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I'm a college student. I haven't watched enough anime as I'd like to, but on the other hand, I feel like I watch too much anime for my own good. My [amazingly incredible] fiance and I cosplay at anime conventions, if that tells you anything about how nerdy I am. ^_^

Other series' that I really like:

First let me say that it has been SO hard for me to choose a top 5. I decided to choose those 5 based on character interaction. For other reasons, the following series are also close, if not tied, with the top 5:

- Fullmetal Alchemist

- Bleach (except the filler and what I've seen of the Hueco Mundo arc)

- Chrono Crusade

- Rec

- Welcome to the NHK

- Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

- Honey & Clover

- Fate/Stay Night

- Death Note

- Chobits

My favorite anime characters:

- Takuto from Full Moon wo Sagashite

- Chidori from FMP

- Kyo from Fruits Basket

- Sousuke from FMP

- Aka from Rec

- Louise from Zero No Tsukaima

- Rukia from Bleach

- Haruko from FLCL

- L from Death Note

- Suzuka from Suzuka

- Chrno from Chrono Crusade

- Okayasu from Peach Girl

- Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile

- and any "cute" character that can make me go "aww" every time they're on screen (i.e. Hagu from Honey & Clover)


Feel free to send me a message!

But please, no retarded messages about how my taste in anime/characters sucks. I will continue to delete those messages. Remember, to each his own. Let me enjoy my girly fluffy stuff, okay? :-P

I will let you know that I'm a firm believer in the right to express one's opinion. I've been told that sometimes I come across opinionated, but I really don't mind a good debate. (Whether against a raging feminazi or people who are simply rude, it's always interesting). So, don't hate the player, hate the game. I'm a nice person, I promise. :)

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Tachikoma Apr 3, 2008

well, depends where u work, i work at a mall so our duties are like those of a police officer, so i deal with a lot of potentally hazardous situations, since  u don't know what a shoplifter or just hoodlum is carrieing. on my first day on the job i had gun pulled on me, lucky the guys intention was to trow it instead of using it, but non the less. but since that day, nothing too big has happend wich is good.  now i dont want to scare u or anything and keep in mind, the mall i work at is located in a high gang area.

but if u work in like an office building, storage facility etc. it should be an easy, boring, safe position. but i really wouldnt know being that the only security job i had is working in a mall.

so for the most part its a relevantly safe job,depending where you are, what u do, and as long as you keep your head in the game and always be alert,... "heres the sad thing, i am a huge space cadet" 

*also i should also mention it could be a pretty boring job that has its moments.

hope i gave u the info needed, if not let me know  

littlekitty Mar 30, 2008

That's good.  Full Moon is a great anime- I loved the ending!

I've been busy too, but I just finished watching three great anime- Kimikiss Pure Rouge, True Tears, and Clannad.  Now, I'm gearing up for the spring season, which looks amazing! 

littlekitty Mar 30, 2008

Hey there!  It's been a while.  Seen any good anime lately?

wanryavka Feb 20, 2008

Well Suzuka's anime follows the manga fairly close all the way to chapter seventy two. That's where the anime leaves off. So if you pick up the manga where the anime leaves off here you won't be lost, but then you'd miss out on all the great fanservice that they don't show in the anime. (if you're into that kinda thing...) So the answer to your question is yeah. I'd recommend it to fans of the anime.

vonpost Feb 11, 2008

Heh, thanks!