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Got into anime about three years ago... Was lounging around the house, bored as only an unemployed high school kid in the middle of the summer can be. Turned on the tv and flipped to the Funimation channel. I saw my first anime, Suzuka episode 13, to this day one of my favorite episodes of any anime. I heard the piano melody of the main theme and spent the night searching for the sheets online. I hadn't played the piano for about five years, but I had to pick it back up for that song. After that day I used anime to search for more music to play. The more and more I searched through animes for music the more I got drawn into anime just for the sake of watching it.

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AnimeShima says...

I just watched the clip on YouTube, it looks interesting B:-D

Jan 20, 2011
AnimeShima says...

From which anime is your avatar? I guess Afro Samurai but I just wanted to make sure.

Dec 6, 2010
funtoo2 says...

Oh really? Well Air was the first one of his works that I watched, so I enjoyed it more than you did. So what are some more of his besides Air and Clannad?

Aug 9, 2010
Nanvul says...

Cool Avatar! ^^

Aug 3, 2010
funtoo2 says...

Oh. Thanks! And I love your top anime! Clannad was so good! (and so sad...) Did you watch Air?

Jul 27, 2010