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Dāku Sheimu wa fukou daa.

As for Dark Shame, it is misforturne.




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Sayaka Oct 5, 2014


You haven't watched Kaleido Star yet, right? I know you were reluctant to watch it because of Lust's recommendation, but surely you can trust your light catcher's taste, right? It's basically like Glass Mask, but with acrobatics instead of acting. Check it out.

Sayaka Oct 3, 2014

ありがとう、兄ちゃん。何時か、僕達は日本へ行って、黒子のバスケの漫画家を殺そうね〜 復讐は甘いだからね。

Oh, I've mostly been watching Chinese cartoons, reading mangoes, and studying. So basically, the same as always. I've also been somewhat keeping up with my cycling, in part because I'm participating in a century at the end of the month so I can't afford to let my muscles atrophy too much. Well, it's only 100 miles, so it'll (probably) be fine. Yeah, for a road bike I was either thinking red or completely white. The Cervelo is probably the better bike, but of course, that also makes it more expensive by quite a bit. It's the one I'm leaning more towards, though, so excellent taste, shadow pitcher.

Hehe, you know my masochistic tendencies well. Trust me, climbing mountains on a loaded bike is far from fun. I suck at climbing too, so that didn't help. I saw other touring cyclists just about every day on the TransAm, with the exception of early on in Virgina (because I left late) and when I reached Oregon (because I was ahead of everybody). Other cyclists, especially those headed East, had a lot of good advice on which parts of mountain passes would be most difficult, so I took their advice into consideration when I planned my rides. Most of my logistical decisions, however, were based on where I could find free lodging for the night. Things like Warm Showers, hostels, churches, and fire stations were a god-send, so thankfully the first time I ever had to stealth-camp was in Montana. I think I lost a bit of my sanity in Wyoming, frankly. After Yellowstone, I started really, really roughing it. I averaged 120+ mile days, only stealth camped, and from southern Montana to central Oregon, I didn't get to shower.

Yeah, the Rockies had the best view, by far. The Appalachians were really pretty when I was riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but beyond that, my visibility was severely restricted by trees. That actually made the Appalachians much more psychologically damaging though. You would start climbing some ungodly steep hill and not even see the top to know when it would end. The Ozarks were more or less the same. Going over McKenzie Pass on the Cascades was actually one of my favorite moments on the TransAm. After being stuck in the desert in central Oregon for hundreds of miles, you start climbing McKenzie that just has some pine trees and dry vegetation, then eventually the landscape changes and the ground is covered with mounds of volcanic rubble. After, when you descend from the top, you enter a rainforest and have a gorgeous decent for something like 60 miles. After that, it's pretty flat to the coast. I was so happy.

Ahhhh, my ever expanding backlog. I'm slowing chiseling out of my own completionist prison, really. Ah, well, at least I mostly enjoy my suffering. I managed to finish most of this season's shows, though I still have some left over from Spring. I'm reading that Korean web-comic thing Tower of God, which is pretty good. It bears a very strong resemblance to HxH, what with the techniques, classes, and the exam portion. I'm looking forward for the next cour of Mushishi S2, Kiseijuu, and YowaPedal S2. Everything else could swing either way, though most of it looks horrible. How was Glasslip? I don't know much about it other than it made everyone seethe with anger.

Hahahaha, how's your senior thesis going? You poor soul, you. What had you busy until just a few weeks before school? I hope you're playing all your new games. You can't be part of the Gamer's Guild without playing some vidya, right? By the way, there's a new Harvest Moon game coming out for the 3DS on the 31st of December called Story of Seasons. Are you going to get it? Nadi looks like the only appealing bachelor, though perhaps the others will be okay. At least there doesn't appear to be a Kise in this game (whew).


Sayaka Aug 28, 2014



Sayaka Aug 15, 2014


Yeah, it was 4,355 miles (10 states) of dedicated peddling (I only took 2 full days off and 2 short days the whole trip because of bad weather), which is why it took a good week for my brain and my body to not feel restless afterwords. Thankfully, my parents flew out to Oregon the day I finished so we could do some sight-seeing around Oregon and Washington for a week, so that served as a good distraction from my cycling impulses. As for my future road bike's name, I suppose I don't have any ideas for now. It'll probably depend on the color and such. Got any suggestions? I'm looking at getting either a Cervelo S3 or a Look 595.

In order of difficulty for mountain ranges, I think I'd sort it like- Appalachians > Rockies > Ozarks > Cascades. The Rockies had the longest climbs (up to 11,500+ feet) but the grades weren't bad, usually only in the 6-8% range. Comparatively, the Appalachians only reached around 3,500+ feet at the peak of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but the grades were very steep - and of course, you're stuck in the Appalachians for over 800 miles. Going downhill, you could easily achieve 45-50mph. Riding through the Rockies was probably my favorite part of the trip, to be honest. Everything passed Pueblo in Colorado was really fun and memorable, especially from Guffey to Walden.

Hmmm, which was worse, Kansas or Wyoming? That's a tough question. I had headwinds the entire length of the country, but Kansas' wind certainly lived up to its reputation. I've heard Wyoming's wind can be just as bad, if not worse, but, thankfully, other than a few small storms, I never had any serious altercations like in Kansas. But, one of the really wonderful things about bicycle touring is how even the worst of days are punctuated with fun moments. For instance, remember how I told you one of my days in Kansas, I battled 40+mph headwinds? That afternoon, I met up with another cyclist and we stayed in one of the local churches. Even though we felt completely defeated earlier, we had a lot of fun walking around town, getting pizza and using their juke box to play 18 rounds of 'God Bless America,' followed by 20 rounds of Mario Kart 64, courtesy of the churches game room, while eating pizza and ice cream. In the end, I'd probably say Wyoming was worse, because it was so damn boring at times and the mosquitoes were not only out during the day, but they would travel in swarms and draft you.

I brought all the belongings I needed on the TransAm. I intentionally packed light, knowing that anything less than extremely useful would be a pain to haul up mountains. In the end, I think I had around 25lbs, not including food and water. Most people take around 40-50lbs. In terms of clothing, I brought 2 t-shirts, 2 pairs of cycling shorts, 1 pair of athletic shorts, 3 pairs of socks, 1 rain jacket, 1 cold-weather jacket, and 1 long-sleeved shirt. It was mostly enough, except when it dropped below 30 degrees. Then I wished I had a pair of pants and long-fingered gloves! But, I wouldn't have wanted to carry around extra items that I'd only use a handful of times, and that's it, so I'm satisfied with what I brought.

Catching up on my backlog of chinese cartoons has been tough. Keeping up with this season's series has been challenging enough without worrying about all the shows from spring I neglected, with the exception of Hitsugi no Chaika and Nobunaga the Fool, which I watched on my phone on the TransAm. As you can probably tell, my backlog is pretty enormous right now. I hate it ;_; Any shows that you're enjoying in particular?

How's your break going? Enjoying all your new games?

I tried keeping this short, but I failed completely. Even after cutting a bit out to make it less rambly, it's still a wall of text. Forgive me ;_;

cronus7 Jul 26, 2014

Well, yeah.

Rosenberg is a great guitarists, but PG is better.

Video games? Hmmmm....

I havent played many, lately, sinthe X-box no longer works, and my comp isnt technically mine...

But I am a sucker for Kirby.