180-byou de Kimi no Mimi wo Shiawase ni Dekiru ka?

TV (12 eps x 4 min)
Fall 2021
2.469 out of 5 from 424 votes
Rank #17,677

The story centers on Akari who buys a dummy head mic and enters the world of ASMR. As her childhood friend, "you" also start to learn about ASMR as well.

Source: ANN

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There isn't much to say about this anime, you very much get what it says in the description, an ASMR anime with very little storyline.If you're looking for something that'll relax you I would say recommended! Three minutes episodes with a thirty second outro at the end (and gosh it does jumpscare you sometimes).The animation is pretty good, nothing out of this world, it feels lacking at times but not the end of the world because of it. It has plenty of sus scenes and zooms on various body parts.The sound as expected is good, headphones are a must, afterall it is ASMR; Just as it happens with the animation, there are a plenty of sus sounds that make me glad I have my headphones on.With the characters, they're pretty much your average anime chicks with a single anime man, probably you've seen their character concepts before, there's nothing remarkable about them (I do have to say, MILF spotted and approved, 10/10 would call her mommy again)and story there is barely any that you can make out of, there's a mini storyline but it isn't really major to the anime; it's mostly random characters trying out ASMR with a dummy head mic or random situations turned into ASMR. Basically you learn very little about the majority of the characters and know like one or two key characteristics about them. Overall I say 9/10 because it's an ASMR anime, what else do you expect? 12 episodes of 3 minutes of pure bliss for your ears, it gives what it promises and relaxes you too. As I said before, probably good to relax after a stressing day.

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