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Dāku Sheimu wa fukou daa.

As for Dark Shame, it is misforturne.




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Sayaka Dec 31, 2012

Hahahaha, I was just thinking about the KurokoCheese the other day. That sub will most likely remain the worst sub I've ever had the misfortune of eating forever. That's what I get for putting something yellow on it, I guess. Can you imagine the terror had I eaten it on a yellow plate as well? Oh, and don't forget that not only did yellow copy all of Red's moves, but he also copied moves from the other Kisekis, including Blue. You know how his foot is injured in the recent match yet he's still going to play? Let's hope his injury becomes so severe that it permanently damages his BSball career. We'll need to celebrate if it does.

I'll take our ever-complaining, conceited guys over the overly genki types like Rod any day. Can you imagine if Hiroto and Killua weren't eligible marriage candidates and we were stuck with the other 3 plus the fat cook and the Wizard? I'd probably burn down the town and move. C'mon, you should go ahead and date Killua already! You already know it probably doesn't matter to him either way, since he'll be fine as long as he has his animals. In fact, I bet if you get married, he'll start getting suspiciously close to your dog, Gon, while distancing himself from you. I advise you to take caution.

I still maintain that your hatred for hugs is not inherent but is instead just the result of repeated abuse. I think my distaste stems from the feeling of awkwardness that hugs bring, especially since I question the sincerity most of the time. At least after we return from Japan you'll be living off campus and probably won't see Kise or Lust outside of the occasional conversation. Who knows, they might not even still be attending WAC then. And, please, I don't need Kise and Lust's affection any more than you do, so don't go making me suffer too. Plus, they don't love me like they love you so it wouldn't yield the same satisfaction for them. Kise hugs you as a means of proving to herself that you still care about her and Lust probably just likes touching you... probably. As for the type of battery I would form with either Mihashi or Kise... yeah, it probably wouldn't take too long for me to lose my patience and stop giving them signs. Kise, like Mihashi, would probably just stand there and cry if I did that. But, yeah, she has no catching abilities. Call it my Catcher's Eye. I can tell she has no catching capabilities, abilities, capacity, or anything else. And that's okay because it keeps her out of my catcher's box.

Ick, Fairy Tale. I can at least guarantee that MB is better than that crap. Just read the first 54 chapters of MB quickly and you'll be fine. I'm curious to see what you think of the meta humor, but that doesn't really kick in until the Minus arc as well. As for likable characters, I have to say that, even though a surprising amount of characters fit that category, I despised Medaka herself. Zenkichi was a much better MC, even if he sometimes personifies suffering.

Yeah, I know your Birthday now, but I'll never know why it was so difficult to disclose that information in the first place, you jerk. You should respect your senpai, you know. Plus, instead of the cheese dip, I've already decided that I'm giving you a chicken treat for your Birthday. There's no stopping me now.

So, I told my dad all about the Dark Shame incident back when it was happening, and today he told me that he's been using the username 'terra nullius' on multiple different websites since. He apparently found it as amusing as us.


Kaorichaos Dec 31, 2012

XD Yea it's a lot of fun but to be honest I am seriously running out of room and I hate clutter. I think once I pay for my orders for the first part of the year I'll be done collecting until I move into my own place. (Other than a few select items that i can't live without) I actually made a journal for all the stuff I got in December :D http://myfigurecollection.net/blog/5922 

Honestly Hikaru no Go is pretty amazing in my opinion and since you seem to like longer shounen series you might like it a lot. I love the fact that you don't need to know anything about Go to love the series. There's just too much anime to watch and too little time. Me and my mom started watching fishman island arc but to be honest after watching Ennis Lobby Marineford, Fishman Island really pales in comparision. We actually are taking a break and watching Eyeshield 21 right now .(I've seen it before and got the DVD's for Christmas) 

I actually haven't finished watching Kuroko yet. I stopped before the match against Midorima's team ended >_< I wanted Midorima's team to win but i figured Kuroko's would so i ended up stalling it. I really need to finish that series. It's really cute even though sometimes it felt rushed. Also the figures will all be colored they just only have to prototypes up at the moment.

Are you excited for any of the series coming out this next season? I'm excited for the new season of Hetalia and I want to watch the series Amnesia I hope it's not too cheesy. I fell in love with all the guys character designs on myfigurecollection and when I found out there was going to be an anime made I decided i had to see it.

I'm not sure if the movie is about Punk Hazzard but it's listed as a part of the arc on some websites. I've seen a few trailers and it looks like a lot of fun. So who knows. 

Sayaka Dec 29, 2012

Don't worry, I'm not sure even I could stomach another season of the Prince show by myself. The first series physically hurt to watch. I still think the MC has glaucoma or some other type of eye condition-- those Mountain Dew eyes just can't be natural. At first I didn't understand why you would find Kuroko hard to watch as well... until I thought about what will happen next season. Watching yellow win against blue will most likely be traumatic to watch, but seeing his tears as he loses to team llama might make up for it slightly. You know there's something seriously wrong when I actively avoid the color yellow because of that horrible character (just like the dining hall plates).

It always amazes me how much Hiroto and Killua can complain. I'm about to propose to Hiroto through the reverse confession. I'm just too traditional, I suppose, because I want him to confess to me instead of me needing to. Unfortunately, even with the reverse confession, you still need to present them with an overly expensive ring. How about Killua? You two dating yet?

Don't worry, as your catcher, I'm sure we'll be able to work thorough your phobia of hugs. Just think of our trip to Japan as your rehabilitation from all the damage Kise and Lust inflicted on you over the last year. I can guarantee that there will be a minimal amount of hugging there, since the Japanese are opposed to it. Are you still planning on coming with me for a year? Hey, I don't just instruct you on the type of pitch, but also where to aim for, remember? Yeah, I take it back. I'm not sure I could handle Mihashi, let alone that OTHER one. I do like how you decided that she has no pitching ability without seeing her try. I don't doubt that you're correct, however, and I'm just going to decide now that she has no catching ability either.

Wait, you would sell your cute little Aomine chicken? I can't say I blame you, considering it's way better to put all of your stamina towards tending to your crops because the monetary benefit is far greater than the items produced by your animals. This is the first HM game I've played where tending to your livestock feels like such a chore (maybe that's what they were going for?). I doubt I'm going to sell mine anytime soon, but I may in the future.

XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (this pains me, btw). 私のメッセージが届けていた。さすが、私の青影ピッチャー。

One of the things I do like about reading/watching the older CLAMP series is how nostalgic the art style is. It also reminds me how much I miss cel animation. As for the actual stories themselves, it's like the members of CLAMP decided to make every series end it the most unsatisfactory way humanly possible. Their plot twists always get me too, which is frustrating.

I'm actually happy that you're more interested in reading MB than watching your anime backlog because I'm excited to talk about it with you. It's a pretty fun series, and I think it's really easy to marathon once you get past the first two arcs and get into the better stuff.I have to say that while I generally dislike the MC, Medaka, most of the other characters are surprisingly likable, especially the females.

Also, I usually download currently running manga on Manga Traders. It seems they just were forced to take down OP and Naruto. Too bad for you.

You only have yourself to blame for expanding our picture to the point where it's a town. It is pretty funny to think of how it started though... and as a birthday picture, no less. You wouldn't even tell me your birthday at the time, you jerk. Well, at least I know it now. I hope you enjoy your nasty cheese dip from Roses. After the Sanic and dolphin, I think you deserve it. それにしても、私は感謝している。がんばって。

Sayaka Dec 27, 2012

Also, also, also. You can center your ahomine picture in your bio the same way you would text, in case you want to.

Sayaka Dec 27, 2012

Yup, both rainbow inspired teams are receiving a second season. I don't think I even need to tell you that we will be watching both series whether you like it or not, especially in the case of the fabulous prince show, since you couldn't even get through the first season. At least this time we'll have an arsenal of jokes to spout off concerning the worst color (yellow). Three horrible yellow characters. Quite the coincidence.

Every time your little brothers get in trouble for something, you should threaten that Hisoka will visit them if they don't correct themselves. It's a good thing your brother likes Killua, since you need your family to approve of your future spouse. Have you been reading the manga or did the doodles overpower you? The next major arc is when it happens... and boy is that arc something.

It's okay, shadow pitcher, just because you can only pitch forkballs now doesn't mean that you can't overcome your (serious hug related) injury and learn some new pitches. I'll be rooting for you. Did you just threaten your catcher who's nice enough to give you signs even though you're too much of a Goro? Maybe I should find someone more like Mihashi to fill your role. Tsk, tsk. Oh, and every time it rains in HM, I cheer and go fishing the whole day. I just wish it would rain more since tending to my crops is such a pain. Can you get improved stamina in that game or is everything completely dependent on tool upgrades? Because the MC seriously needed to start out the game with more stamina. I refuse to believe that watering some plants could completely deplete your stamina like that.

Hah, don't worry about conquering too much of your backlog. You should watch/read/play what you want. I've been more interested in reading manga lately, so I've been re-reading CLAMP series. I'm starting to remember how much trauma they caused me during my childhood. It would be nice if you read MB so we could talk about it though. Let's be honest here, those 54 bad chapters of Medaka are still probably better than most of the bad shoujo you read, you know. Oh, and you need to draw my picture because I'm excited to see it, but it's okay if it has to be smaller in scale due to time/composition restraints. 無理しないでね。I put some encouragement in my bio for you... because I don't know what else to put there and I think you're the only other person who visits my page anyway. I must be a terribly uncreative individual if I can't even think about what I want to include in my own bio.

Aaand, as you can probably tell from my profile, I just taught myself how to make gifs so that's my current preoccupation. It's not as time-consuming as I thought it would be.