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Dāku Sheimu wa fukou daa.

As for Dark Shame, it is misforturne.




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Sayaka says...



Aug 28, 2014
Sayaka says...


Yeah, it was 4,355 miles (10 states) of dedicated peddling (I only took 2 full days off and 2 short days the whole trip because of bad weather), which is why it took a good week for my brain and my body to not feel restless afterwords. Thankfully, my parents flew out to Oregon the day I finished so we could do some sight-seeing around Oregon and Washington for a week, so that served as a good distraction from my cycling impulses. As for my future road bike's name, I suppose I don't have any ideas for now. It'll probably depend on the color and such. Got any suggestions? I'm looking at getting either a Cervelo S3 or a Look 595.

In order of difficulty for mountain ranges, I think I'd sort it like- Appalachians > Rockies > Ozarks > Cascades. The Rockies had the longest climbs (up to 11,500+ feet) but the grades weren't bad, usually only in the 6-8% range. Comparatively, the Appalachians only reached around 3,500+ feet at the peak of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but the grades were very steep - and of course, you're stuck in the Appalachians for over 800 miles. Going downhill, you could easily achieve 45-50mph. Riding through the Rockies was probably my favorite part of the trip, to be honest. Everything passed Pueblo in Colorado was really fun and memorable, especially from Guffey to Walden.

Hmmm, which was worse, Kansas or Wyoming? That's a tough question. I had headwinds the entire length of the country, but Kansas' wind certainly lived up to its reputation. I've heard Wyoming's wind can be just as bad, if not worse, but, thankfully, other than a few small storms, I never had any serious altercations like in Kansas. But, one of the really wonderful things about bicycle touring is how even the worst of days are punctuated with fun moments. For instance, remember how I told you one of my days in Kansas, I battled 40+mph headwinds? That afternoon, I met up with another cyclist and we stayed in one of the local churches. Even though we felt completely defeated earlier, we had a lot of fun walking around town, getting pizza and using their juke box to play 18 rounds of 'God Bless America,' followed by 20 rounds of Mario Kart 64, courtesy of the churches game room, while eating pizza and ice cream. In the end, I'd probably say Wyoming was worse, because it was so damn boring at times and the mosquitoes were not only out during the day, but they would travel in swarms and draft you.

I brought all the belongings I needed on the TransAm. I intentionally packed light, knowing that anything less than extremely useful would be a pain to haul up mountains. In the end, I think I had around 25lbs, not including food and water. Most people take around 40-50lbs. In terms of clothing, I brought 2 t-shirts, 2 pairs of cycling shorts, 1 pair of athletic shorts, 3 pairs of socks, 1 rain jacket, 1 cold-weather jacket, and 1 long-sleeved shirt. It was mostly enough, except when it dropped below 30 degrees. Then I wished I had a pair of pants and long-fingered gloves! But, I wouldn't have wanted to carry around extra items that I'd only use a handful of times, and that's it, so I'm satisfied with what I brought.

Catching up on my backlog of chinese cartoons has been tough. Keeping up with this season's series has been challenging enough without worrying about all the shows from spring I neglected, with the exception of Hitsugi no Chaika and Nobunaga the Fool, which I watched on my phone on the TransAm. As you can probably tell, my backlog is pretty enormous right now. I hate it ;_; Any shows that you're enjoying in particular?

How's your break going? Enjoying all your new games?

I tried keeping this short, but I failed completely. Even after cutting a bit out to make it less rambly, it's still a wall of text. Forgive me ;_;

Aug 15, 2014
cronus7 says...

Well, yeah.

Rosenberg is a great guitarists, but PG is better.

Video games? Hmmmm....

I havent played many, lately, sinthe X-box no longer works, and my comp isnt technically mine...

But I am a sucker for Kirby.

Jul 26, 2014
Sayaka says...


As of July 9th, I finished all 4355 miles of the TransAmerica in 54 days. It was a really amazing experience but it's been hard adjusting to having a normal life again. I still wake up in the morning thinking I have to pedal all day. On the bright side, I can now catch up on all the the chinese cartoons I've had to forsake. There's actually some fun shows this season. Watching anything?

Nah, this was my first time riding cross-country, though I've talked about doing it for years. Back around 3 years ago, I watched Honey & Clover for the first time, which opened my eyes to the existence of long distance bicycle touring, leading me to pick up cycling as a sport and to purchase my first serious bike. That's why I bought Hermes, a steel touring bike, over a carbon fiber road bike that most racers use. I always intended to do bicycle touring over racing. Now, however, I'm thinking of buying a nice road bike because I feel I'm much more invested in cycling.

The trip after Kansas had some of the biggest highs and lows for me. Colorado was my favorite state by far - the Rockies were really gorgeous and the riding was the most enjoyable. Conversely, I was the most miserable in Yellowstone, Wyoming. It was 40 degrees during the day, 30 at night, and constantly raining, hailing, or sleeting. I swore I was going to freeze to death there. Thankfully, I never did experience such awful wind as Kansas again, even if I did have headwinds the whole trip. My plans after the trip? Hmm, good question. I'll probably take a few weeks off and do nothing, then start looking for a job. After that, I have school in the fall, which is hard to be excited for, even if I'm almost done. What about you? What's been delaying your summer vacation?

ほおお〜良く覚えてるね、影ピッチャー。 That's right, Hermes is named after Kino's talking motorrad. I'm surprised you remembered such an insignificant detail. Hermes was, in fact, my bike on this trip. He held up very well - never had any problems or flats.

What games did you get? Planning on taking it easy the rest of the summer?

Jul 14, 2014
cronus7 says...

It is all good anyways, lol.

It would have to be between primus and racer X...probably dependent on my mood, but Primus usually wins that... Sometimes I like Racer X more though... Its just...

It's like deciding between this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5h8g-0Nazk

And this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Va1x8cJt9U

Stochelo rosenberg is also good, but it aint Racer X...

So Its a hard choice...

As for the games, I think I feel the same way, as long as its interesting, I'm interested! lol.

Jul 2, 2014