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Dāku Sheimu wa fukou daa.

As for Dark Shame, it is misforturne.




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Sayaka says...


Rikaisama is a modified version of Rikaichan, a text dictionary. I use it for just about everything in Japanese online. I don't think there's a mac compatible version available, now that I look at it, but if you ever decide to switch to based Windows or Linux, you'll have an App that will make your life significantly easier.

I think I understand now that you share my masochistic tendencies. Just as I always engage in hobbies I hate/suck at/get frustrated with, you read shoujo as your choice of emotional flagellation. I appreciate the appeal though, trainwrecks, especially of the teen romance variety, are fascinating in their insipidness and predictability. My preferred method of manga consumption now is entirely raw with the aid of the English translation if I'm unsure about something. Unfortunately, I've taken to reading series that have yet to be scanlated into English yet, so I'm frequently without the mental crutch. Sucks, man.

Forced romance has got to be one of the biggest turn-offs in a story, particularly when it lacks adequate build up and resolution, which describes a lot of romantic couples in anime, barring those in the romance genre as their relationships are the focus of the story. Similarly, one of my biggest pet peeves in fandoms is shippers tainting everything with their perceived romantic tension, insisting that their ship must be canon when in reality, the character being shipped are just enemies/friends/rivals/acquaintances. I especially don't understand how people ship characters based solely on character designs (and, of course, the characters have never even uttered a word between each other). Then again, I virtually never ship characters anyway. I prefer my favorite characters to stay single.

Be thankful you can't visualize the llama's "manga." It was truly quite the artistic endeavor, with character designs ripped right off of DBZ and a plot the likes of which was almost too disgraceful for DeviantArt. At least his backgrounds were decent? While I feel Sensei would have appreciated our manga more (if not soley for Kumagawa and the fact that it was in Japanese), explaining the blackboard would have been hilarious, undoubtedly because I would have pushed the task onto you, feigning ignorance and claiming that since you drew it, only you know its meaning. The best part about Sensei liking Kuma was that when she saw the drawing on my bluebook, she totally credited me with drawing it, haha. I'll take credit for your art over mine any day. Phhhfffttt, yes, I did write 「犯さないで」 under Kise's name. I'm somewhat surprised she never persistently asked its meaning nor questioned one of the Japanese students. Might have been funny if she did. What do you think the chances that she's watched KnB by now are? It is super popular on Tumblr, after all, but then again, she admitted that she doesn't like the sports genre (faggot). Hmmm, now that I think about it, of all of the many nicknames you don, I think Senchou is the one I've used to refer to you as the least. Kise and Lust are the source of that anomaly, I'm sure. Kise being Usopp is oddly apt though. Yeah, I like your idea of making Kuroko our third-in-command. While I somewhat doubt her competence, she is at least quiet and fairly non-offensive. Just better hope she doesn't slack off looking at all the birds flying above our ship.

どーも。I'm glad you like my OC's design - I'm slightly surprised that you didn't join me in having a male OC, but the more I think about it, a genderbent character fits you way more. I'm probably also a little bit thankful, because female characters are so much easier for me to draw than males. Plus, dark blue hair and grey eyes is a really nice combination that I hardly ever see, so props for originality. As for the changes I might make to my OC, there will probably be minor changes to the hair (I might make it a little longer in the front) and I'm still hung up on the eye color. I'll probably stick with magenta in the end, but I'm still slightly tempted to do orange. We'll see. So, for the (probably) final question regarding your OC's design, would you like the hair to be kinda tomboyish and layered or more straight and feminine? I've see genderbent girls that go either way and I want to make sure the design isn't more masculine or more feminine than you expected, since you're the resident genderswap expert. Also, just a warning, don't maintain any expectations for this picture being good. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing nor do I have any confidence in my current capabilities. I've radically changed the picture's basic design at least five times now, if that says something.

The minus arc of MB was so dang entertaining, definitely enough to warrant a purchase of the manga, but it's a shame the series ended on such a low note. It would be so much easier to buy all of the volumes of OP if you lived in Japan, as with everything. Well, I definitely like weird manga more than unoriginal ones, so bring it on.

Feb 17, 2014
Sayaka says...

Just a quick question about your OC, around what age range is she and what hair length do you prefer? Your character sounds really cool so far.

If you're wondering why I'm asking about something I so vehemently despise like OCs, I have kind of an idea for something to draw (it's wish fulfillment to the extreme, but I have a hunch that you'll like it) and using OCs is probably the least retarded way of doing it. Now that I think about it, comparing our OCs that are personifications of ourselves to the ones Leon made of himself and his friends is hysterical.

So, while I'm not sure if this project ever get done (being a perfectionist is horrible), we'll see. I need an excuse to practice drawing digitally anyway.

Feb 7, 2014
Sayaka says...

I sent you the rought draft of my OC - take a look when you get the chance. I drew it a couple weeks ago, so I've had some time to sit on the design and assess whether I like it or not. I think I'm pretty happpy with it, though I'll probably do some minor tweaking here and there in future attempts.

I still hate drawing, man. Why do I torture myself so?

Feb 1, 2014
Sayaka says...


そうか。全巻セットじゃなかった。それにしても、すごいよ、そんなに沢山漫画を買っちゃった!それに日本語!どこで買った?何時か、僕がお金持ちに なったら、もっと漫画を買いたいな、1000冊くらいに。良いアイデアと思えない? お金持ちになって君はどうしたい?日本で生きたい?黄瀬を殺したい?

ねえ、「理解様」と言うアプリを知っている?「理解様」は、僕に とって良く使うアプリだ。とても有用だからさ。調べて試してね!


Indeed, you certainly are an anomaly for reading (and re-reading) the quantity of manga that you do. Despite all of its merits, though, anime does have some legitimate advantages over manga that you're probably very familiar with by now. In particular, scanlation drama becoming more pervasive was a significant factor in encouraging me to switch to raw manga. Seriously, closed groups are the cancer of scanlations and I love when they cry about people redistributing their stolen scans. Anyways, here's MAL's top manga list. Comparatively, here's their top anime list. Big difference, don't you think? I'm planning on picking up Assassination Classroom soon, as I heard it's going to end soon (and Nagisa seems pretty moe), but I'm somewhat expecting it to get an anime announcement and usher in an awful fanbase just as I begin to read it. Such is my eternal misfortune.

Don't fret, only those who are either dead on the inside, like me, or the bonified insane can make it through TiTP. On first glance, it looks like some sort of sick joke, but in actuality, it really is almost 520 pages of baseless exaggerations and falsehoods perpetuated by landwhales who blame everyone but themselves (especially their genetics) for being hamplanets. On the bright side, because of TiTP, I found a hilarious parody blog on Tumblr called "This is Bicyclist Privilege," with some genuinely funny entries, especially if you've waded through the God-forsaken hellscape of TiTP. For example, "bicyclist privilege is getting to use downhill momentum for free while pedestrian-Americans have to adjust their walking to it" and "bicyclist privilege is not being barred entry from the Tour De France simply because you refuse to ride a bike. If I want to drive the race, that’s my choice as a free person.  Who are you to judge?" I don't know, which made you want to gauge your eyes out more, TiTP or all those Kise pictures from DA I put in Dropbox?

Ditto, I'm so glad I've never had to worry about you being a fanatical shipper of any sort. Yeah, I do remember reading a long time ago that Oda never had any intention of having romance between the main crew members of OP. I feel like that truly was the best decision, as now I don't have to worry about awkard romance shoe-horned in where it doesn't belong. More shounen series should take note of this. It sure didn't stop crazy shippers from writing 25k fanfictions for One Piece, though. Creepy, don't you think? You know what's even creepier, though? Some of them are written by Kise. And it's because your initial conversations about it. Let that sink in. Yeah, I did notice that you never discussed series you enjoyed around anyone. That was... probably wise. Lust picked up One Piece because of you as well, right?

Poor llama. I wonder if he's still drawing that terrible manga that, let's be honest, was more like a western graphic novel trying to imitate DBZ than a manga. Remember how he inserted that guy with the fedora and cane who blasted weeaboo music around campus, called "Nutcracker?" Our weird manga we did for our Japanese presentation (that Sensei never even saw) was way better. I guess I'm glad we didn't have to explain the content of the blackboard and Medaka Box in general. At least we know Sensei liked Kumagawa, hehe. I think I did address yellow as Kise once, but she either didn't hear me or I told her it meant something in Japanese that she didn't know. It's a good thing I'll never see her again, or I'm sure it would slip out unintentionally more often than not. I'll never forget seeing you glare at her out of the corner of your eyes just about every time she spoke, since Kise spoke the language of fujoshit, spoilers, and nonsense. Hahaha, she still calls you Senchou? I would have thought she would have forgotten about that by now, honestly. Shame she ruined one of your titles, since it was a pretty good one. How did both Lust and Kise come to call you Senchou anyway? Alright, I'll be the Banchou of your ship (how does that work anyway?) as long as it means never talking to Lust and Kise. Can we  elect a third-in-command that can handle matters on the ship and relay information to us while we drink tea, watch animu, and read mango? Who do we even like enough to task that to? And for that matter, who's competent enough? And what's the name of our ship?

For my OC, I was thinking definitely white hair, since it's my favorite animu hair color. As for the eye color, I'm debating between gold, orange, or burgundy. What do you think? I'll probably make him around 12-14 years old because WISH FULFILLMENT. If you were to design an OC, what kind of design would you go with? Your answer may end up being important so really think about it. Also, give me a couple adjectives to describe him/her. More detailed is better, obviously. And a name.

Then you got a good volume of Medaka Box, indeed! Kumagawa is in all the volumes following 7. Volumes 7-11 are the Minus Arc, so I guess those would be the most Kumagawa-centric. Hahahaha, well, at least I knew One Piece would be included in there somewhere! I'm also not surprised to see HanaKimi, since I know you like your reverse traps so much. I'm not familiar with the other manga you mentioned, so maybe I'll pick them up some time when I'm in the mood for something different.

Jan 21, 2014
Sayaka says...

最近、君は僕のことを「あんた」と呼んでいる。ずっと前から、「おまえ」を言うだろう。これってレベルアップか?! (どっちでも失礼だけど。。。)

うん、おやすみプンプンは僕の一番好きな漫画だよ。きっと、その真実は長い間に変わらない。早く読めば、君もきっと分かると思うよ、おやすみプンプ ンのア ピールを。でも、今思えば、君は悲しい話を気に入らないんだろう?確かに、おやすみプンプンは鬱陶しい、シリアス な話だけど、君も好きになって可能性があると思う。




Well, in the west anyway, reading manga is already a somewhat uncommon occurrence in comparison to watching anime. Stupid ADHD children don't like to read, apparently. Oh well, it's better for us that they don't know that manga is far superior to anime in practice. Even then, they're likely reading shounen manga like Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tale, Shingeki, FMA, etc and not the obscure shoujo that you read. I have to say, though, looking at MAL's top manga list makes me a little happy and maintain some hope for western taste, but then the top anime list is complete shit. At least LoGH made it on there, I guess. You know, most western fans seem to prefer and prioritize anime/manga made in recent years over older, arguably better series. It's kind of nice for me, because while they're reading Naruto, I'll be reading Houshin Engi and never have to worry about a cancerous fanbase ruining my enjoyment.

You laugh at my comment regarding Tumblr's landwhales probably because you don't know about the HAES (Health at Every Size) movement that's toted around there as being the pinnacle of health and social equality. Read this and just TRY not to commit sudoku.

Trust me, I know what kind of relationship Zoro and Sanji have -- and I already know it's very far from Kise's delusions of romance. It's weird, I've seen a lot of shows with homolust in them, it's a popular convention in Japan after all, but One Piece has, and never will be, among them. Well, it's true that those who watched OP at WAC were our acquaintances, but isn't that largely because they picked it up due to you talking about it? I feel like llama may have been the personification of my masochism. Speaking with him brought me both unspeakable pain, because of how he dared to praise Berserk, 20th Century Boys, and Monster in the same breath as claiming Sasuke is a good character, and hilarity, due to the the combination of his gullible, trusting nature, his lack of social skills, and his eagerness to earn our acceptance. I doubt I'll ever forget the "5 dates" comment and him trying to figure out what you meant by "Jonny sexual." He tried so earnestly to figure out which Jonny you were referring to, naming at least a dozen Jonnys at WAC. Oh, and then there were the few times he inexplicably appeared at my door, explaining that he waited for someone to come in East so he could sneak it. Yeah, that was around the time I started locking my door.

I want to make a quick note that I actually had to think pretty hard about what Kise's real name is, because I'm so used to calling her by her yellow nickname. I consider that a shining success. Seriously though, I would love to see how long Kise would make it into LoGH before dropping it. I really despise it when people watch exclusively newer anime, or anime with art styles they find aesthetically pleasing enough for their precious eyes. There are so many wonderful shows to be missed with such ridiculous standards. I really should have recommended something terrible for her at least once. Oh well, thankfully I'll probably never talk to her again. Regarding our baseball games, Kise's love for you, despite your constant verbal abuse, would mean that she most certainly would watch our games from the stand. Worst part? She'd probably spend the whole game convincing other poor, unsuspecting patrons of the wonders of One Piece. Didn't she call you Senchou a lot? Yeah, she'd be yelling that at you in the stands as well every time you pitch.

Well, I can at least feel comforted that you somewhat tried to keep me from the yellow menace. I think I may have preferred you keep me from Lust instead, though. Her fistbumping me... I mean raping me multiple times that night we went through my anime list is still a source of nightmares. Thankfully, moving to East so we didn't have to meet in your room, in addition to them dropping Japanese, reduced my exposure to yellow and purple radiation considerably in the second semester. Kise was gone at home like half the week too and purple was probably drunk half the week.

Wow, don't bring up my estranged son. Stupid Egger. Him and his mother were the biggest mistakes of my life. I still find it funny that we have like 6 different Kise's that we can tell apart. You see, Lust commenting on the pyramid I made is proof of her deeper connection with the character. I mean, my favorite part of the picture was Yosuke's stupid face (what sexuality tear did I put him in again?), so the fact that she picked Lust to fawn over can't be ignored.

Nah, my OC is just going to be a character design with a name. I don't do background stories and all that jazz. Problem is, I have a lot of hair/eye color combinations that I like, so sticking with just one's going to be hard.

Oh, and why volume 20 of Medaka Box? Is that the one that has child Kumagawa? I should pick up some of the Kumgawa-centric volumes of the manga too someday. With as much manga as you've bought, I'm picturing your entire walls lined with manga now. What is your favorite manga you own? (Can be either a series or a volume)

Jan 16, 2014