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Dāku Sheimu wa fukou daa.

As for Dark Shame, it is misforturne.




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Sayaka Nov 22, 2013

Looks like we're both watching all of the sports anime this season. さすが僕の影ピッチャー兄ちゃん。よくやった。これからも頑張って。

The MC of Yowamushi Pedal is oddly charming, despite his MC status. He just wanted to revive the anime club ;_; Naruko is probably my favorite character so far though (probably because he's red, or somehting). What about you?

Sometimes, at random times in the evening, my brother and I will imitate the roe deer and bark at each other since our rooms are close by, leaving my parents bewildered at our behavior. The Chinese Gundam Seed was apparently a real show targeted at kids... with creepy 3D CGI kids in Evangelion plugsuits piloting Freedom Gundam to Gundam 00 music with Stargate sound effects. Is any copyright sacred? One day, afflicted by boredom, I decided to watch Chinese television online instead the usual Japanese TV. They seriously use random OSTs in their commercials, like The Hobbit and Gundam. Ever watched a mop commercial with the Code Geass OST? I have.

Haha, I guess I do have a talent for attracting the unusual. And, no, "Butchering the Human Carcass for Human Consumption" was originally (I think) taken from a post on the Deep Web. It even talks about how to select the perfect little girl to disassemble. Well, at least now I know that the human brain shouldn't be consumed (and the liver, but that should be obvious.) I'll stick it in dropbox for you to mull over, since you never know when this might be useful.

Watching One Piece as much as you have surely can't be healthy. I... still haven't watched any more of it since the last time we watched it together. Kise and Lust would be so disappointed in me. How are they, anyway? Still stalking you on facebook? I bet you $100 Kise ended up watching both Shingeki and Free. Also, I noticed a certain llama has left me alone. あぁ〜 良かった!

As for what I'm watching this season, the answer is most everything worth watching and then some. Want a tl;dr breakdown?

Sayaka Oct 28, 2013

Only the weirdest videos for my pitcher.







I think finding strange things online is the natural outcome for those like me who don't use social media, follow blogs, and are desensitized to everything. Heck, yesterday I bumped into a guide entitled "Butchering the Human Carcass for Human Consumption." It was a pretty hilarious read.

Have you started anything else this season besides Dia no Ace? Miyuki is my favorite character so far (当然). There's something to be admired about a catcher that puts his pitcher in his place (cough). Yowamushi Pedal, the cycling anime, is actually one of the biggest surprises this season for me. I completely expected it to suck, to be honest, but it actually turned out to be very enjoyable on top of being an accurate representation of the sport. There's no Skittles Brigade in this anime, thankfully. Give it a try if you want to watch some more glorious sports anime like a real man.

Sayaka Oct 15, 2013

Don't be bored.

Here, let's cry together.


jualseta Oct 13, 2013

Hihi kdrama buddy. You should watch Master's Sun if you get a chance. 

How's it going otherwise? 

Oooh you're watching Ace of Diamond. I meant to start that. How are the first couple eps? 

Nakayoru Sep 23, 2013

glad to get u laughin C-chan