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  • 2013's Top 5 Surprises and Disappointments in Anime

2013's Top 5 Surprises and Disappointments in Anime

26 DEC

Top 5 Surprises of Anime 2013

 1st: Shin Sekai Yori (Aka) From the New World

Now this one is a little debatable because it started airing in 2012 so technically its actually a 2012 anime so why would I include it in 2013? Simple this anime is a masterpiece in its genre something this genre greatly needed. In 2013 is when it really got into its stride and by the end of the beautiful story you will have mixed emotions. You will be sad that it has ended and there will be no more of this incredible setting but at the same time you will know it couldn't end any better and there wasn't really a way to continue it. For anime that spans both this year and the previous it was incredible so thank you Shin sekai Yori for providing entertainment in a genre where it has been lackluster. This is probably going to stay in my personal top 10 of all time. If you dropped this because a certain episode had a 1min scene with dudes kissing you should be ashamed of yourself! Give yourself a slap in the face and skip that scene that makes you feel uncomfortable and watch this series otherwise you are missing out.

 2nd: Attack On Titan (Aka) Shingeki no Kyojin

I have to admit at first I was all over the forums trying to get to the bottom of why people thought this series was so great...There was no need in the end it answered the question for me. While I still have some issues with the story itself such as how the human military deal with the titans and the questionable technological advances however titan does two things in particular it needs to be praised for. It's brutal nature towards its characters leaves you thinking where is this going to go next? Is anyone other than Mikasa, Eren and Armin safe? Are they even safe. Good stuff it takes a lot courage to do something like this in this genre so big props to Attack on titan for taking this stance. Also no fan service the author lets the fans do it for him and they are quite happy to as well just check out how much fanart this series gets. It shows commitment to the setting so well done Attack on Titan you have done something that this industry has needed for awhile.

3rd: Yahari ore (Good lord this title is just too long!)

I hope people know which series I referencing when I refer to Hachiman well if you don't and feel that you like/don't mind harem comedies with slice of life lessons but feel at the same time they are all the same with cut and paste harem leads. Well Hachiman along with Aragaki and Keita continue to prove how much better these series are with decent leads in fact I would say that Aragaki, Keita and Hachiman are the best characters of their respective series. It was just great to see something that takes on the more bitter side of life and issues that will be problems for people rather than OMG! Somone fainted from working too damn hard all the time. Solution don't work so damn hard and don't be so stubborn to refuse help you moron! Fed up with slice of life anime adding in superficial tragedies that aren't tragedies and that no one would actually have a problem with because they can be so easily solved so well done Yahari I hope we see you or more of your kind sometime soon.

 4th: Psycho-Pass

Again just like Shin sekai yori this was released in 2012 just but I felt it wouldn't do justice to the series to ignore the fact that it too came into its stride during 2013. Now depsite the minor characters not getting much development if you compare this anime to recent anime competing in this genre they don't stand a chance against it. A futuristic Japan playing with the concept of a government so paronoid over controlling people to 'protect' them they sell their freedoms to... Well I can't say exactly what it is for spoiler reasons but its a system basically that has numerous problems with it which you will find out for yourself. Anyway if you haven't checked this series out at least give the description a read and for those that like the concept give it a try you won't be disappointed.

5th: Kingdom 2

Now this is where people will take issue with me but remember these are surprises/treats and since I didn't read the manga of either Kingdom or Attack on titan these were a surprise for me a positive and this poor series needs some love. Basically in its genre of historical fiction with some action and the rise of a slave to a general its a heart warming tale in some ways but the brutality and reality of war isn't far behind it. Kingdom 2 right now is in unsurpassed in this category not only does it mix historical fact well with fiction without straying too far from historical fact which requires incredible skill as an author. In fact other than the outstanding word play from Monogatari Season 2 this shows an author at the peak of his writing ability. However animation wise it still leaves a LOT to be desired. While mixing in the 3D better and not looking like a complete mess like before the 3D fight scenes still look damn awkward but it continues to improve. Damn shame an animation sudio like A1 didn't pick this up instead of wasting good money and time on that waste of space SAO.

Top 5 Disappointments for 2013

1st: Blazblue the animation/alter memory

Well great job altering my memory Blazblue you stinking pile of horse sh** that stays stuck on your shoe. I remembered Blazblue Calamity Trigger and Continium Shift actually having a good plot not a rushed one that quite frankly leaves your audience bewildered and lost. Damn this was atrocious on every level in fact its so bad that its just a waste of time talking about this utter garbage congrats Blazblue you won the award for worst adaptation of the year and considering the adaptations we have had this year this is one hell of an achievement believe me! The worst part is that they were saying months back that since they only had a season they would only focus on Calamity Trigger this was a huge mistake not to follow through with their original plan.

2nd: Devil Survivor 2 the Animation

I know what some of you are thinking, why did you even expect anything from a game adaptation. Well why not? Not all of them are bad I actually like Persona 4 the animation and Steins gate where there are some people that just think all adaptations are terrible period well I am not one of those people and I think their expectations are way too high or don't really matter much when they think Kill la Kill is the best anime for the last 5 years... On to the issue at hand basically while the audience or people who haven't played the game can actually follow this plot at the same time it single handledly destroys every character from the game. Apart from angry tsundere dude in shorts I think his name was Keita...Anyway basically Io becomes a damsel in distress when she was one of the most useful characters in the game's story that helped the main character figure out what was going on. Then what they did to Yamato! Damn that was just awful and painful to watch if you want to know more about how terrible this was just read Linkssword's review its easy to read and its nails what was wrong on the head.

3rd: Kill la Kill

Oh dear this is where it is going to get nasty considering the overwhelming amout of love and hype this overrated series is getting. I am sorry Kill fans but I am just not feeling the love for this series. I have tried it then I stalled it then heard about it from other people who have continued watching and are having issues with the series and I am still on the sideline whether to pick this up. I liked Fooly cooly and I liked Tegen toppa Gurren Laggan and people liken it to this and considering the team that made it was new I thought why not give them some love... Only thing is they don't deserve it. The comedy is just not for me it came across as not only immature but reusing old gags and adding nothing we haven't seen before elsewhere especially Mako and her family they drive me insane with how over rated they are. Nudist beach are awesome in fact they are the only good thing other than the amazing soundtrack done by the same dude who does attack on titan so yeah Kill had a huge advantage with the soundtrack here. Even the attempts at parody are lame or so obvious its like putting a sign in your face and telling you to laugh now. You want a decent parody of action anime then read One-punch man that is way better than this rubbish that Kill la kill this is how you do parody. I also heard the fights later on against the elite four are really lame where Ryuko just spends her time getting her ass beat only to have a power up and one-shot win. These are not my words but other people's so I cannot say whether this is 100% true.

However my biggest issue is that Ryuko Matoi disgusts me as a main character. Apparently during episode 7 where Mako's family stop acting like complete lunatics and the creepy fat toad of a father along with his scrawny son that looks like a goblin stop perving on her. What happens Ryuko is upset that they are not perving on her anymore... WHAT!? What kind of creepy sh** is that? Ryuko a 17 year old girl is disappointed that an over 40 year old man who barely reassembles a human being along with his 8 year old goblin son have stopped perving on her. This is actually really offensive and has a lot of dark creepy undertones to it yet the Kill la Kill fanbase are so deludledly happy with the series that they just ignore it? All I can say is what is wrong with you? That isn't funny people its just creepy and there is a huge difference between the two.

For the most part props to the Kill la Kill fans enjoying this but those fools spouting nonsense that this is the saviour of anime not something like Attack on titan should just shut up its one thing to enjoy a series and its another to say its 'teh best thing eva'! Seriously those Kill la Kill fans should keep it between their pants also wish that sites that have nothing to do with anime would stop using Kill la kill as the headline picture for their article. Cool you like Kill la Kill I get but Kill la kill unlike dragon ball has no cultural impact what so ever and no widespread memes so don't put Kill la Kill images where it has no revelence to the article. Also give nudist beach there own series these guys are awesome.

4th: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

I was simply disappointed by this because outside of the animation and yaoi fanbaiting it was a shallow series that also garnered a huge amount of support in Japan. As someone who has swam competitively I was looking forward to this and thought despite the reverse harem aspect and fan service catering to females it would be the Kurko no basket of swimming... Nope the plot never went anywhere and the gags got repitive fast. This will most likely get a 2nd season and I hope they actually go somewhere with it next time. Reverse harem fans quite frankly deserve better when there is so little to cater to their tastes.

5th: Choujigen game Neptune the Animation

Terrible but the game itself did have some fanserivce and I saw this coming so it was not that disappointing but it was still awful. The plot was just mumbo jumbo it didn't even attempt to construct a plot and that gave characters like Trick screen time over Brave which is just insane and anyone who has played the game will understand what I mean by that. Also Majikon (Arfoire) Choosing to help them at the end was BS she would have never done and what is even worse is it didn't make it clear what each villain was meant to represent or any clever game industry references so yeah this was a disappointing mess but not a complete waste of time to people who like to see their favourite characters animated.

So this was my personal top 5 Surprises and Disappointments for 2013 not my top 5 favourite and series that I expected a lot from like Magi season 2 and Monogatari season 2 are not going to be here. I know people will disagree with me on Kill la kill and Kingdom so it would be nice if anyone else who has a different prespective on what stood out for them and why it was nice and if you have time it would be great to read what you have to say. Even if you disagree with me I hope you all have had a great Xmas and will continue on to have a happy New Year so bring on 2014!


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