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Hate over rated garbage that promotes stagnation I think people deserve better and I see myself as someone to guide others to watching better series and I encourage diversity as someone who has a lot of experience.

It is only when you the fans take the stance that you have had enough of bland characters and repititive settings that things will change remember you have the power as the consumer.

Another thing that worries me is how many people take personal offense when you attack a series they enjoy. While it can be fun to bash a poorly done series with a group of friends but most of the time you feel like the time you invested in that series, you want it back. Here is the thing I have not offended you in anyway by critcising the series you enjoy the people I would be offending probably can't even read english. My critcism does come across as strong because of who I am. It's best you take a look at this video from gamespot.


It will make you rethink your current disposition towards anything you enjoy. The reason why I posted this is because a lot of people on this site are quite happy to bash certain series for flaws yet over look them in others such as Kill la Kill. You can't be taken seriously as someone who gives critcism if you have a double standard you are just hypocrite. While this seems negative it can be interpreted in a positive manner and you may think differently on series you have previously been really harsh about and think this particular section of the story wasn't so bad after all if I compare it to this anime. Just some food for thought for anyone reading this.

Remember be rational not loyal and admiration is the furthest thing from the truth. Enjoy something by all means but don't feel so attached to it that you take personal offense when someone insults something you like.

Top 5 liked characters that others hate (according to this site)

1st: Akainu from One piece (seriously a guy does his job and is hated for it Ace brought his own death upon himself by being retarded.)

2nd: King Bradley from FMA (Have no idea why people hate someone so badass)

3rd: Squealer from Shin Sekai Yori (I understand you hate what he has done but how can you not like him as a superb villain?)

4th: Masahito Date from Btooom! ( I actually found him really amusing and a good villain)

5th: Aleister Crowley from the to aru series (This guy is so mysterious and awesome and he is hanging upside down the whole time in tube while running a city guess people don't like how cold hearted he can be).

Top 5 characters I despise that others love (according to this site)

1st: Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail (A luffy wannabe without any development and can't win a fight without the power of love to save his sorry behind.)

2nd: Shu Ouma from Guilty Crown (dajsalkdaslkfnlajnasla so much hate for this character I can't even think coherrently worst main character ever without a doubt)

3rd: Kirito from Sword art Online EDIT: Is now replaced with Mako from Kill la Kill (I was wrong about Kirito as it has now been revealed he is actually bisexual adding a whole new layer of complexity to his character that wasn't shown before. Now that Kirito can date Klein and show he is just generally a loving human being to any gender it shows he just a nice young man. I apologise for my earlier mistakes regarding Kirito and I look forward to the next season of SAO.)

4th: Gon Freecss from Hunter X Hunter (Great series but Gon isn't so great I mean why is such a simpleton the main character when you actually need a brain to be good in this series?)

5th: Rika Shiguma Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai (She gained more poularity in the latest season but I actually prefered her in the first now she is a train wreck of a personality not knowing herself who she wants to be.)

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kizan avatar kizan

Thanks! ^_^

Jan 13, 2014

Thanks for the recommendations. I will check them out.

airbornefilip avatar airbornefilip


Nov 15, 2013

From what I read, I must agree, not a lot interesting ones had been aired. At that says a guy which gives 5 stars to almost anything. :DSo, by what I learned in the army, I'll have to either 're-star' all of them, or set at default 0 stars for all. After short thinking, I'm going to do nothing, since I'll always have better stuff to do than to care about this. ;)

I'll trust you about these you recommended and as soon as I somehow come to an idea of watching a anime or two, will watch a few. Thanks, however far that moment is. The more I'm in university, the more I do not care about anything. Don't know how to feel about that. Seems like I don't care. :|

Log Horizon, from fast swept over summary and characters, seems like it's related to the games. Not when I reread title there is a log. I really, really though about wood. Gonna be a 5 star, I can feel it.

Why basketball? Some good anime about it or? As long as sports are concerned, I like them all. To play, not watch. So anime about sport? Same as for you. Not my cup of tea.

Sorry if by blabbering went all around and round, but after 4 days I was completly awake, I'm still hyperactive. I wish I studied for an exam which is in 4 days. :( Once more, sorry for random function on.

kizan avatar kizan

You Rock!

Nov 10, 2013

I like your bio and view on anime.  I was wondering if you could give me any recomendations on what to watch. I haven't been finding any thing good lately.

airbornefilip avatar airbornefilip


Sep 16, 2013

Long time no see. :)I passed the army camp and have 2 weeks free before university and army life officially starts. Well, 1 week already passed, though I wasn't at my place, that's why I respond now. :D I'm organising my laptop as well as packing up my stuff from my room at home into the boxes, so they don't take space there while I'm in the army for next 9 years. At least 9 years, if I don't fail at university or take a liking of an army life and stay in army even after I finish what I have to do for them.

I'm organising laptop mostly means installing games, downloading massive amount of movies and anime, since I don't think I'll be able to download anything easily at the place I'm going to stay, which is army barracks' complex.

I have 5 days left and will finish these anime I have, plus check few more. :D

Seems like it'd be busy/fun time until Christmas. Wish me luck. ;)

bunnyta12 avatar bunnyta12


Sep 13, 2013

aw i actually like u now XD lol yeah ur kinda right maybe ace could've waited to the right time and place to do things but still knowing one piece they all do what ever they want to do and have no stop/self control :P I mean if someone went up to Luffy and said "I am going to become pirate king and u wont" Luffy will attack them even if its the leader of the leaders of like everything.

Also what you said its pretty true Natsu may not be the 'best' main character but he still has some good qualities that people like of him. His reason of fighting is also not a bad idea cuz it shows how much you care about ur friends and defend them but it goes back to what u said tht if someone doesnt have any friends then they'll die? in fairy tail tht might br true, and i've never seen in like animes or tv shows the main character be weaker then other people or lose a fight so u cant just blame natsu for not loosing cuz all the main chracters always have to win if its not on the first fight then on the second fight or third thy will still win at the end but thxx ur actually rlly nice!! sorry for calling u a btch >.< well bai and ill watch what u recommended to me. ty bai! 

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