1001 Nights

Movie (1 ep x 24 min)
2.708 out of 5 from 828 votes
Rank #6,508

Princess Budu sleeps, and dreams. She dreams of whimsical fairies and a wicked, restless beastial spirit. Her dream is one unmoored from identity and self - perhaps she is the fairy, perhaps those other fairies are other persons also. Also moving through her dream, always recurring in her thoughts is her lover Prince Kamar. The beastial spirit desires Budu; Kamar desires Budu, and she only has eyes for Kamar. Through her dream she floats and fades across an Arabian fantasia of minarets and mosques. These flickering moments, fleeting snatches of slumbered thought, are filled with an intoxicating, ethereal beauty.

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iguapalca Mar 1, 2014
Score 2.5/10

I dropped this, probably because it wasn't what I was expecting. It had no dialogue, and it might not have needed it if the story could be easily shown. But it wasn't, it was just trippy, for lack of a better word.  The animation was beautiful and had nice flow, the sound was okay. But story and characters were bascially non-existant. If you love symbolism, this movie will be more for you.  read more

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basinstreetblue Sep 4, 2012
Score 8/10

a very atmospheric and symbolic work creative types will enjoy and perhaps even relate to.. think leon bakst or the bell jar...1001 nights may be enjoyed with or without the use of controlled substances.. read more



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