3000 Leagues in Search of Mother

Alt title: Haha wo Tazunete Sanzenri

TV (52 eps)
3.234 out of 5 from 441 votes
Rank #11,171

Marco was a poor but happy boy who lived with his father, brother, and mother in Italy. But once his mother leaves for Argentina to help pay down his father's debts, Marco feels that there's a hole inside he cannot fill. Though he is young, he tries his best to find jobs and make friends along the way, all the while receiving letters from his mother to raise his spirits. However, Marco will soon depart on a grand adventure the likes of which he has never seen before...

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An adventure that is very "come and go". It seems that whenever Marco gets a lead to where is mother is she's moved and he has to set out once again in pursuit. This can seem repetitive, but on his journeys he is met with wonderful strangers who help him on his way. Such wholesomeness is truely healing to the spirit, and the simplest of acts like giving free bread or offering a shabby roof to sleep under are great gifts to poor Marco. It's a sweet show that's slowly paced as you watch this kid go alone from Italy to Argentina! I found the settings to be quite different from what we're used to seeing nowadays. From the fresh Italian markets to the pampas of Argentina, this series exhibits some really amazing historical geography and also ways of life. It makes you long to be in such simple times where you could make a living without a college degree, go fishing in any river you see, or have a picnic in the shade. This gave me the same feeling some Ghibli films do with their emphasis that you can be happy with very little. Family and friends are the real gold here. I feel this show would be too slow for most, and if not that the old animation style might scare them away, however if you are willing to give it a go I'd say you'd enjoy this series if you're looking for a break from the usual high action shows of today. Of course you'll still find some exciting drama here, suspense and a few fights even, but know that that's less so the focus than the reality this show is trying to present. It reflects how a true journey would have been back in a time where communicating was difficult and slow, and the fastest speed you could go was by train.

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