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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

10 FEB

I started watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Goodbye, Mr Despair) a few days ago and I love it. I'm already on the second season since I've been watching it inbetween the live action Hana Yori Dango. At first I didn't like the shows animation and i wasn't to sure on the humour but after a few more episodes it grew on me. I've even got the end and start song on my itunes (I may be slightly sad but they're really catchy :3 I have the hellsing song too, its so jazzy :) but i won't go on about my anime music collection...)

-Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is practically about a very pessimistic teacher of class 2-H, Nozomu Itoshiki. In the very first scene he goes to hang himself off Pink C.E.O. Therefore being nicknamed, Pink Supervisor by Kafuka, an extremely optimistic girl. Kafuka pulls him down from the cherry tree choking him slightly in the process. Nozomu's first words after he falls the the ground coughing where "What If I Had Died?"..

The story goes on to when he starts teaching his class full of lovable misfits, of course Kafuka is in the class and immediatly calls him Pink Supervisor, which she ends up paying him some yen a week for naming rights.

Main Students--

Kafuka Fuura- The naive optimistic girl who beilives hikikomori's are zashiki warashi, a demon residing in living rooms, who plays practical jokes and protects your home. She also believes when people go to hang themselves its so they can grow taller. Her wild thoughts continue through out the series of seeing any grave situation in the most opptomistic way possible.

Chiri Kitsu- A girl obsessed with perfection. Her hair is party perfectly down the middle, and her OCD can call for violent conforming. Even though she can be the most aggresive towards sensei she demands him to marry her after accident rolling over on his bed in the nurses offices whilst he was napping. 

Abiru Kobushi- Almost always seen in bandages, She was believed to be a victim of D.V. Though its found out she works at a zoo and get attacks by many animals because she has a slight fettish towards tails. Having to pull any she see's and her room has a vast collecting of mounted tails all over her walls.

Kiri Komori- A very pretty girl who's face is covered behind her long black hair. A hikikomori that after being scared by Kafuka out of her own house with creepy looking dolls after she refused to come to school, now lives at school. Hiding in the sports equipment or in an isolated science lab. She becomes very close to the schools psychologist. And when winter break starts forced to move out of school she lives in Nosumu's closet.

Matoi Tsunetsuki- A student who's love goes a bit far. Whilst stalking her last boyfriend Nozumu tells her that love means to die together and hands her his personal travel kit equip with rope and other suicidal equipment. He then says I'd die with you and she mistakes it for a confession of love. Not caring about her old ex, she now stalks Nozumu.

Nami Hitō- She thought she was different. A truant of the class. Though she didn't know she was the most normal one there. Making a big deal about how she came to school, she learns that Nozumu himself is truant. She then pulls out a bandaged arm for sympathy but of course Abiru walks in covered from head to toe. Her last card was to pretend she was about to jump out the window but Nozumu swings from a rope upside down and crashes into the classroom from outside at another failed attempt of suicide. She doesn't like to accept it but to everyone else, she's extremely normal.

Harumi Fujiyoshi- A manga and anime fan girl who even has neko fettishs towards sensei. She even draws her own manga, usually yaoi. She likes to pair males together, her favourite being Pine x Napple. Though she doesn't seem to expect gay love in real life. She has three older brothers all attending anime schools. She has amazing athletic ability aswell.

Tarō Maria Sekiutsu- A refugee who bought a student ID of the real Tarō Sekiutsu. Maria lives in a run down building with alot of other refugees and spends most of her time collecting trash.

Meru Otonashi- Only communicating through text, she has never had a phone call and hasn't talked to any student through her voice. After sensei decides to help her talk to him and gives her his number, alongside the other students. She starts abusing them all through text. 

Kaere/Kaede Kimura- A split personality girl. One a gentle japanese girl, the other a forigner who likes to say I'll sue you for any harsh comments towards her. She is mostly a panty flash character. She also really can't sing..

Ai Kaga- A shy girl always saying sorry for meaningless matters due to her guilt complex.

Kagerō Usui- The class rep. Often not noticed by others unless he removes his comb over due to his thinning hair.


There's a brief overview of the main students. This anime is actually pretty good and i'd recommend watching it for its unique set of characters. Its also a manga though i have not read it :( Also theres a few loveless references in there. I love loveless its a great anime :D Harumi has a manga volume in her room and in season 1 theres a picture of soubi and ritsuka pop up randomly -zaada 


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