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hamletsmage Feb 17, 2016
Score 2/10

ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNODROPS! Story: Have you ever seen Sound of Music? There's a song called "Do, Re, Mi" with a large section is devoted to singing using only the names of certain notes. This is like that, but without the explanation for the note names. It's little droplets doing motions to the Numbers 1-10. Ichi, ni, san, shi... Animation: The entire video could probably have been done in MSPaint... read more

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egon0044 Dec 2, 2016
Score 5/10

It's an odd little thing. I can't fully describe it really. It's basically just counting with animation but I wanted to keep watching to see where it would go. It's not too long, so you can give it a watch and move on without too much trouble, and if you don't like it, turn it off and you're done. read more


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