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Can you Survive?

I did but barely this anime adapation to Devil Survivor 2 is insulting and ultimately appeals to nobody as a fan you are disgusted as favourite characters of yours from the game are butchered. Anyone who hasn't played the game will get a rushed story where its hard to sympathise with the setting and the character interactions are poor and characters are reduced to anime stereotyping like Io Nitta especially. Io Nitta in the game is incredibly useful person to your party that is by the side of the main character to help unravel the mysterious behind the trial given by the big bad. In the anime she is reduced to a damsel in distress that spents most of her time crying in the corner she has no admirable traits at all and to see an incredible character from the game reduced to this feeble and useless individual is insulting. Unfortunately this is one example of many now lets get on to the core of the story.


Most of the points I gave to the story was because of the main concept of it coming from the game the anime is adapted from however if it didn't rush it so badly then we could have all been in for a real treat as the game is incredible. However in its defence and another reason I give it a 4/10 is because it only had 13 episodes to do it so it wasn't going to be as good as it could have been right away.  Anyone who has played the game can tell you that the game has far too much content and at least 12-15 hours of dialogue so that meant a lot of character building was missed out so characters were undeveloped and missed out some of the funniest scenes from the game Fumi's laptop throwing and Airi trying to show sex appeal. The series starts off not too badly actually as it spent a lot of time giving extra scenes to Hibiki, Daichi and Io to build their characters however what wasn't known at the time was character building in a bad way. I will explain that later though in the character section.

It was clear though after the first 4 episodes far too much time had been wasted and the interesting battle scene with Merak the 2nd Seppie was going to be wasted on this mess of a series. The pacing was a mess overall it was as if the series thought it had more time than it actually did which is why the 2nd part was really rushed and the Seppies 5 and 6 got taken out far too quickly. Bifrons got 2 seconds of screen time and didn't even come to aid Alcor in his battle against Yamato later on so he just seemed like a complete waste of time which was very disappointing. It also doesn't help much that Hibiki Kuze the main character in the anime is one of the worst main characters of all time, repeating himself like a broken record, whining all the time and is pretty stupid as he had to ask Alcor the same question twice. Which is as follows.

'Hey Alcor can you help us.' Alcor quite rightly tells Hibiki he can't but what he should have said was. 'So since when did giving you demons to summon and death clips to help avoid the deaths of your friends not count as giving you help?' They are only able to survive at all because Alcor decided to help them as was shown in the battle against Merak human weapons do not help against any of the Seppies. Maybe Alcor should help you wipe your back side too Hibiki while he is at it and talk about ungrateful. On the positive side Alcor fans will be very happy as Alcor is given a lot of screen time and extra scenes and yaoi fans will be even more happy as there is plenty of yaoi bait between Hibiki, Yamato and Alcor.

The final episode was utterly terrible you don't even see the big bad so you don't even know why the big bad has the power to do everything he did or why he did it. More importantly it doesn't even explain how the big bad actually put everything back to normal thus the plot ended as a complete joke and I couldn't bring myself to even give it an average rating despite being loosely based off the game.


I am not the biggest expert on animation but the majority of it is pretty solid but some of the fights just came across as pretty lazy but overall was one of the better looking anime in terms of visuals this season. Especially when matched against the rotocsoping crap of Aku no Hana.


With excellent voice actors and an incredible ending this was easily the strongest point of the anime shame the rest of the anime couldn't be this level of quality as it feels like the high level VAs just wasted their time contributing to this pile of crap.


This is going to be so good! This adapation takes some of the best characters in games as expected from the SMT franchise and then completely butchers them and turns them into insulting stereotypes that nobody cares for or will remember. Whoever came up with the idea to turn the characters into this needs to be fired and fast as they are actually damaging the entire anime industry by lacking variety and imagination.

Hibiki Kuze

I regret naming the main character after you in my most recent run of the game because you are awful in fact you are so bad I have put you in my list of top 10 most hated main characters. Here are Hibiki's traits as a main character. Stupid, hypocrite, whines but couldn't have thought of a better alternative himself, broken record and extremely ungrateful. You could argue that he is kind but I can argue what was said by Hikki in the series Yahari that was also aired thise season and that is misplaced kindness is a bad thing. He tries to come across as kind and caring but as pointed out many times by Yamato he couldn't come up with a better alternative and in fact his 'kind' method got 3 characters killed against the 4th Seppie way to go Hibiki you moron.

If he was truly caring and kind he would have done a better job of protecting the characters and keeping them happy as a leader instead of whining like a little bitch the whole time. He also doesn't say thank you to Yamato or Alcor when they help him and instead has a go at them or actually tries to attack him. Regardless of Yamato's reasons for helping him the least he could have done was to say thank you.

The above reasona are more than enough to hate the anime version without even playing the game and its very sad because the game version isn't more powerful than his friends he just reacts to crisis better than they do and was an incredible, compassionate leader. He also helped people get through their problems and was pretty funny on occasion all we get in the anime adapation is someone who is utterly pathetic with no redeeming traits at all.


While he is pretty stupid in both the game and the anime at least in the game he was more endearing and had his moments when in a pinch he could pull through. Instead in the anime they make him a complete joke until near the end where he summons a powerful demon instead of growing as a character.

Io Nitta

Damsel in distress she has a pitiful amount of character growth spends most of her time blubbing and not really achieving anything at all in the anime. In the game she is a stoic individual who only cries when her mother dies before her eyes as she knows if she were to weep in a corner she would acheive nothing and she wouldn't survive. The bond between both Io and Hibiki in the game is incredible and it isn't shown at all here apart from she needs a big strong man to come and rescue her as if the Damsel in distress trope wasn't done enough already.

Joe, Ronaldo, Otome and Keita

Joe was an important character for early in the game as he helped to keep a smile on the party's face despite everything going to crap. Doesn't show up until very late and then just gets killed off. Ronaldo was a very important character in the game almost as important as Yamato and Alcor but with little screen time he gets killed off far too quickly and we don't get to explore his character at all. Otome was another character that had a cheerful persona despite everything she had to deal with and in the anime she spent most of her time being mopey and then getting killed. Keita... Oh Keita was just as bad in the game so nothing to add there.

Hinako, Airi, Jungo and Makoto

Each of these 4 had a pretty strong bond with the main character and admired him a lot for different reasons and Makoto and Hibiki had a very close bond in the game which is why you are pretty gutted if you get her killed. You won't see that here as Makoto had the hots for Yamato instead when their relationship was never like that at all in fact she had deep and conflicting reasons for following his orders none of that was shown here. Hinako really values friendship and had worries as the crisis makes her re-evaulate what she has been doing in life yet again not shown in the anime at all. Jungo and Airi were not too bad actually and they were pretty similar to their game versions but as with the other characters they were a lot deeper than their anime counterparts but most of the 1/10 is thanks to these two.


She gets a special mention because her anime counterpart was emotionless and pretty dull and nothing at all like her character in the game she was very awful indeed. Nearly as bad as Io Nitta and Hibiki. She is a quirky individual who shares some traits of Okabe Rintarou from Steins gate and she is in some of the funniest scnes in the game however the only great thing about Fumi in the anime was her reaction to her impending death. 'So this is death hmmm' I think this anime gets the award for best female death ever.


Not too bad but they did change far too much to push the Yaoi bait side of his character which was sad and didn't really explore why Alcor is so lonely and what his name actually represents in fact it didn't tell you what any of the seppies represent at all in the anime for some reason.


Grumpy, stoic I have to be evil because it is the right thing to do but don't worry Yamato Hibiki will teach you the error of your ways with a little yaoi loving. The best way to describe Yamato is a 'magnificent bastard' he was a crafty individual whose relationship with Hibiki in the game was pretty damn funny and it developed really well as he grew to respect Hibiki over time. None of that was shown here and the awesome Yamato that we know from the game was reduced to this stereotypical rubbish *Blergh* Excuse me while I go off and vomit.

Why did this get a 3/10 overall its because to me 5/10 is an average series and this series was clearly below average and it is just a series that doesn't really appeal to anybody in the end hence the low score. While I enjoy anime to me games still have vastly superior stories as they are creative and try to implement new story elements and create new types of characters. This anime is a prime example of what is wrong with the anime industry not that all anime is bad just some of it is and this anime shows what is wrong with it. It sticks to stereotyping and ruins decent characters and didn't have the guts to try and go for a 2nd season when this anime desperately needed to have more time for the anime adapatation.

In the end its a disappointing waste of time so do the right thing ignore the existence of this garbage and spend your money on the game that is true treat and this anime shall be remembered as how not to do an anime adapation. The game is difficult though so anyone who isn't too great with their SRPGs should use a guide but the game is rich and both character and setting so don't let this terrible anime put you off it.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall
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