1/100 Rice Planting

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RPGamer2 Aug 25, 2018
Score 1/10

Effort has gone into the creation of 1/100 Rice Planting but it has gone to waste as it bores the audience and doesn't capture any attention. There is no sound, no story, no characters, just rice planting. If the animator for this goes on to do bigger projects with more production value I will watch. read more

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Quantumcaliber44 May 27, 2018
Score 1.5/10

this is stress ful to watch only because of how much effort went into this for something that had me qustioning .....why ? , there is no story not even any sound , just paper planting paper rice , i watched the whole thing even if it was hard because i had to apprciate that this had to be tedius to make and for that i do not give it a zero , clearly some one cared about this and it shows . read more


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