7 Seeds

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7 Seeds

Natsu, Arashi and a few dozen others had gone to bed like any other night when they woke up... somewhere else. In this new post-apocalyptic future, mutated plants and animals lie in every direction and mankind is long extinct. Scientists of the past predicted that a meteorite would strike Earth and render the planet uninhabitable, so they devised a plan: they would cryogenically freeze five teams of young adults and have them revived by a computer when life is again sustainable. Seven people formed each team along with a guide specially trained to survive in the wild, and seven caches of supplies were left to be found. Together, the teams must try to survive in a new and hostile world, inadvertently finding the other survivors and clues to their circumstances along the way.

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7 Seeds
  • Vol: 35; Ch: 178
  • 2002 - 2017

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Original Manga
7 Seeds Koushiki Fanbook: Edge of Emotions
  • Vol: 1
  • 2011

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