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Dāku Sheimu wa fukou daa.

As for Dark Shame, it is misforturne.




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Sayaka Oct 23, 2012


Here. In case you haven't read it yet. It still makes me livid. Yellow officially added to my hated characters list.

Kaorichaos Oct 22, 2012

Yea i liked T&B quite a bit though i have to admit I've watched so many shounen as of late i need to watch a mindfuck or a gore xDDD; I just finished the Hisoka Clastor (sp?) fight and that was hillarious. Best part was when he used his own cut off arm to scratch his other shoulder LOL. I really liked the hunter exam but this part was starting to really bore me because there seems to be no point to it. So i enjoyed having that fight come up. Hopefully a main plot thing will come in soon. I'm not too good at watching random training for longterm. 

Also haha when i wrote that thing about Sauske i immediately thought afterwards...god i hope shes not a sasuke fangirl xDDD; Also I loved Hinata but she along with everyone else other than Naruto got screwed over as a character. I'm still pissed off that Naruto never even responded to her "I love you" really ??? I hate Sakura with a passion so if he ends up with her i might just pull all my hair out. It makes no sense. Even an interview with Kishimoto he said he hated Sakura and didn't know why everyone liked her so much.

Also so far i like skip beat even though i've only read like 5 volumes, my only problem with skip beat is i'm not in love with any of the guys in it. So it's hard for me to get into a romance all the way if i don't like at least one guy. XD I tend to like Shounen, Seinen anime guys better.

Sayaka Oct 21, 2012

Thank you, senchou.

Someday I will watch Kaiji with you and it will be glorious.

Kaorichaos Oct 20, 2012

Yea! The background tracks for it are very good! You usually don't notice it because of all the action going on but i want to own it. XD Also Tiger&Bunny is pretty good seeing as you seem to like shounen. That one and Yu Yu Hakusho I liked quite a bit. Then again I'm an all around shounen fan. Actually i like just about every genre except romance. XD I like the mature ones but ecchi and  school life ones tend to drive me a little nuts.

Hahah yea that's what i originally named her for but now i just end up calling her Baroo i have no idea where that name came from. ._.;; I dunno she's pretty dull XD She sleeps just about 24/7 Ah well that's cats for you. XD I prefer guinea pigs actually >_< I have a few of those. XD;;;

Ahhh you read the manga already? Geeze i dunno I'm a cry baby i might not be able to take it. XD; but i want to. Also i heard the anime is nothing like the manga after a certian point it kinda just does its own thing and i really didn't like the ending of the anime at all. VERY abrupt but i liked the whole series in general. 

I think it's funny how all these shounen shows have to have at least one exam at some point XDDD It was pretty entertaining I loved Hisoka's fight scenes *u* though i was seriously about to help Leorio push Tompa off a freaking cliff.

As far as naruto i think there were certian parts of the chunin exams that were interesting and others that were meh. I loved naruto when i was younger but then as more and more fillers happened. It started acting more and more sexiest >_> all the girls were weak or healers. Sasuke being the eternal whining bitch I just kinda stopped watching in Shippuden. Plus i was pissed how they ended the fights against the Akatsuki. =~= I dunno i might pick it up again one day and find out how it ends but if it doesn't end with Sauske dying i'll be annoyed.

Well i'm talking about the english publications of viz and it doens't make it impossible to collect you just have to pay attention to when they're selling. Like i could not find vol. 8 of Hikaru no Go for the LIFE of me at one point and ended up buying it used off of ebay for 20$ and i think a year later it just showed up in stores again. >_> Same thing happened with skip beat. So if you time it okay you should be fine. 

>_< Also i totally ended up finding the Hisoka Illumi set and ordered them last night DX I caved so fast. I found a Leorio too but i'm going to wait till next week XDD No more money right now haha.  Then i'll have my favorites! Also i was reading in the comment section of the episode i was watching and apparently the newer version is a repeat but its a lot faster. Like fights in the old version that took multiple episodes are less than one now. I guess because they don't want to make everyone rewatch every little bit over again.

Also i'm sure my face with the scene with Gittarackur was hillarious. Ugly creepy one second...good looking cute acting guy digging a hole. HAHA. That was great. =u= I'm such a sucker for bad guys~

Kaorichaos Oct 19, 2012

;A; Uwaah Thank you! That's what happens when your bored. XD I'm trying to figure out what to spend my time buying next because as you can see my room is pretty full up. However there are a few soundtracks i would like (One Piece, Tiger & Bunny) and deffinately more figures and manga...and dvds...why must this hobby be so expensive??? XDD Thank you her real name is Suna but she reguards me like a roommate to the extent where if i walk in late or am doing something she looks at me like i'm rude. <3 Also Nana is amazing i wish they had figures or something for it. I need to buy more of the manga I've only read a few volumes but i heard it is INCREDIBLY sad. ;A; So i don't know if i can take it. Sad as in people dying that are main characters. >___< The anime was awesome though as well as the live action movies.

Fffffff- yes I love it so much right now. XDD I'm at episode 21 already haha. So they just got their hunter badges. Are you going to watch the newer series as well? I think if i like this one enough i'll go back and watch the old one. Also yes I think i'm totally in love with Hisoka XDDD also loving Illumi and Leorio. XDD Those are my top characters at this very moment. I'm thinking about buying some of the manga but i hate buying Viz manga ...they always screw me over as far as stopping publishing certian volumes randomly. Not completing a series if it's not as popular as they like >_< They already messed up my collection of Eyeshield 21, Hikaru no Go, and Skip Beat! So i won't be thrilled to do it again.

As soon as i get money i already decided to buy this set. XDD http://myfigurecollection.net/picture/515820&ref=item%3A123018 but it's really hard to find I haven't found it for sale anywhere i trust at the moment so we'll see.