2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team

Alt title: 2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu

TV (8+ eps)
2021 - ?
Winter 2021
3.616 out of 5 from 669 votes
Rank #3,247

Kimichika Haijima leaves Tokyo behind and returns to his childhood home where he’s reunited with an old friend, Yuni Kuroba. The two become an ace pair on the volleyball court but at the last tournament before graduation a fight causes the duo to split. Now reunited in high school, they are forced to mend their relationship in order to achieve their dreams of making it to the top.

Source: Funimation

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Firstly, I don't think there's anything wrong with comparing sports anime to others of its kind; people have done that since the beginning of time with every genre of anime. However, it does become an issue when you clearly have a bias towards one, and aren't really giving the other a chance. If you like sports anime, I'd recommend giving this a try and enjoying it for what it is. With that being said, so far this anime is okay (lol). It's hard to comment on the story line with only 7 episodes out right now, because shows can improve A LOT from the first few episodes, but at times it's a little clunky and the timeline is confusing. So far there's more drama than volleyball, which it's good to have a mix, but I'd like some more volleyball for right now. The relationship between the two main characters is kind of awkward so far. I feel like them being childhood friends shouldn't even have been included since it plays no part outside of the first 5 minute of the first episode. I haven't really developed any sort of connection or interest to the other characters yet (except maybe Aoki). Hopefully we'll see all the characters become friends with each of them getting their own time in the spotlight in the future. I really love the intro and outro songs, they're both fun and catchy. As far as the animation, I would like some more ~flare~. It doesn't really stand out right now. I'd like to see wider angle shots of full plays. Currently, we've been getting a lot of single close-ups of spikes and serves and blah blah. It's definitely harder to animate those extended scenes, but that's what I look for in a sports anime. In conclusion, this anime has potential, so I'll continue watching it. Review subject to change in the future.

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