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Characters that I hate

22 JUL

We have a system to know the characters that we love but sometimes i feel that is interesting know the characters that we hate i´m going to explain why i hate that characters. 

Yuuki Cross (Vampire Knight)

I really hate her the most useless character than i ever seen she has the most powerful weapon but she always has to wait to Zero, Yuuki only know cry and be bite by vampires she is the typical character that don´t have any point in anime Vampire knight could eliminate her and become a yaoi anime and nobody feels any difference.

Sasuke Uchiha (naruto)


The typical character "i am the best nobody can defeat me i am cool" Is the typical character that i want to hit. When i started Shippuden i want to see him dead i want that Sakura kill him. Please Sasuke die

Priscilla (claymore)


Well I think that is a different kind of hate, i think Claymore sucks without Priscilla i don´t want to see her dead but i am still hate her not only for kill my favorite character, before she become a Youma she is very stupid crying every time acting like she was useless even if she is one of the strongest Claymore. When Teresa didn´t kill her and she start to say unforgivable i really hate her and i don´t know why

I have more characters than this ones but now i don´t remember well so i´m going to edit when i remember the characters

Feel free to comment what you want    


Sianeka avatar Sianeka
May 5, 2014

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