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My Top Manga

Usually shounen ones but also seinen.
1 Tokyo Ghoul image
Tokyo Ghoul

(I'm including :re in this) When I started reading it, I only stopped for sleep and bare necessities. It's a series that dares take drastic turns and doesn't suffer in quality for it - just the opposite. The intrigue, the characters, the tragedy all build an atmosphere that I immensely enjoy.

2 My Hero Academia image
My Hero Academia

"The second Oda!" I thought as I found myself completely and irrevocably attached to this manga. The same kind of fun and loveability permeats the pages that endeared me to One Piece. Izuku is an amazing lead that feels fresh and the rest of the cast is full of interesting characters. IT MAKES ME PUMPED would be the first thing I'd say if I had to explain why I look forward to each new installment so much.

3 Haikyuu!! image

I didn't think I'd be as into this when I first started reading it - probably because I started just when it had come out. But as the animé was coming out, I found myself being inexplicably excited for it. It was then that I realized I absolutely love this manga. It's super energetic and has a great likeable cast. How is it energetic? Just look at all the motion and the page spreads - it's to die for.

4 One-Punch Man image
One-Punch Man

Saitama is wonderful. It's hilarious. That's... That's all that needs to be said, really.

5 One Piece image
One Piece

This is a long-ass adventure in the making but the world and characters that inhabit this universe are ones you're glad to see for this darn long. It's a series that makes me laugh and cry. I mean, I can complain about all sorts of stuff now, but it's too late. It has burrowed into my heart. I place it at the top out of duty and loyalty at this point.

6 Fullmetal Alchemist image
Fullmetal Alchemist

My first favourite that has been pushed down by time. It's a story with a point and the most perfect ending I've ever seen in a manga.

7 Eyeshield 21 image
Eyeshield 21

If I re-read this again, it'll probably end up as #1 - that's the kind of enjoyable series this is. The art and characters are so phenomenal, it had me love everyone and crack up often. Not to mention it's really cool. The last arc left me sour, however.

8 Beelzebub image

It had me laughing a lot even when the plot was doing weird, not-good things. I had hopes for it to go places but it never delivered. Though the scope of my disappointment only shows how much I enjoyed it while it lasted.

9 Magi image

This is interesting. And cute? Tbh it's just one of those rare series where I'm not particularly pumped about any aspect or character - I'm just genuinely really interested in what will happen.

10 Slam Dunk image
Slam Dunk

This manga left me with intense feelings that made me elevate it above Eyeshield 21 for a while. I have to re-read this though.

11 Sket Dance image
Sket Dance

Full of feelings and good vibes though the ending is pretty weak. It had me feel the camraderie among the Sket-dan and truly feel loss when they inevitably have to graduate and part ways regardless.


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