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Fairy Tail

May 31, 2013


Ah Fairy tail the X box one of anime. Oh how you try to appeal to all and make a convulted disjointed mess of a story and come across as prententious and arrogant. Basically what Fairy tail has to offer is done better elsewhere and this is coming from someone who read a large portion of the manga and couldn't stand the series any longer despite enjoying it in the early stages. I won't tell you how its a series aimed at 12 year olds or how you cannot like the series because you know what you can like what you want but I will reccomend you to do otherwise. Also unlike other critics I don't think it is aimed at 12 year olds due to the huge amounts of fan service in the series. Despite the low score caused by vast disappointment I will go on to confirm why I believe so and if you can change my mind you are more than welcome to try. We can only make progression through discussion after all and now onto the review.


Now where do I begin lets see... Well to be fair despite the low score I have given it, the series did have an appeal at first as the first few arcs up to the Luxus arc were typical character building arcs in long series which weren't too bad. So what went wrong? After Luxus arc the series clearly had no direction and didn't know what to do with itself we had Oracion seis one of the big bad of the series and they were awful with at least we did get some insight on the other guilds which was a plus. However this is where we begin to see a pattern forming in Fairy tail... The villains are bad! They are not just bad but they are outright terrible and the true big bad of the series is pretty much the king of emos who is yaoi fangirl bait. We then find out that in the arc of the reveal of the big bad that the villains are completely pants on head retarded and have achieved absolutely nothing in the entire series. Who wouldn't want to be a member of Fairy tail when their opponents are powerhouses that are incredibly stupid, it doesn't help that a lot of the baddies happen to be gonks that are designed for you to hate them. If they happen to be pretty you can expect them on joining fairy tail or another light guild as those who are pretty can be used as fan service later on where as gonks die because nobody cares about a gonk.

The story direction is a disjointed mess which for the first few arcs can be forgiven but there is only so much you can forgive. As the only real progression has been in a single arc after the Luxus arc and since then the hype train has gone off the tracks to add some filler that has plenty of fan service so its okay apparently. The fights are not compelling in any way as throughout the story they win for hax reasons, when Lucy finally obtains a really overpowered spirit she doesn't use it to add extra tension for no reason. Natsu has shown no signs of getting stronger and can't seem to win a single fight in nearly the whole series without breaking the suspension of belief in the current setting he is placed in. Once can be forgiven as the author slipped up by making an opponent too hard but this is just silly to have it happen nearly every fight. Not only is it repititive but it creates artificial tension that gives an author a reason to be incredibly lazy.

Another problem is the author is controlled by his fans and if you want proof of this you would have to look in the manga as the anime tries to hide his mistake. During the S rank arc the character Blue note was a last minute added character as his character design was ugly and rushed and evident when an artist of his caliber can do much better. Blue Note only existed so badass Gildartz could have an opponent to defeat to show how mighty he is. Also you know Blue note beat a regiment of something and that was meant to be incredible for some reason you never know because the author doesn't explain to you why that is so incredible as you don't know what they are that Blue Note beat.Want more evidence well here it is. The author was originally planning on having Fairy tail defeated that arc but changed his mind after poor fan reception that clearly hates to see their beloved Fairy tail ever lose. Didn't you find it suspicious that someone as strong as Gajeel barely beat two subordinates with Levy when the main seven were beaten quite easily in some cases by people as strong as Gajeel. Remember the seven are much stronger than the two subordinates because they are as stated subordinates. As you can see it shortly after this arc I quit the series in disappointment with no compelling villains and no direction there was no reason to tolerate this rubbish any longer.  Not many would know what I did and I have stated above because they were not as big as fans as I was at the time and they are not familiar to these techniques applied by desperate authors that have no faith in their own story that they bend to the will of others.

As for the bonds of friendship and the comedy within the story well I am afraid fans of Fairy tail it is done better elsewhere. In terms of a light-hearted show with crazy ideas and inconsistent plot you have gintama not only are the back stories of characters more heart wrenching and done better but the comedy in this series is vastly superior. It's main villains also arn't pants on head retarded either. That Yaoh arc in Gintama was especially incredible with the Tsukuyo having a very interesting and sad back story which no character from Fairy tail can compare to. They did at one point admitedly when poor Mira Jane, Elfman and Natsu had to deal with Lisana's death... ONLY SHE NEVER DIED TO BEGIN WITH! So much for character development there not only did we have a character in the series that died for character growth and development and to give a compelling development return but she is a carbon copy of Lucy in terms of personality. Which is why Lucy reminded Natsu so much of her because they have the same personality the only difference between the two is that they have different magic. An Epic fail just to give that douche of a main character Natsu a possible love triangle and to add another fan service character as if Fairy tail didn't have enough already.

Gintama trumps Fairy tail in both comedy and bonds and is far more realistic about it so its easy to relate to it and Gintoki isn't a flamming thug with no personality or development like Natsu. Bleach does comedy better, One piece and even better example in the shounan category as you have characters like Nami that have a terrible past and it goes to show how much better and more realistic the bonds are between the straw hat crew members than the Fairy tail guild. Beezlebub is more funny too and to think even now we don't have a 2nd series of History's strongest disciple Kenichi and we get 175 episodes of rubbish instead makes me a little sad. HSDK beats Fairy tail in every category as well in terms of bonds, fan service and character development with a consistent story tying everything together. It also doesn't have pants on head retarded villains. The underrated Toriko series is better than this junk as well but I doubt you fans would like it much due to it completely lacking in fan service but thankfully yet again it doesn't have pants on head retarded villains.

You may question why I make of point of stating why its important for shows like Fairy tail to have decent villains well you can't endear yourself to their plight and you can't feel like they have achieved anything over the course of the entire series. Natsu doesn't power up, whatever they have learned from the previous arcs does not seem to carry over to the other arcs despite having more backstory to that character and in the end you have to question what you are really watching this series for? If its comedy watch Gintama, Beezlebub or One piece or even a series dedicated to comedy like the incredile Yahari series that is airing right now. If its fighting with tense moments in it then yet again watch something like Toriko or One piece they do this so much better. If its magic then watch To aru that is how magic should be done instead of sparkly bright light that does whatever you want it to because herp derp derp magic doesn't need explaining. If its bonding then watch One piece, Gintama and watch Persona 4 anime or play the Persona games that is how bonds are really made not the pretentious rubbish that Fairy tail comes up with.


No complaints here but I don't really watch anime for their animation quality alone and I would like to think no one else does either.


I actually liked quite a lot fo the opening but the endings not so much and the soundtracks do go with the battles quite well its just a damn shame the battles are always such a chore to watch and not exciting at all.


Oh this is going to be fun considering how dire the cast of Fairy tail is and the back stories are so poorly done in comparison to its rivals and there is pretty much no character development what so ever.


One of the worst male leads I have ever seen in a popular shounan series. This guy is a carbon copy of Luffy and doesn't even try to hide it apart from he is far, far worse than Luffy. Instead of having a straw hat he has pink hair just to appeal to fan girls he has a bare chest showing off his manly six pack but is such a lovable idiot...Only that he isn't at all. Natsu is the bad kind of stupid and unlike Luffy he has no development he has no tragedy he is just straight up out of place with this cast of characters. The only sad thing for poor Natsu is Igneel found him a pain in the arse and left the little brat to rot and I don't blame Igneel I would have done the same. Shame Makarov had to find him and do the world of fairy tail a huge disservice by keeping him alive. He had some form of development until we find out Lisana didn't die so that was flushed down the toilet. A hot headed thug is the best way to describe Natsu, an arrogant weakling that has to rely on all forms of help despite actually believing he is stronger than them because he has friends. He also has a more evil expression on his face than the villains of the series when he is angry and if you dared to even critcise Fairy tail then he would straight up punch your face in. That is not how people in any world should behave and if you use Natsu as a role model in life there is only one path you will take in life and it happens to skip out on go and take you directly to jail. Just to rub salt to his wound out of the main four his magic is by far the most boring and he might as well just bought magical flaming gauntlets instead of the pretentious rubbish that is fire dragon slayer magic.


Now Lucy had a very interesting type of magic and I thought this could be a unique shounan that has a female lead develop across the series into a powerful female that could be a role model in the world of anime and manga. Nope and boy was I wrong Lucy stays as useless fanservice and her fights are always full of comedy if you can call that funny. She is actually pretty powerful especially with her latest spirits but the spotlight is stolen from her by the thuggish Natsu and she was a huge opportunity missed a very big shame indeed. If her back story was as compelling as Erza's and her fights more serious and shown some serious progression she would definitely be a female to admire instead she is a joke.


Again this character was potential wasted and while his fights are far more interesting than Natsu's own this unfortunately isn't much of a compliment when you think about how poor his fight with Ultear was. Interesting magic but not explored enough and we needed to see more development in terms of power as his character should have grown across the series. Yet again reduced to the pitiful level of fanservice as Gray spends more time with his shirt off than on and has ongoing bromance with fellow student so unlucky for Juvia the token yandere of the series.


Again we have a strong female character in the group of four and she played the role of being a mature leader and had one of the best fights in the series in the tower arc against the swordswoman. However as soon as Jellal comes back into the series Erza's strong character goes down the toilet and we see yet again another pathetic fan service female not only that but she has the most cheapskate magic in the entire series. Do you happen to have an incredible magical ability? Well no matter whatever it is, Erza will have a counter to it so who fight's mostly follow the same kind of pattern. The Azuma fight is even worse because just by thinking about Jellal she automatically wins the battle since apparently Azuma because he is EVIL cannot possibly have anyone he cares about at all so he has to lose because he is evil. She also tried to seduce him in battle which not only was not funny, but it broke her character and it was down right insulting as apparently women cannot fight and have to resort to seduction to beat the mighty men.


Token loli girl with annoying cat nothing more to say really.


Cool badass character, has more personality to him than Natsu and the relatioship between him and Levy is quite sweet one of the few characters from the series I actually like.


a flying cat on crack.


Awesome badass older character who is hard to dislike and I loved the moment he put the arrogant Natsu in his place one of the best moments of the entire series shame the arc went down hill after that.

Rest of Fairy Tail

Not much to talk about really some may think Mira Jane is special but nothing I havn't seen before and Cana's back story didn't make any sense at all and was very poorly executed was easily the worst back story of the series.

Pants on head retarded Villains

They achieve nothing, learn nothing and if they arn't pretty they return to nothing otherwise they become mindless fanservice. It isn't healthy for any series to have terrible villains.

Well there you go I wrote far too much so I couldn't cover the characters properly but as a former fan I hope I offered a different perspective that clearly wasn't biased and was well thought out. Sure you can like whatever you want but as an expereinced anime fan I reccomend you spent your free time elsewhere you would be surprised what the world of anime has to offer and most has a lot more to offer than this terrible series. So do yourself a favour and watch and read something else anybody watching this deserves so much better and so does the anime industry. I just feel really sorry for decent characters like Okabe and Gintoki when Natsu is that high up in the like poll its a really sad sight to see on this site.

On a closing note to show I am not the only person to take issue with Fairy Tail that there are other big youtube personalities who love anime/manga here is a video but be warned there are manga spoilers there.


This one is from the Lightning King a guy who has a lot of good things to say about series he loves but will be critical if he feels a series has done something wrong and this is his in detail video of why he dropped the manga but be warned there are spoilers if you have not read chapter 322.


2/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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BefuddledMage28 Jul 3, 2013

To begin I would first like to apologize for the slight delay in my reply, I was busy taking care of my little sister, and also to apologize for how I misjudged you and acted ruely towards you Zetsubo666 and for allowing my emotions to get in the way and explain why. In your review you didn't seem to be giving much evidence for the reasons you gave for why the show was bad, understandable really now that you've explained why, and then the evidence you gave was flawed at times and the combination of these things led me to wonder how much attention you had actually given the show while watching it. The combination of these things led me to believe that you were giving a review of the show which was unfair because you had insufficient knowledge of what was really going on. The review itself came off as condescending to me but even if that had been the case I shouldn't have taken that tone in my reply. I insulted myself and you with my hasty assumption.

Villians doing complete 180's

Kageyama: He started having doubts after his guild nearly killed him and Fairy Tail saved him. He still went off with the flute anyway but he did have those doubts which caused him to give up the flute. It would probably be safe to assume that he still had to struggle against his darker nature.

Galuna Island: The people on this island really did have an incredibly stupid idea but they were never evil they were just seeking revenge for the destruction of their home. Leon's transition was too fast.

Phantom Lord: Juvia is too strange to really tell seeing how her personality is a bit off. Yeah, she's more than a little insane. Gajeel- he did spend a few weeks by himself thinking about his life but his transition was still done a little too fast.

T.o.H: Wally, Sho, and Milianna were trying to do good from the start (not that they actually suceeded but that was the goal.)

Fighting Festival: Laxus and Freed were both shown to be having doubts throughout the arc and even though Laxus' transition wasn't done as well as freed's transition it was still done convincingly enough, realizes that he doesn't really see any of them as enemies. It was still rushed but not that bad.

O.S: Richard changed because of Nirvana.

Edolas: The emperor should have been done better.

Tenrou Island: Ultear had a good reason to change and is shown later to still be struggling with her darker self. Meldy just kind of follows Ultear's lead.

Actions Pointless

Yeah, they haven't really accomplished much yet but in the manga they have destroyed much of the capital city now and the real culprit behind it hasn't even known so that should, hopefully, change soon.


Yes, he was a bit too emotional at first but at the end of the Tenrou arc he pretty much said that everybody is screwed now because he doesn't really feel like being a weepy crybaby anymore. That transition wasn't done well at all.

Zeref's Magic

If you're talking about the sphere of death I would guess that his magical power was being limited by his constantly warring with the darker part of himselfbut after a short while this causes a magical build up which then needs to be released. Which it is, in the form of pure dark magic power. This would also explain why his magical power is limited while he's trying to be good. Most of his magic is being used against itself. 

Done better elsewhere

Yes, I agree that all of this has been done better before but I believe that Fairy Tail should be judged on its own merits and not because other shows has done it better. I don't have a problem comparing it to other shows but only so we can see where exactly it lies on the scale. For all the shows you mentioned I'm sure someone could find others which have done better themselves in all categories but that shouldn't take away from the enjoyment found in those shows. And I never said that Fairy Tail has better villians than those you mentioned, I've never seen them so it would be unfair of me to judge. Fairy Tail is far from being the best show ever but it's also far from being the worst.

Natsu a Thug

From what I read Luffy does seem very similar to Ntsu, and I can't really say whether he was more developed or not and how much he changed during the show but even though Natsu hasn't changed much since the start of the show he is only either 17 or 18 and in Makarov's flashbacks he was shown to have been very much like Natsu when he was younger. Makarov is now much milder, warns his opponents to back off and has been shown to be willing to talk things out. In addition Gildarts has said that Natsu reminds him of him. I would like to say once again that Natsu does have many good qualities and just needs to temper the bad ones. This is what I think Lisianna can be used for. In the flashbacks he was shown to be less foolhardy and gentler when around her, at least when alone. 

Copying One Piece

Like I've said I've never seen the show but I didn't find any similarities, story and character wise, other than the similarities between Natsu and Luffy.

Lisianna's death

The show never showed her body and the reason why it was so clear that she was dead was because everyone in the show believed that she was dead. Anima are one way so Lisianna's Edolas counterpart couldn't have transferred to Earthland.

Copy of Lucy

Lisianna and Lucy are similar in many ways but are different in many more. Lisianna is much gentler and never fights with her friends, in the flashbacks she would often talk about difficult issues which children, in general, avoid. Lisianna doesn't seem to hold grudges whereas Lucy only eventually came to the belief that she could one day like her father.

Erza and Azuma

No, it wasn't funny and it shouldn't have been done but it wasn't as bad as you made it out to be in your review.

Gray getting overshadowed

Gray has several episodes in nearly every arc which focus on him and he's in many episodes.

Adult Wendy

Yeah, there wasn't much reason to have an adult version of wendy. It was an easy way to show how Edolas was a warped mirror of Earthland but there were other better ways to do that.


I don't believe they overestimated the flute's powers. It could have done what they intended to use it for. If you're saying they overestimated its powers because it changed to demon form tried the song and failed it was because it had been punched full of holes.

Toby and Yuka

They also joined Lamia Scale and later on they are within the top 5 elite and have a larger part.

Juvia and Gajeel

In the show itself they are very rarely used for fan service and I checked out deviantart. Anyone can sign up and put their art on the site. It is unfortunate that that's what some people who watch the show focus on that and make their own "art" to satisfy those cravings but the show itself should not have its rating dropped for something which doesn't happen on the show.

Magic not explained

Yeah, they haven't explained much of the magic and do need to explain more of it and better.

The Tower of Heaven

They were prepared for every possibility. At that point in the series they hadn't found Zeref yet and he had been missing for several hundred years. There was always the possibility that he really was dead. They may have suspected that he was alive but because it wasn't a certainty and a tower which was partially built was there for the taking they manipulated Jellal to finish the tower of heaven while they found the rest of the keys. If Zeref was dead then their plans would be completed that much sooner. If the attempt failed they would be far enough away to be unharmed by the blast and their doubts would be eliminated.

Yes, Jellal was being manipulated but he had to have a great potential for evil inside of him for it to have worked in the first place and if he hadn't gone truly evil then he would have shown some doubts despite the manipulation.


Brain/Zero couldn't have been pure evil otherwise there would have no reason to build a barrier which would block his other self. Zero really did seem to revel in destruction though so there is a good possibility that he had dual personalities. While brain was at the forefront he created the barrier and gathered people around him of like mind.


I didn't mean that what they were doing was actually good but that they were trying to do good for their people. They weighed the lives of a few thousand against the fate of their whole world and decided that the lives of unknown strangers were less important. They did try to destroy the Exceeds but the exceeds had tricked them into believing that they had a god on their side who was slowly killing them. They never intended to kill everyone on Earthland.

Subordinates, Natsu & fights, irrational

The show itself didn't say that they were high ranking but they were allowed to go to the island first and their magic was stronger than any of the other members save for the kin and above. Which can be seen in their second fight. Natsu has fought many opponents stronger than him but never more than one at a time, unless his friends are fighting with him, and they haven't been collosally stronger when he's won and when they are he gets saved by someone. Except in the cases of Jellal and Zero who he used dragon force against. It's a fantsy show about the power of friendship, the rules of the real world don't always apply.


I thought that Gray & Leon V.S. Racer was a fairly good fight. There was a lot of action and they did have to take a pretty big risk to actually beat him. If their assumption about what Racer's magic actually did wasn't accurate then Leon would have been srewed. I understand now why you thought that was exciting but in the anime version her armor would keep shattering for seemingly no reason and then they charged at each other. 


That section was more to show that they don't always win. For lullaby it depends on how long it takes for the magic to kill someone and the effect it has on them until they do. Acnologia did cause a 7 year blank and during that time Lucy's father died and it has caused other problems as well and hopefully some are still waiting to be revealed which will have lasting impact. The consequences of losing, and sometimes winning, do need to be harsher.


The show does have many flaws but I do believe that it has been judged too harshly by you. My personal rating, which is subject to change since the show isn't over yet, is 6 for the story, 7 for the characters, and overall a 7. 

zetsubo666 Jul 2, 2013


Thanks for your long comment I respect the time you put in to writing it despite the fact you clearly have no respect for me but that is fine we need discussion to make progress after all. Most importantly your argument is definitely one of the best I have had from any fairy tail fan however it appears we have different definitions on somethings such as the concept of hard work. Based on the way we are brought up we all come to have different values of our own and that is what makes us unique as individuals and I respect your opinion however it isn't healthy to regard your own view point as something to be held above others.

First of all let me just point out none of the villains ever achieved anything perhaps after the time skip there is more focus as I admit I couldn't make that far myself the series had become too aimless and the villains had all been really awful making heel turns across the majority of arcs. People don't just do 180 turns in personality its very unrealistic and breaks the character especially when done so quickly. If I were to punch you in the face with a flaming fist and tell you that all your values were wrong up to now you would take time to change and would refute me and my believes the same would happen if you did it to me.  The biggest villains until the time skip were Grimoire heart and then we find out everything they had done in the entire series was utterly pointless as explained by Zeref himself. You are not seriously trying to suggest that its competitors in the same genre have worse villains than Fairy tail? Zeref's is just a emotional man child that is absolutely pathetic with his emotions fluctuating all over the place how can any reader or viewer relate to anyone so unstable with such a non-sensical magic ability with no imagination put behind it.

They all have clear objectives and a clear rate of progression I admit your arguments in defence are very compelling but one of my main focus points is everything Fairy tail does is better done elsewhere. What does Fairy tail have to offer that isn't in other series that do it better? You accuse me of a lack of evidence but fail to bring anything outside of Fairy tail itself as part of the low score of Fairy tail is attributed to the fact Fairy tail is just a giant rip off with no direction at the point of up to the time skip.

Natsu is a thug and that is no exaggeration and your words fail to convince me but I admit that he has a progressed a little. Since you defend Fairy tail with examples from the series I will argue you against it using the review's directive which it to compare it to its competition. Natsu Versus Touma. Touma tries to talk things through and only uses violence as a final solution. Natsu decides someone is bad with his tiny little pea brain and goes on to beat them up he is not someone to think of conseqeunces but to beat up someone who he feels threatens his friends. That type of behaviour would get you arrested and he doesn't even attempt to do other solutions and his progression as a character is small at best. Natsu Vs Luffy (who he rips off) Natsu scarf from Igneel, Luffy hat from Shanks and Gildaartz looks very similar to Shanks too with missing limbs another direct rip off from One piece. Luffy has had a lot of development as a character and his crew members have had to deal with some of the harshest things you could imagine not in Fairy tail though the only one who could compare is Erza.

Well we clearly interpreted Lisana's death differently it made it quite clear from the author's direction and the moment we see the flash back she was dead as in actually dead not missing. Do you know why she was seen as dead not missing because Lisana got replaced with a corpse from Edolas. I admit I was harsh to say Natsu has had no progression but come on that was clearly set up to develop Natsu as a character and you have to offer a more convincing argument for me to take your side on that. Also as I stated isn't it a little pointless to have two characters with a very similar personality which is why Lucy reminded Natsu of Lisana so I don't see what the author was trying to achieve by destroying emotinal development to add a clone of a character type. If you know why other than to add another female for fan service then I am happy to hear what you say about it because you can offer me a point of view I can't see myself. I can offer more examples from other series to compare Natsu to and explain why he is bad but as you stated as a stand alone character I am being harsh but I don't take kindly to someone who is a blatent rip off of Luffy a much better developed character from a superior series.

Hahaha Well regarding Erza VS Azuma you do make a point as she did dismiss the idea very quickly but still to me her even adopting the idea in that situation with Azuma's personality was very degrading to her character. That however is my opinion while that is your own so I will let me people reading this argument draw their own conclusions from that. Yes there are moments of weakness but Erza was doing that elsewhere and it had no place in that battle. Well the clash of swords and as they dealt blow upon blow against one another in the manga had a good progression and was well drawn and ended in a fashion that suited a good duel between swordswoman. That is why I enjoyed the fight as Erza took a risky gamble and put all her effort into one blow it was the kind of excitement I look for in my battles rather than I win because I can counter you. Yeah she might buy them in stores but that isn't my definition of becoming stronger through blood, sweat and tears that my friend is an author setting up a very useful ability that he can do whatever he wants with. Erza could be in a pinch but it wouldn't matter as she will lukily have a counter hidden away that the readers couldn't possibly know about because it is another dimension. This was done more than once in the series and it became repititve almost as bad as the Sharingan and Kyouka Suigetsu.

With Gray yes he does have a reason and it could but is there really any good reason to make a character strip other than to offer fan service? True there are quite a few fans that see Gray as more than just fan service which he ultimately is but his progression is rushed as you admit and he suffers from the problem of its hard to tell if he has actually gotten stronger at all other than him beating a strong opponent. It is just funny that in series like One piece, Naruto, Bleach and Toriko it is very easy to see if a character has grow stronger this is a clear problem that Fairy tail suffers from. Gray is a character with potential wasted basically he has the foundation to be a very good character however he is pushed aside as there are so many characters in Fairy tail.

Well Lisana really didn't have much of a role by the time I left the series so I will take your word for it and Lucy is actually a really strong character with her spirits she should be the strongest in the group as geminin and Leo are very strong. I was just sad that Lucy was pushed to the side for Natsu and reduced to fan service when she would have made a very interesting female lead otherwise.

Yes Wendy would see the best in everyone because she is extremely naive and doesn't know her limits hence the reason I labeled her as the token Loli it might be harsh but its true and is a very crude way of sumarising her character quickly.  However sometimes she just feels out of place because of her age and it just feels like Hiro is ticking his check list of characters that are fan service. As for some reason Edolas Wendy is not only older but is with Fairy tail and it doesn't explain what happened to the Edolas version of her former guild. Guess the fan service tick list was more important.

Yes but the flute wouldn't have been able to achieve that because it wasn't powerful enough hence the reason they are stupid for not doing their research properly. Want an example of a decent villain look at Crocodile from one piece as he can compare because he is an arc villain too. Crocodile's plan would have succeeded and did have a point to it as well that is example of a decent villain versus a crap one.

Sorry I should have been more clear with my argument when I say 'killed off' I meant not in a literal sense as you are right Toby or Yuka cannot be used as a fan service but their role in the series is next to non-existent afterwards where as Leon had a huge role later on in a future fight as did red head doll user forgot her name. Yes it did have a purpose and yes it did succeed but yet again the villain had not done his research properly and achieved absolutely nothing as big bad demon was already dead.

Wait you are not seriously telling me that Juvia and Gajeel are not fan service? Go onto Deviant art come and look up both characters in fact do it on every image site you know. After doing that if you can still tell me they are not fan service I will admit I am wrong XD. Let us put this way whether you think or not some people consider Gajeel pretty hot and his relationship with Levy is very sweet in fact one the things I like about fairy tail. Juvia is a pyschotic yandere that is quite clearly fan service as it goes back to Hiro ticking off his check list for character types. I have no idea why people think Juvia is hot despite her being bats*** insane for Gray but I think that is a discussion for another time. Basically guild thought they were strong but then the good old guild master of Fairy tail shows them just how the villains yet again for their information wrong as he proceeds to beat them down with the most hax unexplained spell Fairy law which brings down a holy light that beats all you reagard as an enemy in the area. Pretty cool but isn't explained at all and doesn't even show you what the holy light actually does to them apart from them looking like crap after being hit by it. If you want example of powerful spells that are well explained look no further than the to aru series.

No that was dumb because Grimoire heart already knew that was pointless so they wasted all those years to achieve nothing. Now would you like to explain again how that was a good idea because I am not seeing it myself. Okay with Wally and Sho yet again they fade out of relevance so it would have probably been better to let them die. Mira yes because people love anthros a lot but then again when Mira Jane and Lisana come back she too fades out of existence as he has those too fulfil his check list instead. Also Jellal was never evil to begin with he was possesed by Ultear who turned out to be extremely weak for a character who gave Jellal that much power.

True Oracian Seis did have a better goal than the other plonkers earlier in the series but how did they even have a guild gather together when Midnight, Cobra and hot eyes even Racer really weren't that evil at all at heart where as the guild leader was the equivalent of satan. Failed to make sense if you ask me if you want an example of a decent villain group then look at Hunter X Hunter's geneir ryodan that is how you do a good group of villains. However I think you make good points on this arc.

Well again our definitions clash because what the kind of edolas was trying to do was not good when you send out your trusted men to go and commit genoicide by wiping out all mage guilds like Edolas fairy tail that is pretty damn evil because do you know who else did that in real life? Well lets just say they arn't very popular so no the king and his subjects including Erza Nightwalker are as rotten as they come there is never a good reason to kill people and potentially destroy earth land in the process and ruin the lives of countless people just so they can have magic in their own. At least yet again these villains actually had a purpose that looked like it would work.

S rank arc was terrible and that is putting it mildly Azuma was what would be known as an honourable 'blood knight' so he was not a nice person either really but one of the more popular villains of Fairy tail shame what happened to him. Yes when was it mentioned about their rank with their subordinates I am not saying you are wrong I might have missed it myself. However I was not the only one that Gajelle and Levy had a hard time against them while Natsu fought multiple opponents stronger than him and came out on top. One time should have killed him because he uses dragon slayer magic to eat flames so when he nullfied it to eat the black flame it should have killed him. Don't believe me then go to your hob in your kitchen and try and eat a flame? Here is a spoiler it won't end well.  So the moral of Fairy tail is to have as many friends as you can because you are more powerful that way well lets put it this way if you put a gun to my head and I stated you can't kill me because I have lots of family and friends who are relying on me it wouldn't stop me from dying when you blow my brains out.  Good to see we can at least agree on the Blue note issue you wouldn't believe how many times Fairy tail fans told me I was wrong and that he was a well developed character -_-'

Look we are having a major misunderstanding here to me a bad villain is not someone who is pure evil for example one of my favourite villains of all time is Yuki Terumi from Blazblue and that guy is a complete monster he makes Zero seem nice. What I am saying makes a bad villain is someone who had no idea what they are doing and end up achieving nothing and has no back story what so ever. A lot of major villains of Fairy tail fall into this category. My big problem was Zeref was just a character I didn't like sure that is mostly personal taste but I just couldn't believe that the guy responsible for everything else in the series was a giant emo. Grimoire heart who had been the main villians at this point in the series were trying to get the keys and that ended up being completely pointless as Zeref said he never needed them to begin with therefore making everything Grimoire did in the entire series pointless that was my gripe.

No comment on the other arcs I couldn't take Fairy tail any longer at this point and left.

That was just a rude comment with nothing to back it up and I actually would love to know what fights you think are exciting considering you are so happy to belittle my tastes. I also did mention in my review the manga version was much better than the anime with that fight. All the fights were extremely hax and boring as you already knew Fairy tail members were triumph for some crap reason or another. Can Natsu actually win a fight by himself or without a really dumb reason like nullifying his magic power which would kill him? I also did state several series that are done better like One piece, FMA, Bleach and some Naruto fights are much more exciting than every single Fairy tail fight.

Humour is true but I think you won't find many who find Fairy tail more funny than One piece and Gintama.

Right have no idea what you are trying to do here but insulting me directly has nothing to do with Fairy tail. Yes there is a very loose common theme which does tie in all in with Zeref but there is a major problem with that Zeref isn't the greatest character really or someone considered a threat. If you are really nice to Zeref he will be really happy and won't harm you at all then you can shoot him in the face with a gun and he is dead or in Fairy tail terms hit him with Fairy law when he is not looking. Basically Zeref is not really a very big threat at all considering how his magic works and he doesn't actually seem that evil either espiecally when compared to villains like Aizen, Madara, JOA, Takisaki and Black beard. Otherwise they don't seem to learn anything from each arc and the only thing that carries over is Lucy gaining another spirit which she might not even use.

Yeah you are absolutely right I should structure my reviews better and that is my fault I will 100% agree with you on that but since I do a lot of writing at work it drains me too much to apply the same quality to my free time. However the point I was trying to make was Fairy tail does do some stuff right and it is not all bad but anything it does do right is done much better in its rival series.

Right yet again you are targeting me personally which doesn't help your argument in the slightest you do make good points its just a shame you revert to do things that do you no credit and subvert the points you are making. I try to make certain points clearer than others and to break up the review to make it easier to read and I am not the only one that does this just look at Linksword a big reviewer on this site and they highlight a lot on sentences in bold to make it more appealing and easier to read for the viewer. I should have provided more evidence on occasions you are right about that but I cut it short so it wouldn't be too long otherwise it would turn into a very long essay. This is a review after all. Some points were left open to be refuted which is the point of the comment section to which I got an incredible response from you.

I don't think that would be the case considering it wasn't the strongest magical artifact and considering how powerful the guild masters are too so that is a point left open to debate really. Demon being released never really mattered so they always win when it counts. The dragon beating them down didn't matter either because they all lived thanks to super Loli. If its competition has the guts to kill off popular characters like Ace for the story then Fairy tail could do something similar but not necessairly death otherwise its marathon of rinse and repeat themes with nothing new to offer.

Regarding your final point its because of a misunderstanding between the two of us that you came to that conclusion where as I have no problem with pure evil villains as long as they are considered a challenge to some degree otherwise there is no feeling of triumph for the reader/viewer when Fairy tail succeeds as you think they were dumb anyway. The point of the review is to show people the plot is that anything Fairy tail does do right is done better by its competiton a point that you havn't understood I was trying to make otherwise you offered a lot of interesting points that I have even revised my opinion on some things.

However there is no need to attack me directly in future remember the series itself brought my criticism of it as otherwise if it was a great series I would be singing praises of it so the blame can only lie with the author who didn't do a better job with his series. Regarless of our different opinons I really respect how much detail you went into and look forward to your next response.

BefuddledMage28 Jul 1, 2013

If you're reading these reviews and comments to decide whether you want to watch this show or not it may be better not to read my comment as I will be arguing against the points made in this review through the use of actual evidence which will reveal quite a bit of what will be happening in the show. If however you don't mind spoilers or have already watched the show then read on as I refute nearly everything which was said in the review above.

Natsu: It is irrefutable that Natsu does spend much of his time fighting but the people he fights are either enemies or friends who are willing to fight. Those who are unwilling to fight (Mirajane, Levy, Loke, etc.) admittedly they are sometimes hit with debris and when that happens Loke does usually join in. Beyond that after he beats an opponent he doesn't continue his assault on them. In addition he doesn't just start fights with those weaker than himself he also fights those he'll lose too. So calling him nothing more than a flaming thug is a huge exaggeration. His constant fighting is because of his obsession with Igneel, he believes that he may get to see Igneel -his foster father- again someday if he gets strong enough. You also act as if his character hasn't been developed at all. It is true that he hasn't changed a huge amount since the story's start but he has changed more than a little, he used to deny his fears and his weaknesses now he accepts them because of Gildarts, anymore than a very small amount of change now would be ridiculous seeing how it's been less than a year for them since the story's start. Natsu also has many good attributes as well and the main thing he needs to do now is temper the bad one ones. After the lullaby arc when Erza was arrested he dressed up like her and offered himself up so she wouldn't go to prison. This scene was used more for comic relief than anything else and did turn out to be a big blunder. In spite of that this scene still showed he was willing to offer himself up to save his friends. I'm sure you also believe that he's arrogant but in the tower of heaven he says that he's always admired Erza. The only time I've seen him hold a grudge even for a little while was with Jellal because he made Erza cry. After finding out that Jellal had changed he soon forgave him. In his flashback, right before going to Edolas, when Lisianna was captured he let the forest vulcan beat the shit out of him so she wouldn't be harmed. Her capture was in large part his fault, walking too quickly and getting seperated, he was only 7 or 8 at the time and probably learned his lesson after that. You also said that any emotional development he gained from Lisianna's death immediately went down the drain after her return. Which is a really stupid argument. She was gone for two years. If your sister went missing for two years and you assumed she was dead but the she came back, it has happened before, you're saying that the trials you had to go through while coping with her death would just disappear. No, that's a foolish conclusion to come to to say the least.

Erza: Okay, first of all she didn't try to seduce Azuma she momentarily thought about it but then she very quikly realizes that she far too much respect for herself to ever do that. Everyone has moments of weaknesses makes her a more realistic and better character. Beyond that in the tower of heaven in the fight you called great, even though all that happened was her armor shattering without the other chick moving and then they both charge at each other and their swords shattered, she learned that she doesn't always need to hide her emotions and shows her emotions more often after that. She still nearly always is in her normal strong character mode. Yes, she is able to counter many opponents ablities with her different sets of armor and weapons but these are weapons she found though her own efforts and stores in a magical space. She had to work and buld a set and decide which armor and weapons were the best to carry around.

Gray: Concerning all of the character's power levels if anything their powers have expanded too quickly they're just fighting increasingly stronger opponents. Which can be seen in their rematches. He doesn't often wear a shirt that's true but there is a reason for that and many people like him for his character not his body.

Lucy: I presume that the spirit you're talking about is Gemini. That spirit can copy a person's look and abilities but only so long as that person's magic power is less than or equal to the possesor of it's key. I do agree though that her fights need to be taken more seriously.   Lisianna is not a carbon copy of lucy she's more forgiving and she's not afraid to talk about difficult issues even at a young age.   

Wendy: Drives herself nearly to death in her efforts to help others with her healing and sees the best in everyone. Dranbolt, jiggle but gang, Jellal, etc.

The Enemies:

Lullaby Arc: Planning to use a demonic flute to wipe out the heads of the guilds. The heads are often the most powerful and as such are good targets especially seeing how they're the main opposition to the dark guilds. Not seeing the stupidity there. The guy who almost killed kageyama looked horrified and kageyama later on gave up the demon flute. So obviously they were not "pure evil" or incredibly stupid despite your claims but maybe farther on let's see.

Galuna Island: Trying to free Deliora so Leon can finish killing it. Why, because Deliora obliterated their homeland. While not the greatest of ideas they weren't evil. The mages all join the same guild but I'm not exactly seeing how either Toby or Yuka can be used as a fan service.

Phantom Lord: Totomaru later trains Macao's son in the art of magic. Gajeel can't really be used as a fan service but still joins the guild. WTF! Juvia isn't used as a fan service but is instead used for comic reief. HOW DARE THEY!!!! And yes I acknowledge that by this point I am mocking some of what you wrote down. The cronies talking in the background during Gajeel's and Natsu's fight later on have a nice conversation with the members of the guild but aren't half-naked during the conversation. Unbelievable  The enemies here weren't stupid either, they set up a trap to take out the strongest member of the guild.

The Tower of Heaven: Resurrect the strongest wizard ever and serve underneath him. Makes sense, manipulates the council and minions into doing exactly what he wants. Seems like you might need intelligence to do all that. Wally and Sho can't be used for fan service and milianna seems like a poor choice as well but they all join guilds later on in spite of all that. Jellal later turns good.

Fighting Festival: They were trying to improve the guild but soon realize their mistake.

Oracion Seis: Trying to activate Nirvana which will change some people's orientation from good to evil and vice versa. Neutral people will turn to evil. Midnight was fighting for his father. Richard "Hot Eyes" was fighting so he could get money which he could use to find his brother. Cobra obviously loves his snake.

Edolas: Trying to save their world, by sucking magic from some other world. While not exactly good it's not like they were pure demonic evil in fact they were actually good people. 

Tenrou Island: Azuma wasn't evil obviously. He showed great honor and regret at having to do things in the fashion he was ordered to by Hades.Meldy was fighting for Ultear because she saved her from the destruction of her village. Ultear was trying to reverse time so she could go back to when she wasn't bitter and had happiness. After finding out what really happened in her past she feels genuine regret. The subordinates you mentioned were high ranking subordinates and just below the seven kin in terms of rank and power. Together they were probably stronger than one of the kin. Azuma lost not because it was impossible for him to have friends but because Erza had more people she cared about depending on her. Yeah, Bluenote's only purpose was to make Gildarts look more badass. Once again getting zeref on their side seemed like a pretty good idea even though it did backfire. And how did Zeref come across as pure evil to you?

Key of the starry sky: Erigor was little more than a puppet but when his memories returned he repented for his sins. Angel just wanted to be an Angel. The dolly just wanted to be next to Lucy again. Already talked about Cobra and Midnight. It was a stupid plan. The people from the church weren't evil.

Grand Magic Games: Key word "games."

Combat system: The fighting seemed fine to me and seeing how one of the few fights you mentioned was just them standing in the same spot for almost the entirety of the fight I don't really want to know the kinds of fights you find exciting.

Humor: Depends on your personality but many people like the humor from the show.

Story: THE STORY ISN'T FINISHED YET. (I can use caps too.) A lot of what is happening seems to be random it's true but they're in a guild taking on random job requests. It should be kind of expected that it would have a random feel to it but something is happening with the story. Half of the story arcs are related to Zeref. Lullaby: Demonic flute made by zeref. Galuna Island: Deliora a demon Zeref constructed. Tower of Heaven: Trying to resurrect Zeref. Tenrou Island: trying to capture and awaken Zeref. Grand Magic Games: Mysterious aura which feels like Zeref's, Dragon king festival- the dragon king is connected to Zeref, the anime hasn't gotten to this point yet but they're building a time machine so they can take out Zeref before he becomes a threat. It seems to be a fairly safe bet that the story centers around Zeref.

Not Biased: "Oh this is going to be fun, its just a damn shame the battles are always such a chore to watch and not exciting at all, No complaints here but I don't really watch anime for their animation quality alone and I would like to think no one else does either, pants on head retarded villains." Based on your word choice and how you thought this would be fun it is clear that you are biased in this matter. You can't even write something positive without quickly following up with some criticism even if it doesn't belong in that section.

Evidence: WHERE WAS IT!!! (I love caps almost as much as you do.) You would say why something was bad but give no examples from the show supporting your theory. The few times evidence was given it was often flawed and inaccurate. I've disputed almost all of the reasons you gave for hating the show and I backed it up with evidence from the show. Beyond that I wonder why if the show was such a complete waste of time why you got so far into it. I don't know but that seems a bit odd.

Never loses: Lullaby: If Kageyama, the completely evil villian, hadn't given up the flute they would have been screwed. Why did he give it up because of his regret at his actions- how evil can you get? Galuna Island: They weren't able to prevent Deiora from getting freed. Tenrou Island: Acnologia kicked all of their asses. Obviously the creator of the show didn't let them all die. A show without any characters seems to be slightly flawed. There is that little seven year blank though and if it's explored a bit more it'll a devastating loss for them. Some characters have died.

While I didn't mention every villian I hope I made my point while I do not know the backgrounds of those characters it is extremely likely that none of the villians are pure "evil."

zetsubo666 Jun 18, 2013

@KageNoArashi Well I am sure you are right but I am fairly generous with my animation scores as I only down vote when I find things offensive but it might explain why the fights come across as so dull so I will re-think my rating. @Pakuda Well Gintoki the main character is much better than Natsu with a more compelling back story and Gintama is actually funny which Fairy tail isn't however both main stories for both series are a complete mess.

KageNoArashi Jun 17, 2013

Animations: 8/10?

Really? The animation feels so crude and is by far the weakest out of all the works animated by A-1 Studios.