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I'm a college student. I haven't watched enough anime as I'd like to, but on the other hand, I feel like I watch too much anime for my own good. My [amazingly incredible] fiance and I cosplay at anime conventions, if that tells you anything about how nerdy I am. ^_^

Other series' that I really like:

First let me say that it has been SO hard for me to choose a top 5. I decided to choose those 5 based on character interaction. For other reasons, the following series are also close, if not tied, with the top 5:

- Fullmetal Alchemist

- Bleach (except the filler and what I've seen of the Hueco Mundo arc)

- Chrono Crusade

- Rec

- Welcome to the NHK

- Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

- Honey & Clover

- Fate/Stay Night

- Death Note

- Chobits

My favorite anime characters:

- Takuto from Full Moon wo Sagashite

- Chidori from FMP

- Kyo from Fruits Basket

- Sousuke from FMP

- Aka from Rec

- Louise from Zero No Tsukaima

- Rukia from Bleach

- Haruko from FLCL

- L from Death Note

- Suzuka from Suzuka

- Chrno from Chrono Crusade

- Okayasu from Peach Girl

- Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile

- and any "cute" character that can make me go "aww" every time they're on screen (i.e. Hagu from Honey & Clover)


Feel free to send me a message!

But please, no retarded messages about how my taste in anime/characters sucks. I will continue to delete those messages. Remember, to each his own. Let me enjoy my girly fluffy stuff, okay? :-P

I will let you know that I'm a firm believer in the right to express one's opinion. I've been told that sometimes I come across opinionated, but I really don't mind a good debate. (Whether against a raging feminazi or people who are simply rude, it's always interesting). So, don't hate the player, hate the game. I'm a nice person, I promise. :)

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Cfos Jul 28, 2008

Hi there!!

Nice top 5 especially FMP/ZNT^^.

I like your attitude, the right to express one's opinion!!

If I can ask, which anime  is your avatar from?

After I looked through your Watched list I think you may like Shakugan no Shana or Hayate no Gotoku (From your Want to Watch list...)

Best regards

Sandbar Jul 2, 2008

OOOH, a message from my BFF! :-)

This is a blast from the past! Oooh, that seems like so long ago now when you commented on my avatar. Heaps of stuff has happened since then. Well, not much really, lol - but it does seem like much has happened. Oooh memories...

Takes me back to when I was ummm....34. lol

Nice message you've left me anyway - and it will give me a chance to check out your profile and see what you're watching now. hehe

Still love the bit in your profile regarding the "girly anime". It's what makes you cute. hehe



fictionsmosaic Jul 1, 2008

In one of your earlier comments, you asked of I did the formatting myself for the movie script I wrote.  I did do it myself, but for when I will write the sequel to it, I'll be giving the program Celtx a try.  It doesn't seem too bad for a free program, although that'll be tested next month.  But from what I've tinkered around with, it really doesn't seem too bad of a program.  At least, it gives an idea of how some formatting could be.

theninja Jun 30, 2008

You should give it another try!  I haven't read the manga, but I am going to on my next trip to B&N.  The anime's a bit different; I was turned off in the beginning because of the art (it wasn't really my type at first.)  It is over-the-top silliness, but I ended up liking it a lot. 

Ouran Host Club's similar.  I recommend Ouran more than the Wallflower, although I like them for different reasons. 

 I totally agree with you on Bleach... the SS arc was much better.  I'm still in the Hueco Mundo arc, I believe.  I haven't watched it in so long.  Bleach has always been my #1 favorite, especially because of Rukia (and Ichigo too), and the absence of either of those two makes me :(.

theninja Jun 30, 2008

Thanks! I read your profile, and I'm a huge fan of Takuto as well. Rukia's my favorite female lead, always. :)

Thanks for the welcome! *g*