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Hate over rated garbage that promotes stagnation I think people deserve better and I see myself as someone to guide others to watching better series and I encourage diversity as someone who has a lot of experience.

It is only when you the fans take the stance that you have had enough of bland characters and repititive settings that things will change remember you have the power as the consumer.

Another thing that worries me is how many people take personal offense when you attack a series they enjoy. While it can be fun to bash a poorly done series with a group of friends but most of the time you feel like the time you invested in that series, you want it back. Here is the thing I have not offended you in anyway by critcising the series you enjoy the people I would be offending probably can't even read english. My critcism does come across as strong because of who I am. It's best you take a look at this video from gamespot.


It will make you rethink your current disposition towards anything you enjoy. The reason why I posted this is because a lot of people on this site are quite happy to bash certain series for flaws yet over look them in others such as Kill la Kill. You can't be taken seriously as someone who gives critcism if you have a double standard you are just hypocrite. While this seems negative it can be interpreted in a positive manner and you may think differently on series you have previously been really harsh about and think this particular section of the story wasn't so bad after all if I compare it to this anime. Just some food for thought for anyone reading this.

Remember be rational not loyal and admiration is the furthest thing from the truth. Enjoy something by all means but don't feel so attached to it that you take personal offense when someone insults something you like.

Top 5 liked characters that others hate (according to this site)

1st: Akainu from One piece (seriously a guy does his job and is hated for it Ace brought his own death upon himself by being retarded.)

2nd: King Bradley from FMA (Have no idea why people hate someone so badass)

3rd: Squealer from Shin Sekai Yori (I understand you hate what he has done but how can you not like him as a superb villain?)

4th: Masahito Date from Btooom! ( I actually found him really amusing and a good villain)

5th: Aleister Crowley from the to aru series (This guy is so mysterious and awesome and he is hanging upside down the whole time in tube while running a city guess people don't like how cold hearted he can be).

Top 5 characters I despise that others love (according to this site)

1st: Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail (A luffy wannabe without any development and can't win a fight without the power of love to save his sorry behind.)

2nd: Shu Ouma from Guilty Crown (dajsalkdaslkfnlajnasla so much hate for this character I can't even think coherrently worst main character ever without a doubt)

3rd: Kirito from Sword art Online EDIT: Is now replaced with Mako from Kill la Kill (I was wrong about Kirito as it has now been revealed he is actually bisexual adding a whole new layer of complexity to his character that wasn't shown before. Now that Kirito can date Klein and show he is just generally a loving human being to any gender it shows he just a nice young man. I apologise for my earlier mistakes regarding Kirito and I look forward to the next season of SAO.)

4th: Gon Freecss from Hunter X Hunter (Great series but Gon isn't so great I mean why is such a simpleton the main character when you actually need a brain to be good in this series?)

5th: Rika Shiguma Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai (She gained more poularity in the latest season but I actually prefered her in the first now she is a train wreck of a personality not knowing herself who she wants to be.)

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KageNoArashi avatar KageNoArashi

You Rock!

Jul 27, 2013

Lol, it's actually pretty easy to notice that the game itself is completely broken, unfair and will be frustrating to play, like the kinect. But the fanbrats are completely blinded by Kawahara's bullshits. 

If the 2nd season returns, man i will be to waiting to take it down, unless it really improves since some LN fanbrats said that it is alot better, i really don't know if they're reliable or not, we just have to wait and see. And hopefully Log Horizon, which has the same premise which comes out late this year will be better than SAO, and i can use it to educate people on why SAO is garbage.

Oh and .hack is actually quite underrated, since unfortunately it aired during the time where MMORPGs are still growing and is not as popular as it is today, so it went rather unnoticed(i think). Plus it was somewhat slow like what you've said with little fanservice, action scenes and little to no wish-fulfilment, so the inpatient masses with no taste tend to not like it. Btw, many seasons doesn't mean it's always good :P, i've seen alot of negative reviews for later seasons of the .hack series, it is said to be degraded thruout the years(rori said it :P).

My thoughts on SnK, extremely overrated, like what rori had predicted it turns out to be the most overrated series this year. Everyone thinks that it is a masterpiece or something, cosplayers are even willing to go around the their nude titan suit, some fanbrat even made a food store out of it, i'm like WTF SnK has nothing food worthy in it lol.

All in all i won't say that SnK is bad, i will definitely say that it is a 1000x better than SAO though, at least logic applys here. It has it's redeeming qualities, like how the idea is actually quite original. But it does have a few slips here and there, like some of the clichè character(Mikasa, i just can't get into her, she is literally a god damm robot), rather laughable concept of people turning into titans(the 1st scene feels kinda like Ultraman lol)instead of interesting strategic humans-titan battles, developing characters at the last minute only when something is going to happen to them(In the manga), but at least each of them is abit fleshed out. I want to see how it all unfolds and wrap up though.

Again, it is not bad by any stretch of the imagination(at least in my concern). It's above average, better than the big 5 shonen but definitely not a masterpiece like what the fanbrats have proclaimed. But the fanbase again is just as annoying as the SAO fanbase. If i were to make a review on it, it's probably going to get around a 5-6/10, since later on Eren becomes your typical hot head shonen lead and things starts to get predictable.

airbornefilip avatar airbornefilip

Thanks! ^_^

Jul 24, 2013

Well, sorry for making you post comment twice. ;) And thank you on your time. I searched for similar characters myself in the meantime but result was same as your's. Except Hyouka, TWGOK and manga Iris Zero, only character which is similar to Hikigaya (got this recommendation from someone else, I hadn't checked myself though) is protagonist from manga Hammer Session.

I find anime with 23-26 episodes the best balance between story and real time length. Those under 15 had rushed and usually uncompleted story but they are short and that's the sole reason I like them. Those which are longer, though story is better told and covered, it's too long and I have very low motivation to start watching it. And story can becaome dull and full of useless fillers. Yahari was amazing for 13 episode anime and really had great plot for it's length.

Thanks again for your time and if you find anything good, please tell me. There are lots of summers and winters to spend. :D

P.S. I thought I have a character that could fit in the list of characters you like and others don't, but I find out he's not unpopular. :) By the way, what do you think of Kayaba Akihiko from SAO?

KageNoArashi avatar KageNoArashi


Jul 19, 2013

Recently, i'm getting nightmares too.

I'm really afraid that one day in the near future, we humans really developed a gaming system similar to that of the shitty and completely broken and utterly unplayable NERVEGEAR, ok fine fine, it revolutionizes gaming ,i'll actually be quite delighted.


What i'm really afraid of is the fact that people will start praising Kawahara for revolutionizing gaming.... This guy who can't write for shit... What about .hack? Which had the same concept and came out earlier? Shit really hits that wall if that ever happens in the future, not only did he get credit for making a bullshit show made up of fan-service only, he is getting credit for making up something that is already made earlier way before SAO is published or aired... Let's just pray that it does not happen, ever...

KageNoArashi avatar KageNoArashi

Great Recommendations!

Jul 7, 2013

Actually i won't quite blame sothis for banning rori though, i have to admit, sometimes rori do like to use various bully tactics when i comes down to debating. Instead of proving his opponent wrong with his own points as a counter attack, he made various direct insults. He might be a good critique but i know for a fact that he is not quite a good debater :P.

"the author himself saying how he made the whole story about SAO because he likes floating castles in the sky I mean what utter BS the author must have smoked crack when he was at school because it is just so bad."

^And just recently some fanboy called SAO "subtle". So a lifeless dude who can't even come up with a convincing reason on why he wrote his work is a fucking genious now, what a great community we have.

"It is even creepy too especially when Asuna and Kirito try to adopt some random kid and they acted like a happy family that was more creepy than any horror I have ever seen and screwed up too."

^LMFAO, can you even believe it? A 16yr old LOSER who spends his life solely on videogames and an idoltic 17yr who don't even bother to get to know her boyfriend's name are parenting a kid? It's not creepy to me but just plain fucked up stupid xD

"Bad news is I bet the anime will return with SAO's third arc when it should be burning in the fiery pits of hell for being utter garbage."

^No choice my friend... The masses just pleads for shallow entertainment like these, i guess we'll have to our best to bring it down >:), and i'm serious i'm pretty devoted on taking SAO's popularity down since it doesn't deserve it one bit.

Btw, a little correction here on your profile :P, Natsu don't use the power of love to win, he uses -in a deep and enthusiastic voice- THE ALMIGHTY POWER OF FRIENDSHIP BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW GANGING UP ON ONE VILLAIN IS THE BEST WAY TO FIGHT IF YOU KNOW THAT YOU'RE NOTHING BUT SHIT!

Oh, and nice "working" with you :), we've just demolished and buried these pieces of utter trash in the bottom of the earth. I look forward to more conversations like these i really do :).

KageNoArashi avatar KageNoArashi


Jun 30, 2013

I was told that the author of SAO wrote the story for SAO in highschool, when he's still a despirate teenager, and after such a long time, he didn't even flip thru his PILE OF SHIT to make changes and just said "well, i think it's sellable -troll face-".

What really pissed me the F*CK OFF about SAO is no not just the HUGE waste of potential, no it's not just the terribly handled characters, but the ABSOLUTE LACK OF ANY LOGICAL SENSE AND THE INSULTE TO OUR HUMAN INTELLEGENCE. And millions of BRAIN-DEAD FANBRATS loving it for being nothing but a pile of ANIMAL DUNG is just...FCKED UP....

I won't say that To Aru is amazing or awesome but indeed, it is alot better than SAO.

And Fairytail? Dude seriously it's not just about the Fan-service bullcrap, the jokes are just too random to be funny, and the characters are just way too immature. And guess what, the fanbrats are made up of mostly 12yr old little twats plus a few grow-ups i suppose, with a brain of a fucking 10yr old. I can think of soooooo many other shows that are better than this 2 pieces of shit but have yet to be recognised by the masses(whom i bet don't even know how to appreciate >_>).

Oh and at least FT made some sense though, it doesn't insult your intellegence like they did in SAO.


At least it's good to see that there are still some people sane and smart enough to see that this 2 shows is just a big pile of fcked up bullshit

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