11eyes Special

Alt title: 11eyes: Momoiro Genmutan

DVD Special (1 ep x 25 min)
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On a day like any other, Kakeru and Yuko chat on the school roof. But when things get a little heated, the pair – along with Yukiko, Takahisa and the rest of the gang – find themselves in another world once more... but this time it's pink! And the color of the sky isn't the only thing that's changed. Kakeru can now see through everyone's clothes (including Takahisa's, much to Kakeru's dismay); Tachibana can talk; and even Misuzu now wields an 'adult toy' instead of a sword. Just who is controlling this erotic new place?

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My review for the 2010 OVA Special of the anime, 11eyes. Story The plot begins with Kakeru and Yuka at school, (I think) and Kakeru's Eye Of Aeon beginning to give off a golden glow again, and suddenly the screen cracks and shatters... They believe the Red Night has started again, but they quickly discover it is pink instead. The group from the original anime, which consists of Kakeru, Yuka, Yukiko, Takahisa, Kukuri, Shiori, and Misuzu all meet up and begin discussing the "Pink Night" (though I don't believe it was specifically named that) and attempt to discover what is different about the Pink Night. As it turns out, the Pink Night yields some interestingly crazy (mostly crazy) changes from the Red Night...changes I don't really want to mention just because. Animation The animation style is of course, top notch just like the original anime. Though they don't make much use of the complex actions since there's basically no fighting, it still looks very well done. Everything down to...what Kakeru sees with his Eye Of Aeon... *cough* Sound Nothing particularly wrong about the sound here, but the horse noises that were made to censor out certain words were sort of annoying. A simple beep would have been just fine. Characters Okay, so all the characters were pretty much "out of character"...except for Misuzu, Yuka, and Shiori. Seriously, what the heck did they do to them in this episode? Every person down to the main villains of the story were completely different except for the aforementioned characters. Don't even get me started on Kukuri and Liselotte *facepalm* Kakeru- The main hero of the anime. His personality was altered somewhat from the original. He has become the perverted/embarrassed type, purposely using his Eye Of Aeon to look through the girls clothes at their bra/panties during the Pink Night. (Even Shiori D :) His powers from the Eye Of Aeon changed from being able to predict opponents moves, to seeing through people's clothes, and parting "water". Yuka- The primary main heroine of the anime. Her personality did not alter to a noticeable extent. Her new powers from the Pink Night were never shown due to her being afraid to unleash them. All you anti-pervs should be thankful for that, because if you know what her powers are in the anime and know a certain thing about her revealed near the end of the original anime, you could probably guess what her new powers might do... Misuzu- One of the main heroines of the anime. Her personality stayed pretty much the same from the original which I am glad for, though her weapons were altered to the point of being nothing alike the originals during the Pink Night. One of her weapons was altered into a certain vibrating "toy" (no joke) and the others were never seen because she refused to use the rest of them after seeing the first one. God only knows what the last and most dangerous of her swords would be o_O Kukuri- Sister of Kakeru and one of the main heroines of the anime. Her personality was changed so different than she was literally nothing alike her original character. She becomes an extremely talkative (despite the fact that she couldn't talk at all in the anime), perverted person who can describe even the most sensitive of subjects (such as how to use a vibrating "toy" in detail) without even blushing or stuttering at all. She also loves drawing extremely sexual acts on paper and showing them to the group to embarrass them...or maybe she's just really dense, who knows. Her powers did not seem to change at all. Yukiko- One of the main heroines of the anime who changes from a sweet somewhat airhead-ish girl to a deadly assassin when her glasses were taken off, even attacking friends if they got in her way. Her personality was altered only when she took off her glasses; which turned her from the deadly heartless assassin to an extremely horny lesbian. After she transforms, she immediately makes a move on Yuka in front of everyone, eventually French kissing her. Totally didn't see that coming. Takahisa- One of the characters in the anime that was part of the main group, though not a main character. His personality was altered somewhat. During the Pink Night, he had changed and became a pretty perverted guy who enjoyed taking advantage of certain situations to embarrass a few members of the group. One such moment was when he found out about Kakaru's new powers and had him look at Yukiko, making her do several "sexy" poses. His power over fire was replaced by that of the opposite element, water, which enabled him to shoot water out of his finger. It should be no surprise that this OVA Special makes use of it to make it look perverted. .-. Shiori- One of the characters in the anime who was a secondary character, not part of the main group at first. She was probably the only character in the anime who did not seem to be altered in anyway including powers and personality, though her powers were never actually shown at all. She remains unfazed by embarrassing subjects. Overall To be honest, I was extremely disappointed by this OVA special to the point where I was actually a tiny bit mad after finishing it. Why would they create this piece of work instead of something with some (non-sexual) action like the first season? I understand that this anime in general is based off of a eroge/visual novel which also has about three or more games with similar content, so it was expected that there would be some ecchi moments here and there, but this goes way beyond what the normal person would expect to see. It's important to tell you that the OVA special is almost nothing like the actual anime, with the exception of having the same characters and the fact that it takes place in the same area as the first season of the anime. The personalities of all the characters except for Shiori are drastically altered to the point where they are nothing like their counterparts from the first season. Phrases coming out of some of the character's mouths (especially Kakeru's sister, Kukuri) and actions they were performing at times were so far out of character that you might find yourself shocked, surprised, or even upset at the change. This doesn't just go for the main characters either. Some of the protagonists have been altered this way too. Just wait until you see Liselotte, you perverts : X The Black Nights show up in this anime too, but for some strange reason they've become pink now, and they don't even do much when they show up. Back to the main characters though- they saw and do all sorts of things that you've probably never heard an anime character say before. For instance, there is a lot of talk about sex toys, what to do with them, and things of that nature. It doesn't help that Kukuri draws some pictures to further go into detail about the subject either. I was shocked at what I was seeing. Expecting some romance and action, I hurried to watch this OVA, only to find nothing but perverted comments, pant shots, partial/full nudity, and a bunch of sexual references. Well, I take that back. Technically there is action, which basically consists of French kissing and breast grabbing, but that isn't the kind of action I was looking for. It was so dirty that I wanted to make sure that was nowhere near another lifeform before watching the rest of this. Thank god no one around me knows Japanese, or they'd probably never look at me the same way again o_o. Now onto the final leg of this review... If you are looking for (non-sexual) action, romance, a decent plot, or only a little ecchi-ness, go ahead and set this in your DO NOT WANT list and never look back. On the other hand, if you are a pervert looking for good animation, good looking girls, lots of adult themes, nudity, and the like, you should probably be frantically looking for some place to watch it now.

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