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Hate over rated garbage that promotes stagnation I think people deserve better and I see myself as someone to guide others to watching better series and I encourage diversity as someone who has a lot of experience.

It is only when you the fans take the stance that you have had enough of bland characters and repititive settings that things will change remember you have the power as the consumer.

Another thing that worries me is how many people take personal offense when you attack a series they enjoy. While it can be fun to bash a poorly done series with a group of friends but most of the time you feel like the time you invested in that series, you want it back. Here is the thing I have not offended you in anyway by critcising the series you enjoy the people I would be offending probably can't even read english. My critcism does come across as strong because of who I am. It's best you take a look at this video from gamespot.


It will make you rethink your current disposition towards anything you enjoy. The reason why I posted this is because a lot of people on this site are quite happy to bash certain series for flaws yet over look them in others such as Kill la Kill. You can't be taken seriously as someone who gives critcism if you have a double standard you are just hypocrite. While this seems negative it can be interpreted in a positive manner and you may think differently on series you have previously been really harsh about and think this particular section of the story wasn't so bad after all if I compare it to this anime. Just some food for thought for anyone reading this.

Remember be rational not loyal and admiration is the furthest thing from the truth. Enjoy something by all means but don't feel so attached to it that you take personal offense when someone insults something you like.

Top 5 liked characters that others hate (according to this site)

1st: Akainu from One piece (seriously a guy does his job and is hated for it Ace brought his own death upon himself by being retarded.)

2nd: King Bradley from FMA (Have no idea why people hate someone so badass)

3rd: Squealer from Shin Sekai Yori (I understand you hate what he has done but how can you not like him as a superb villain?)

4th: Masahito Date from Btooom! ( I actually found him really amusing and a good villain)

5th: Aleister Crowley from the to aru series (This guy is so mysterious and awesome and he is hanging upside down the whole time in tube while running a city guess people don't like how cold hearted he can be).

Top 5 characters I despise that others love (according to this site)

1st: Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail (A luffy wannabe without any development and can't win a fight without the power of love to save his sorry behind.)

2nd: Shu Ouma from Guilty Crown (dajsalkdaslkfnlajnasla so much hate for this character I can't even think coherrently worst main character ever without a doubt)

3rd: Kirito from Sword art Online EDIT: Is now replaced with Mako from Kill la Kill (I was wrong about Kirito as it has now been revealed he is actually bisexual adding a whole new layer of complexity to his character that wasn't shown before. Now that Kirito can date Klein and show he is just generally a loving human being to any gender it shows he just a nice young man. I apologise for my earlier mistakes regarding Kirito and I look forward to the next season of SAO.)

4th: Gon Freecss from Hunter X Hunter (Great series but Gon isn't so great I mean why is such a simpleton the main character when you actually need a brain to be good in this series?)

5th: Rika Shiguma Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai (She gained more poularity in the latest season but I actually prefered her in the first now she is a train wreck of a personality not knowing herself who she wants to be.)

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Natsuru says...

There are some things that I would like to tell you about Shu but I do not think that would get us anywhere since you haven't even watched the second part of Guilty Crown :( Man I really think you should watch it since the second part is like way better than the first. I have to tell you that your sixth paragraph is almost completly wrong :D

Anyway I guess I have to agree with you on Kirito and Asuna. Kirito was overpowered and Asuna was pretty weak in the second part. I actually liked that Kirito was overpowered. It was somehow refreshing. You know in every anime and/or Manga the character is strong in the beginning(Naruto,Bleach and all the other Shonen Jump thingys) and then he loses to some new character that gets introduced then the main trains and fights and wins and the whole shit starts again. For that reason I liked that Kirito was way too overpowered from the beginning till the end.

Asuna was a really strong character in the first part so there are many people that are like 'I hate it that Asuna has been reduced to a stupid weak girl that can't do anything without help in the second part'. I think those people do not understand that it was a game. I mean she only was that weak because the bad gu in the second part made her that weak. He could have programed it so that Asuna was an old woman that can't even walk. And Asuna wasn't weak in the first part she used skillpoints for her cooking abilities but she couldn't have used them for swordmanship or something like that anyway. Kirito only laughed at her because you can't make money with cooking and kinda liked that she actually only learned how to cook because Kirito showed her how delicious the food in SAO is eventhough it only is a game. I guess I just like them as a couple :D

Thank you for those long comments. It is fun to discuss this stuff with someone who has his own opinion and isn't hating on everything. I still am an anime noob so it really helps to hear some opinions. Aslong as it isn't roriconfan :D

I really like your comment on Akihiko Kayaba *_*

Mar 23, 2013
Natsuru says...

Soooooooooo, I will now try to tell you why I like Shu,Kirito and Ikki.

First of all I want to quote a song of the Hardcore band Climates:

'Trying to be the best person that I can be Is the only quality I have to some degree To some degre'      -Letting Go-

Here is the link if you want to listen to it: http://climateshc.bandcamp.com/track/letting-go

I really like that song and it is my personal anime/manga 'theme'. I like characters who try to be a better person or who try to achieve something higher. For me this is the essence of an anime.

Now I'll use Shu as an example to show you why I like him. In the first episode he met Inori and when the GHQ were taking her away he hadn't done anything but he tried to bring the void genome to Gai because he didn't want to be a coward anymore, he wanted to be a better person so he saved Inori. I have to admit that in the following episodes he sometimes was an asshole for example when he had doubts about Gai and all that stuff but he always tried to do something and when he helped to break Kidou Kenji out I thought the part where he fought against the GHQ was pretty awesome especially when he saved the falling Inori.

Even after episode 12 when he started to become the 'evil king' he always thaught about saving everybody even if his methods were 'cruel' and 'evil' you have to give him credit for it. I mean he never actually killed someone and when he was with Inori he always felt bad about all the things he did.

And then the magic moment: Shu gets the third void genome and he becomes the badass of the badasses. He healed everybody who got infected by taking the virus from them and giving it to himself. I think he is a good guy and I never thought that Gai would be a better main. I will never think that Gai would have been a better main. I guess we just have different tastes.

I will always like characters like Shu,Kirito and Ikki so I hope that you atleast partly understand why I like them.

And I would really appreciate it if you could tell me which series I should watch next.

Thank you :D

Mar 22, 2013
Deviansama says...

Sorry for the late reply. ^^

I am glad you found my Btoom! review entertaining. So, to answer your comment, yes I have been following the series and so far I can say only one thing: It is crap in my opinion. Thus I found no reason to change my review in any way, shape or form as of yet. Jugding from how many up-skirt scenes there are, the producers are looking to lure in perverts rather than other viewers.

If Btoom! picks up its pace sometime later, I will add something to my review. Until then it will have to remain the same. ^^

Don't get me started on Asuna. From a supposed strong character, she turned into a puddle of water and a dramaqueen fast.

Have a good day. :3


Dec 3, 2012
NicoNicoDesu says...

Thank you for the comment on my "BTOOOM!" review.

I am well aware that I tend to rate low. I don't think that people would care to read a review based solely on my enjoyment level of a series, because that can and will differ greatly from everyone else's. However, I feel that rating a series based mostly on the quality of a series can allow the person to make his/her own judgement of a series. Some of the points I make are dumb, but I add them for the purpose of providing a rounded view of an anime or a manga.

However, even though my reviews rely on the overall quality of the show, they also factor in my opinion of the enjoyment level on a show. I probably should note that I have a habit of finding it difficult to enjoy something if it is not a quality work. While "BTOOOM!" has a "guilty-pleasure" feel to it, the lack of believability is difficult to overlook.

I tend to think that if one can explain his view on something, anime or otherwise, the person can make a legitimate review. I don't think that saying, "Oh, I like this show because it's so great" is "explaining." Personally, I'd rather watch a show which has a review similar to the following: "Oh, I like this show because every character makes intelligent decisions, and because the plot is easy to follow without becoming boring or spoon-feeding the audience." The latter allows the reader to understand the reasoning behind the author's view. If you don't care about the character's decisions or the plot, and watch a show only for enjoyment, than the former review would be acceptable for you. That is fine, and watching a show for enjoyment makes sense and is an excellent reason to watch a show. However, the second review allows for a broader audience to decide on whether or not to watch.

A review along the lines of "I like it because I like it" is just redundant and obvious. Stating reasons creates a more believable and creditable review.

Nov 25, 2012