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Sora no Otoshimono, and 07-Ghost

10 JAN

Well, last week I started watching Sora no Otoshimono upon recommendations from various friends. But I didn't enjoy it too much! ^^;

I don't really know why, maybe the over-use of chibi animation and the laziness of explanations (eg. if he got 1 billion yen in the first episode why is he still living where he is and not using it??? XD) but by episode 4 I was tired of watching it, so I've dropped it for now. I might try watching it again later, but it's not likely.

So instead I started watching 07-Ghost, another recommended anime (I think recommended for fans of Code Geass). It's certainly similar in art style to CG, however the plot is very different. It's a shoujo anime, so it mainly focuses on the guys and it's not laden with fanservice girls (ie. big boooobs), which is great.

I can tell when I like anime because it makes me want to watch more of it. In this case, I really want to finish the series :) I'm enjoying it alot!

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