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Gundam Build Fighters
Sei and Reiji image

Episode 1

Sei and Reiji

The Crimson Comet image

Episode 2

The Crimson Comet

Full Package image

Episode 3

Full Package

Gunpla Idol Kirara image

Episode 4

Gunpla Idol Kirara

The Strongest Builder image

Episode 5

The Strongest Builder

A Reason to Battle image

Episode 6

A Reason to Battle

World-Level Ability image

Episode 7

World-Level Ability

Encountering Fighters image

Episode 8

Encountering Fighters

Wings of Imagination image

Episode 9

Wings of Imagination

The World Tournament Begins image

Episode 10

The World Tournament Begins

Battle Royal image

Episode 11

Battle Royal

Discharge image

Episode 12


Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE
Wandering Core Gundam image

Episode 1

Wandering Core Gundam

Unknown Mission image

Episode 2

Unknown Mission

A Place to Protect image

Episode 3

A Place to Protect

Wounded Wings image

Episode 4

Wounded Wings

Now Spread Your Wings image

Episode 5

Now Spread Your Wings

Hero on the Brink image

Episode 6

Hero on the Brink

Battered Crown image

Episode 7

Battered Crown

Duty and Illusion image

Episode 8

Duty and Illusion

Abyss of Isolation image

Episode 9

Abyss of Isolation

The Ones Who Breathe There image

Episode 10

The Ones Who Breathe There

Last Mission image

Episode 11

Last Mission

The Shuddering World image

Episode 12

The Shuddering World

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