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Fuyu no Semi

This anime is a typical love story between two characters who can't be together. It is however different to the others that I have seen like this. Partly because it is yaoi and two men which doesn't seem to be explored in this sort of way, and I thought it had a generally more beautiful feel to it.



I watched all three episodes in one go, and they all flowed so well together. It was a bit like a Romeo and Juliet story (one of my favourite Shakespear plays). I loved the historical aspect to the story as well. SPOILERThe ending is so very sad but it was a perfect endingSPOILEREND.



The animation was alright. It wasn't overly special but it wasn't bad either. I thought it worked with the story and I had no complaints about it.



Once again, the sound was alright but nothing special. It seemed to go up and down in volume which is a bit annoying, but that may just have been my computer. The music is beautiful.



The main two characters are wonderul characters. They each have their own likailities, but they also have flaws, making them believable. They flow along with the story. The other characters are not really on screen too much, but you like who you are supposed to like and dislike who you are supposed to dislike.



Overall, the anime was very beautifully done, and I was very glad I watched it (not an easy show to find though). I thoroughly recommend it to anybody who likes shonen-ai or yaoi, or even anyone who doesn't mind about the yaoi but just likes a good romance or historical drama.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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