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A bit late..


I haven't wrote for ages! I've been pretty busy yesterday was my birthday and me and my friend Beckii went to soundwave :D Which is this massive metal/rock music festival in australia. I moshed for the first time and it was brutal cause i was right at the front and center for marilyn manson but the show was great. On saturday I went shopping in perth I bought 14 manga novels :/ maybe a bit to much but they were only 5 dollars which is cheap and most of them are tokyopop and since thats discountinued its nearly impossible to get them anywhere else. 

And for my birthday I got witchblade, I haven't seen it but it looks an okay anime. And i bought myself a game when i was shopping its called the 3rd birthday and its for psp, i havent been able to play it yet though :( But it looked good, i know its by the same people as final fantasy though and the graphics look really awesome.

Recently I haven't watched much anime D: i've been to busy doing assignments and out with my friends. I need to finnish watching Shuffle and I watched Hourou Musuko and that was pretty good, the animation is kinda weird and sketchy though. And I finished both seasons of Agent Aika and now Im watching Aika Virgin Mission, which is okay but i prefer the old Aika.

Anyways thats all for now, Emily :3


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