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Seven years ago, Kakeru’s sister killed herself, leaving him alone. Now a teenager, Kakeru lives a quiet life with his friend Yuka and other classmates – but things change forever when he and Yuka are mysteriously transported to a frightening parallel world filled with monsters and a deep crimson sky. Though they manage to escape, Kakeru soon discovers that they aren’t alone; several other students at school also travel to the other dimension, and armed with powerful weapons they battle against its dark inhabitants. Why must they fight, and what is their purpose in the Red Night?

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Red Night ~ Piros éjszaka

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The Option of Destruction ~ válogatott-hoz kialvás

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11eyes is a fantasy action anime with minimal ecchi elements, in the usual done-to-death highschool setting. I hate ecchi, so I prepared myself with some booze expecting the worst. Despite my low expectations, this anime actually appeared to have a proper plot and a therefore reason to watch it. The start is slow and lacking but it picks up, so don't drop it early. Give this a try if you like this genre/type of story and don't mind a little ecchi. And even if you don't, then at least try the soundtrack which is the best bit. It really isn't half bad. Animation When I started to watch this anime I thought it was made within the last few years, the animation quality is actually pretty good. The style isn't too unique, but one of the characters reminded me of a character from my favourite anime of all time. Very smooth and effective ation sequences. It seems to have a bit of a magic/horror style and reminded me of Shakugan no Shana at times. That's gotta be a good thing. This anime is tagged as ecchi and I'll be honest, I barely noticed much in the first half, besides a lot of tasteless unnecessary panty shots from Yuka. I swear that girl has a rip in the back of her skirt. The anime itself doesn't seem to have much of actual ecchi theme, though there has been the cliche 'girl groping other girls,' busty nurse and misunderstandings. No token beach or hot spring scenes either. A pleasant reduction in ecchi (besides those panty shots) and that's coming from someone who despises ecchi and hates out-of-context fanservice. Do keep in mind that I wasn't paying too much attention, the first half due to my inebriation however. I might have missed something like a bath scene or some potential bullshit, but there was barely any in the second half. The blood/gore is fine too, though nothing too extreme. May be a bad thing, but it could just be the look they were going for with this anime. Sound Definintely the best bit of 11eyes. I usually skip the intro/outro sequences after the first time, due to time constraints. But this time I really wanted to watch them due to the awesome music. Heck I ended up getting the soundtrack for this anime. This anime also utilises background music well and has great sound design. Sometimes there were scenes with creepy music, to suit the madness and other times there was beautiful instrumental for serious scenes. If the anime was a tad different, it could have been a horror anime, I swear. So, not being reliant on one genre of music and optimising the use of soundtrack is where this anime shines and it does it better than other anime that I've enjoyed more. This anime is only available in Japanese and the voice acting isn't too bad. So subtitles are required, since I assume we don't speak Japanese. Characters The main character is Kakeru Satsuki, of course a high school student and a bit of a badass. Especially with his eyepatch covering his heterochromic yellow eye, he appears more of a badass than the designated badass character. When he was younger, his younger sister was killed by some sort of demon. He appears to be romantically involved with Yuka Minase, who is his childhood friend. I should mention that this anime has the trope of having no parents or relative adult characters. He has a hidden power that he has not yet awakened and he wants to train and try his best to use his power to defeat the villianous demons who threaten him and his friends. Revenge could be a hidden motive. He also seems to be a tad unaware of how clingy Yuka is. Maybe needed a bit more development to define his personality better. Yuka Minase is Kakeru's childhood friend and is infatuated with him. She is an orphan, taken in and raised by the non-existent but mentioned Minase parents. This girl is very clingy and obsessive over Kakeru, it appears she wants his dick so damn bad. I've heard complaints about this character and I'm not sure why. Maybe it was something I wasn't paying attention to in the first half or the thing that happens at the start of episode 11? Occasionally she peeks in on him, leading to misunderstandings over certain things. She is very worried that Kakeru would leave her. This character is also almost the sole source of ecchi in this anime, it really seems as if her skirt is ripped at the back or something. She is often oblivious to dangers due to her concern with everything Kakeru. She appears to dislike Minase as she is worried that she might steal Kakeru. Misuzu Kusakabe is a swordfighter magic-user who is the latest in the line of the Kusakabe family. She has become solitary, due to extreme dislike from the other Kusakabe's for owning all of 4 legendary swords held by the family, having defeated and killed her own father for the last one and using the forbidden magic. She admires a magic-user that left 70 years ago, who was similarly hated. Similar to Kakeru, she has a concern for to righteousness. She also holds certain feelings... watch it to find out. At the moment, I can't be bothered to talk about the less important characters. There is the girl/witch trapped in the crystal. The slutty nurse who appears to have a relationship with a student but turns out to be the guys adopted mother. Story The story is very much there and is fleshed out relatively well, with twists turns and unexpected developments too. By the way, episode 11 and 12 can be considered as two different endings, otherwise the story progression is bullshit. Behind it all, it is actually a romance story, with all sorts going on. Things actually happen and the story is relatively unpredictable. It is quite unique, with the exception of one other anime which is quite similar. There is an alternate reality called the Crimson Night in the city where the main characters live. Within this realm is a girl trapped in a crystal, the black knights who demonic beings that guard her and prevent her from being freed and other monsters. To free this prisoner and to protect the real world is the goal of the protagonists. It feels a bit complex and complicated at times. Overall the story starts off a bit slow, though that could just be the booze and as good as it is, it doesn't stand out enough and it isn't absolutely amazing. The ending is debatable and kinda disregards all of the plot events in a way. There isn't much to read into, so no social commentary/subtext here. Conclusion So, it ain't so bad after all. If you like the whole action/demons/magic idea, especially one where the story is great and things actually happen. I was getting very bored and distracted during the first half, though that was likely due to my drinking. If you hate ecchi like me, try this out since the ecchi is both frontloaded and rather minimal, so you should be fine with the overall anime. Not bad, not bad at all. I was wrong to get drunk for this one. Family-friendliness Rating: 4/5 The panty shots are a tad extreme and there's a bit where she's wearing only kinky lingerie (lower is better) Overall Rating: 7/10


After hearing one of my favorite online reviewers worship this anime, I was practically tripping head over heels to watch it. Also, since it is difficult to review this anime without spoiling, I will include spoilers; however, they will be marked. And this review may contain some language... Story: "11eyes" starts off seeming like your typical slife-of-life: boy and girl are friends at school, but girl obviously is a little more friendly (cough cough wink) with boy. Satsuki Kakeru is said boy, and that girl is the little cutie-patootie named Minase Yuka. However, the story gets a bit weird when the moon (now an ominous black) does something, the world pulsates, and Kakeru and Yuka find themselves in a crimson world with giant ugly monster things (I'm talking about those bug-like blobs of goo). That's all I'm gonna say for your synopsis. Now, the story is rather... um... unoriginal. It doesn't strike me as being very OMG WTF HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?!?!?, but rather as being more Oh... okay... cool. However, the story still manages to be pretty engaging, so let us continue with this review. Animation: I'll go out and say it: the character designs are better than mediocre. They're a little generic, but fit the characters well (kind of...? maybe...? sorta kinda not really...?). Okay, so no, the really don't, but shut up. The red color palate for the "Red Nights" really fits the theme, though. Who could forget those panty shots. Seriously, it's not like I'm watching H.O.T.D over here. I'm trying to watch a kickass action show. But, I tend to not mind ecchi, if it's done in a way which seems kind of plausible. But instead of showing most of the pantsu during the action scenes (which, while annoying, at least could easily happen), the team just opted to get the cameraman down onto the ground so that we'd see some pantsu while a girl just stood there. I'll mention some more ecchi later. You know, for an action anime, the action scenes suck. The formula seems to be as follows: main character stands still. In the next shot, we see somebody fling some energy-thing at main character. Main character gets hit by thing, in NEXT FRIGGIN SHOT. Seriously! Sheesh. Sound: Perhaps the high point of the anime. The OP and ED are both beautiful and quite fitting (however, they're kind of "acquired taste"-type songs). The voice actors do their jobs well. Every single one of them fits the character. However, that does not mean some were not annoying. Goto Mai, in particular, gives a fitting-but-high pitched voice to Yuka. There are no English VA so to speak. On the other hand, is anyone particularly wonderful? No. Characters: Ho boy. I feel that "11eyes" is one of those shows which is really ruined by its characters ("think Neon Genesis Evangelion" or "Naruto"). Let me name some of them. Satsuki Kakeru: Your typical main character-he wants to protect all his friends but isn't strong enough. He also gets pretty damn annoying by the end. Minase Yuka: (THIS SECTION WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!) I hate this b**** with a burning passion. Seriously though. In the beginning, she's just mildly annoying. By the end, though, we learn that she's a selfish b**** who also happens to be a slut. And everyone likes her. What is this I don't even- (END THOSE SPOILERS!) Kusakabe Misuzu: The no-nonsense heir to the Kusakabe family (or whatever). I liked her almost motherly role to the group. Hirohara Yukiko: (THIS SECTION WILL ALSO HAVE SPOILERS!) This fan-favorite's case of schizophrenia made for some of the best action in the series. However, her out-of-nowhere death shocked many viewers (not I, though. I already knew about it) and tears were shed on that fateful day. (END THOSE HATED SPOILERS!) There are more characters, certainly. (And in my opinion, those characters are better.) But maybe I'll edit them in later. Also, very little development occurs, and the characters' backstories were weakly written and, due to that pitfall, characters could not appear to me as being 3D. Ending: (THIS WHOLE SECTION WILL BE SPOILER-Y!) I feel the need to include this. The awful ending got rid of one of the greatest things about this series (the creator had the balls to kill off his characters). Also, on a different note, there was a forced sex scene which made no sense and was for no reason. And also... well. Yuka, being the creator of that world (I don't know, either. It was never properly explained), was trapped in a crystal... wearing only a bra and panties. Talk about a sucky attempt to sneak in fanservice. (Oh yeah, and she tried to get Kakeru to sleep with her, wearing that exact same underwear.) Just to put it in a word... DAMMIT! (END THOSE SPOILERS, PLEASE!) Overall: "11eyes" is a debatable series. Some people love it while others hate it. What truly ruined it for me was not the crappy action, was not the lack of character development, was not even the ending. It was Minase Yuka, the wonderchild whom I wanted to personally strangle about seventeen times. Even our hero, Kakeru, became annoying in the end. But no one could compare to Yuka. Actually, I would like to see a battle between her and Haruno Sakura (of "Naruto"). I want to see who dies in it. And then I will murder the person still living. Edit: I am completely aware that my final score is not the average of all the scores; it makes sense, though. Characters truly do make-or-break an anime for me, and there were various other problems, too.


 Warning this review may contain spoilers- So the anime has a similar plot to the manga, so at we meet Yuka and Kakeru two slightly different people. Kakeru has two different colour eyes; at first, he doesn’t know he has a power in that eye and blah blah.  This is a full on ecchi anime especially the last few episodes. STORY This anime was definitely very different compared to some of the others that I have watched. Personally, the story was slightly rushed and for it to be a better series they needed to develop it in more detail. Another point is that it could have easily been a good anime if there were less ecchi moments; they (to me) were pretty pointless. The anime, if the story was extended slightly more and less ecchi, could have actually been quite good, but there were some clear problems involving the storyline. ANIMATION The animation was average, some parts better than others. There again were clear parts that could have been improved, some strange expressions here and there as well. There was also the fact that the art style isn't anything majorly unique, some people look for interesting and new anime art styles but here we have something that doesn't fit this criterion. SOUND Things like the opening however I really enjoyed, I just kept playing the opening over and over again until I was satisfied, I guess I liked it because it is different compared to some of the other things I listen to. The opening was something that out-shined the anime CHARACTERS Now the characters, there were aspects of each that I loved and hated (except for Yuka, I hated her from the start), but they along with the story needed to be developed more. People like Takahisa and Yukiko really needed to be developed more in my opinion as you didn't really get to know them very well (personally). The main problem was with how they were developed; they seemed to of focused more on the ecchi rather than the anime story and character itself. So in conclusion to this slightly short review, 11eyes is a good anime if you like action with ecchi thrown in the mix. If you like these things then it is recommended to you! ~AngelBeatsYui~ This review was updated: 08/08/16

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