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A man's face is repeatedly wiped away by a windshield wiper.

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This is a short defense of this extremely short film.  The only reviews that I saw were relatively negative, and I get it.  At first glance, this film seems rather repetitive and bizarre, but I actually think there's more depth to this 30 second "film" than meets the eye. This is purely speculative, but I believe that 001 is a commentary on aging and what we leave behind when we die.  No matter how many times the man hit the car, which can be representative of life itself, the windshield wipers (or the years going by) wiped away his youth until he was an old man each time.  To add on to that, no only did they wipe away his youth, they wiped away his death, too. To look at this from a more nihilistic point of view, no matter what this man's supposed purpose in life was supposed to be, it was always wiped away until there was nothing left.  In many ways, this film can be interpreted to mean that no matter what we do in life, nothing is left of us in the end and, therefore, everything we do, our entire existence is meaningless. And we, too, will be wiped away.  However, there is also the matter that death was wiped away and a new man (or perhaps the same man) hit the car of life again, representing reincarnation.  Therefore I would argue that this short film could be interpreted one of two ways: the first being the nihilistic point of view I provided earlier and the second being that of the circular nature of life and of reincarnation.  No matter how we live, we will be reborn again to suffer (or to live joyfully - although considering the man screamed, I'd argue it's to suffer) over and over again.  (I put 7s across the board to show that I would give this a 7/10, but really the story, animation, sound and characters are more likely a N/A.) 

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