8 Man After

OVA (4 eps x 25 min)
3.003 out of 5 from 573 votes
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Hazama is a private detective, who becomes fatally wounded in a run-of-the-mill case. In order to survive, Hazama is tranformed into the legendary cyborg 8Man -- to put an end to the cybernetically-enhanced criminals' wave of crime. But as the death count increases, Hazama soon begins to question how much of his real self is left, and if the emotionless 8Man he becomes is really in control...

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 Inspired by my recent binge of the 8th Man series from the early 1960‘s, I decided to watch the four episode 8Man after. Despite a few minor problems, I recommend it. In this dark future criminal cyborgs run amok, fueled by the drug they need to have their brain interface with their artifical parts. The drug destroys the human brain with prolonged use. In this future, the first 8th man has disappeared after a battle with a being or person called Kozuma. I am not sure what it was because it did not appear in the original series & was just a mention in the intro. Another private detective is killed and brought back by the professor as the new 8th man. All the other original characters are there but updated in looks and personality. All except Sachiko (Jenny Heartsweet in the original dubbed version). Her look was updated, but she was a pretty useless pest that screamed and got in the way. That was typical for a female character in the early 1960‘s but this 4 parter was done in 1993. This character lent little to the story and I assume she was put there to stay true to the original characters or for a half hearted love interest attempt. She should have been updated in more than her appearance, at least having the sense to get out of the way when a battle is going on. To me, she was just annoying. The rest of the characters were done well. It should have definitely been a 12 episode series, not 4. There was not enough time in 4 episodes to do justice to the characters, flesh out the villains or to the new 8th man’s inner conflict with his past and what he has become. Definitely would have been better in 12 episodes. Other than that, it is a good anime. The animation was superb. I really got the feeling that 8th man was moving faster than the human eye could follow. The fight scenes were nicely done by my taste but they may be a bit violent for some. The sound track was great. I enjoyed this and recommend it. I hope a studio will pick up this franchise again. It is a good story, good characters and well worth reviving.

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