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Mirai Nikki

Jul 9, 2013


I'm a huge fan of gory/horror type animes and films. 
This one I must say met every single on of my needs that i've ever wanted to watch in an anime.
The plot and the characters I felt were really thought out. The story hooked me in right away, it didn't take me 3-4 episodes to get into it like some other animes.  I automatically clicked with Yuno, she's so odd, different and obviously a bit of a pychopath. At first I wasn't the biggest fan of Ninth but then the more episodes I watch, the more she became my second favorite charater. She portrayed herself as someone who has no emotions or heart and just wants to get the job done. But the further you got into the show, the more she started to show who she really was and it just gave you all the feels in the end. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

This anime is really a mind bender and super gory. So if you're into that kind of stuff pleaaase watch this anime, you'll fall in love trust me! Overall this anime gets a 10/10 from me for a lot of reasons, a few of them being what I stated about.  

(o⌒.⌒o) PLOX WATCH IT! :3

10/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
10/10 overall
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