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arc666 Oct 27, 2008

I will look forward to it!

wulfanger Oct 27, 2008

ok well thanks for the response, i guese ill check out a few more epis for ther series and see if i like it, I see that Gantz and Witchblade are on your want to watch list and i must say they are both very good series i liked witchblades storyline more than gantz however

arc666 Oct 27, 2008

By your watched list I think you may like elfen lied seeing as the character of New is basiccly a rip-off of Chii.

And you will likely like code geass its like death note in some regards...its hard to suggest things to you ive seen most things youve seen but I dont think I saw bleach or shaman king in there you may like them.

wulfanger Oct 27, 2008

ive seen all of your recomended animes and agree there amazing except mushishi, is it rly that good? i watched the first epi and wasnt that impressed

arc666 Oct 27, 2008

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii! Thaught id say hi here to....and kenshin sucks at swordplay compaired to the tenkai.