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Asteroid in Love
Their Promise image

Episode 1

Their Promise

The Riverside Milky Way image

Episode 2

The Riverside Milky Way

Memories Are Treasures image

Episode 3

Memories Are Treasures

Exciting! Summer Camp! image

Episode 4

Exciting! Summer Camp!

Everyone's Summer Break image

Episode 5

Everyone's Summer Break

Hoshizaki Festival! image

Episode 6

Hoshizaki Festival!

The Starry Sky Is a Time Machine image

Episode 7

The Starry Sky Is a Time Machine

Winter Diamond image

Episode 8

Winter Diamond

True Feelings image

Episode 9

True Feelings

Rain With Occasional Fortune-Telling image

Episode 10

Rain With Occasional Fortune-Telling

Shining Star Challenge! image

Episode 11

Shining Star Challenge!

Connected Cosmos image

Episode 12

Connected Cosmos

Ushio and Tora TV (2016)
The Wind Blows image

Episode 1

The Wind Blows

I Won't Lose Anyone Else image

Episode 2

I Won't Lose Anyone Else

The Night of the Crescent Moon image

Episode 3

The Night of the Crescent Moon

The Journey of No Return image

Episode 4

The Journey of No Return

To the Sea of Chaos image

Episode 5

To the Sea of Chaos

Mother image

Episode 6


The Beast Spear Destroyed image

Episode 7

The Beast Spear Destroyed

To the Promised Night image

Episode 10

To the Promised Night

The Ultimate Insult image

Episode 11

The Ultimate Insult

The End image

Episode 12

The End

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