

Episode 5

Convenience Store Brawl

A Midsummer Christmas image

Episode 6

A Midsummer Christmas

Crossed Knives image

Episode 7

Crossed Knives

The Missing Half of the Moon image

Episode 8

The Missing Half of the Moon

The God Tongue's Despair image

Episode 9

The God Tongue's Despair

Surpassing Dad image

Episode 10

Surpassing Dad

The Taste of Failure image

Episode 11

The Taste of Failure

The Perfect Rocks image

Episode 12

The Perfect Rocks

Boys in the Band image

Episode 1

Boys in the Band

Like Someone In Love image

Episode 2

Like Someone In Love

Somebody Else image

Episode 3

Somebody Else

Fluorescent Adolescent image

Episode 4

Fluorescent Adolescent

The Reason image

Episode 5

The Reason

Creep image

Episode 6


Tumbling Dice image

Episode 7

Tumbling Dice

Time Is Running Out image

Episode 8

Time Is Running Out

A Winter Story image

Episode 9

A Winter Story

Wonderwall image

Episode 10


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