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Jun 10, 2011

As a note of reference, I have not read the manga, though I intend to at some point.

Story: The story follows Teito Klein, a military slave, who escapes the military and takes refuge in the 7th district, a holy ground. There, he begins to learn about his past and about his powers with the aid of the Bishops, while being hunted by Ayanami. The story also tells of the 7 ghosts (where the title comes from) that protect the earth from the forces of Verloren. With a vast lore, the story is intriguing and enchanting.

Animation: The animation has a solid mix of light and dark elements. Everything from the eyeball-fish soup to the robes of the Ghosts is wonderfully detailed.

Sound: The soundtrack is full of intense moments and lulling interludes, following the course of each episode and enhancing the action.

Characters: The cast of characters is pretty unique. Each character has a story behind them, and a web of interactions. I guess you could call the Bishops "Bishies with attitude" because it's really the only way to describe them. You also have the un-gendered Kuroyuri, the tsundere Hakuren, and the malignant Ayanami. The cast is well suited for an anime that straddles the border between shoujo and shounen.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Dec 22, 2011

I’m not homophobic nor I see women only as sex toys and yet I can’t help myself from making fun of an obviously poorly written series that appeals mostly through erotic aesthetics, rather than good directing and character emersion. It had quite the big fandom when it aired, most of which were girls who loved the manga. And to no surprise, most of them were quite fond of yaoi. We all know how much quality that genre has, right?

It’s not the only problem you can find in it. The anime is made by DEEN, which is of course the worst of all famous studios; a thing which shows easily in their constantly lazy production values and poor directing. Even the director likes to do things as dull as possible. His career is plain passable, as his only famous work is the tv version of Record of Lodoss War, which may have been good heroic fantasy, but still one heck of a boring show. Later on he directed Beelzebub, an action/comedy shounen, and every fan of the manga will tell you he did a crappy job with it. The guy is simply not good at his work and this show is yet another example.

[Don’t I look hot in this robe?]

A blend of medieval fantasy and science fiction, the artwork is both catchy and interesting. There was much work and detail given into making surfaces and textures to look fairy tale-ish so the series manages to attract you on first looks with its amazing combination of clergy life, occult mystery and military super-soldier projects. So, yeah, the general looks of this series are captivating.

This is also a series of bishounens, so it will be extra captivating to fujoshis. Everybody is made to look like a dream boy any fangirl would kill just to touch his hair. They have glances and smirks that can lure you into their arms in less than 3 seconds. There are some women and old people as well but they are just background decoration or cute mascots, like a perky mermaid, a fuzzy pink critter and a trio of aloof sisters. Most of what you see in the foreground is bishounens women dig and men are envious of.

Although I find it lame to have a picture-perfect cast, I must admit that this series was MADE to be eye candy for a female audience, pretty much like an average harem is full of bimbos and nude aiming at a male audience. This series is almost devoid of nude or blunt fan service yet it doesn’t take much to understand that the characters are made to look and act all erotic. This is NOT a negative aspect; the target audience loves this sort of thing. They are dream males acting all moe and a fine looking cast is what you should expect from it.

And here is where things are one big mess. Action scenes and visual effects are terrible! Choreography is a joke, explosions never damage the background, magic attacks feel like a different layer of flashy computer rendered visuals not unified with the rest of the artwork. Characters stand too much still and flap their mouths, jumping is just a static picture scrolling. And many, many more. I mean, how the hell is Teito sitting on that spiky top in the intro song without sticking it in his ass? The entire series pays no attention to physics. That practically makes all battles completely boring and fake looking as the characters just shake their hands and magic stuff happen that don’t react with the environment or the characters in a believable way. I understand the series was never about the action but this is too much. If you are going to make it so bad, don’t make it at all. The only thing you are left to gasp at are the pretty faces of the males. More specifically, their frozen still faces with the innuendo smirk while their hair and cloths flap in the wind with a few repeating frames. This is very cheap. The series is awesome when you look at individual frozen frames; but looking at the animation during battles and moving as a whole is just ruining most of it.

[-I love you Mikage! … in an erotically innuendo way only!]

Generally pleasing voice acting; they all seem to fit with the roles of their characters. None has an amazing voice pattern and many mascot characters are way too silly sounding to actually take anything too seriously, while the non-stop feeling that everyone in this series is a crypto-gay kind of ruins the otherwise importance of listening to them while talking about grave matters.

Very pleasing OST, easily making your mind travel. Using chorus rarely creates a bad result; even the silly pop songs were elegiac enough to make your mind travel to magic worlds. So sure, I liked them songs. Not that I consider them great but they did manage to make me interested into listening further.

[Oh forget about the fate of the world and just look at me walking elegantly.]

Ok, seriously, this is not a series you watch for the story. It sounds mighty interesting as a concept with military secret ops, mystical temples, scary ghosts, gay innuendos, a sort of detective feeling, a lot of daily fantasy life, you name it. The general idea is mighty interesting. But… Slow! Very slow! Most episodes don’t even seem to progress the plot and the rest just drag it to the point where you only learn something new just for ten seconds per episode. Seriously, they could have taken out half the episodes and it still wouldn’t feel rushed.

It is a straight forward story, centered on five people in a world of millions. And that wouldn’t be a problem if it was set-up to be a simple story. Yet it isn’t one; it has world shaking events in it. It stays too focused on a few aspects (the military base and the temple) of an otherwise huge and complicating setting. With terrible battle choreography, plot with the speed of a snail and a picture perfect cast spending most of the time looking erotic towards you, you hardly believe this story is realistic or even plausible. And this wouldn’t be a problem if, again, the general story was simple. But it ain’t. Military invasion, murderous ghosts and other world shaking events play less important that a spaced out look from Teito the pretty boy. So ok, it is a light series for aloof viewing but this is just too much.

There is no pay-off in the end either. It escalates for so many episodes before ending in a very boring and half closed way. You will probably yell “Where is the rest of it?” It is true that the manga continues further on but come on; it is just slice of life with some poorly inserted magic dressing that unfolds in a very slow and tiresome way, while focusing too much on erotic aesthetics. The scriptwriter is hardly trying.

[Pick the one you want to date]

Just like playing a date sim, the series is full of ero/moe archetypes you are suppose to like for their variety in looks and mannerisms and not because of their personalities. Let’s face it, most of the cast was useless to the plot altogether; yet, it was there just so you could pick your favorite amongst the drones. If you ask me, all the characters the series needed was Teito and Mikage (the main <s> couple </s> pair), any one of the priests and Ayanami the psycho military man. All the rest was just dressing and a bad one in terms of personalities. So, although they all LOOK great, very few actually offer anything; and even those few don’t actually blow your mind with their antiques. It’s less than a half-baked result as they have very little to offer in overall and the ending is too blunt to offer clear catharsis.

[Next please!]

Meh, this series doesn’t really offer anything new or refreshing or even remotely interesting if you are a seasoned viewer. The plot is snoring and the characters too generic. I understand it will feel a lot better for women (the target audience) and far worse to homophobic males (who have no reason to watch a series of pretty boys and devoid of girls in the first place). I for once have seen far better BL, or yaoi or fantasy/sci-fi blend.

Down to it, this series is a one-time time killer at best, and only if you are a yaoi fan with really low expectations. It will be forgotten soon under some pile of mediocre anime.

SUGGESTION LIST (and mind that I hate those a lot)
Vampire Knight

2/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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Nov 1, 2014

The story was great, i enjoyed watching. 07-ghosts is quite a hand full with all the action taking place i really loved it but at times i cried when certain characters died which just added more enthusiasm in watching the anime. Overall, its really fun to watch!!!!!

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Mar 28, 2015

This was a very good anime.  The biggest negative about it however, is the fact that it wasn't finished.  So, I can not give it as high of marks as it probably deserves.  It is a fairly original story with lavish settings and a compelling plot.  It clearly draws inspiration from Christian traditions and the bible.  The Japanese studios often seem to love using a reverse set of antagonists or protagonists like making demons good guy characters or angels bad guy characters.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing.  There are bad guy angels in the bible too, you might have heard of the most famous fallen angel.  Perhaps in the East, demons are not seen as manifiestations of evil as mostly considered in Western cultures but maybe just manifestations of spirits.  Though some asepcts about what this church is in the anime are still left unanswered, viewers are given plenty of background and detailed setting information.  I kind of myself doubt his ultimate destiny is as a priest and you may agree or disagree by the anime's end.  The biggest drawback as listed above is not only is the story basically unfinished, but I even dare say it was left hanging on a cliffhanger plot point.  Viewers want to know what happens next but probably never will.  One of the priests is a bit of a perve and there is plenty of teasing and humor alluding to that however, unlike most animes, they do not over do it nor do they do it in atypical cliched fashion.  Though the story is mostly original there are a few tried and true cliche-ish plot points, such at the opening when the main character faces his first crisis delimna from his own people.  And one of the main early characters is also a childhood friend (cliche), but again it is not done quite as cliche as usual.  It reeks quite closely of a hidden power factor, though in kind of a layered way.  

While the main character can more or less fool most people, the 7 major characters revealed as part of a powerful group are not as easily fooled by anything and it might be said the elder priest is likewise atune to the main character's past.  There is plenty of magic and elaborate use of powerful magic and magical figures in the series.  There are also secrets yet to be revealed though hinted at in the description and manga if you ever read either.  It is difficult to go far in reviewing such an anime, but what was there was quite enjoyable.  He falls about as low as one can go and gradually rises up again. That is always a pretty fascinating type of story.  Part of the appeal maybe the glimpses of one or more puzzles that drive the storyline.  Some of that is revealed and other new parts create new puzzles to solve.  There is a overhanging threat of danger, war, and pursuit that also help fuel the action.  

I really do wish I could watch the rest of it however and the fact that its unfinished may well drive viewers away.  Such is often the way for some of the best though shortlived anime series.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Mar 25, 2014

Warning this review may contain spoilers-

07Ghost was an anime I would normally avoid however I was dragged into watching it and ended up enjoying it, so no complaints in this area. So brief summary Teito was a slave, he is being held captive in a school and the story just develops from that surrounding Teito and his best friend Mikage who end up on a path they wished they could have avoided.


The story is based on a small part of the manga so my expectations weren't as high as if it was created nearer today's times (being the manga has now finished). However the story did have some plot holes, some areas were rushed and some character development really needed to be improved but other than this it has a decent story. And even though I've listed these things as being wrong they are only minor elements that could be improved to make this anime any better than it was. 


Honestly the animation was also decent, personally, I liked the style and I think it added some uniqueness to it as it wasn't too similar to other series that aired around the time but it still isn't too unique in the grand scale of things. Once again I haven't got much to say due to my lack of knowledge in this area XD


So the sound, we have a pretty cool opening which I personally think fits the show quite well but the opening animation is quite simple (but that's for a different section). The ending is quite peaceful and a big contrast to the opening but I suck at explaining things so I'll leave it here.


So...the final section now, now as I mentioned in the story section it needed more character development and this is one of the major things that made me rank it lower than 10/10. The characters itself were sweet, all had good qualities but they also have bad qualities just like any other human being.

The only real problem I had was the ending, they left it wide open for another series but they didn't use it to make another one which is disappointing. So, in the end, I recommend it but keep in mind that the ending is left open, this is when you have to read the manga.



8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall