801 T.T.S. Airbats

Alt title: Aozora Shoujo-tai

OVA (7 eps x 28 min)
1994 - 1996
3.206 out of 5 from 661 votes
Rank #10,418

The 801 Tactical Training Squad is an all-female acrobatic pilot team, a massive PR stunt by the Japanese military, and apparently a dumping ground for trouble makers; Haneda Miyuki struck a superior officer, Mitaka Arisa is a hot-head who doesn't get along with anyone, and Shimorenjaku Yoko is a terrible pilot. But for Isurugi Takuya, a budding service technician, it is a dream come true to work with aircraft and those who love them. However, as quickly as it started, it might come to an end; to cut operational costs, the military is looking for any excuse to pull the plug on the 801. With the constant threat of being disbanded looming over their heads, can everyone pull together to keep the 801 TTS going?

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I had high hopes for this one, namely due to the superior series Area 88. Both series feature fighter jets, but that's where the similarity ends. Area 88 has a real plot and characters you grow to care about. So far, after watching the first three episodes of this series I am far from impressed. A love triangle, which seems pointless, takes up as much screen time as the flying sequences.An OVA series from Studio Fantasia, this features a squadron made up of female pilots. Most don't seem to have much flying ability, and the one that truely is a good pilot is thus far portrayed as a petty hot-head. The animation is ok, but far too many shots of the aircraft are reused.What I've watched so far are the first three Japanese LaserDisc releases from Victor of Japan. Each disc is in CAV mode, alowing for perfect stills of each frame. There is considerable text detail on some shots of a racing form, etc., but fans of funny (goofy)/ecchi will find not much to enjoy. Silly sound effects during dreams and daydreams abound. If this is your cup of tea, than you may not want to go past episode 1 (Defcon I). Most of the ecchi takes place in episode 1's shower scene.The LaserDiscs, released by Victor, were manufactured in Japan by Kuraray and are in Japanese language only. In the interest of full disclosure I don't speak Japanese. They only placed one episode per disc, but encoded the disc with an ample number of chapter indexes. Each episode runs 30 minutes or slightly less. Disc 1 has 16 chapters, Disc 2 14 chapters, and Disc 3 15 chapters.

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