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Konnichiwa! my name is Izak my hobbys are viedo games basketball and reading manga but what i do most is watch anime. 

 I have friends at school who call me anime freak. my favorte genres are action/romance I allso try to explore other types of anime.

 I started watching anime a lot around 2011 after watching high school of the dead and  kenichi the mightiest disciple on netflix. 

After that I see myself watching more and more anime since my grades just sit above avrage I have alot of free time.  I now use some of that time to post stuff on my blog check it out! 

My blog: http: http:http: http://an-unorthodox-man.tumblr.com/

my Top Thirteen  anime:  All anime bellow are rated  5 Stars ***** Witch means thir kewl.


Death Note 

high school of the dead


eden of the east

guilty crown

yu yu hakusho


Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

sword art online  

fairy tail

code geass

and Great teacher onizuka

hope we can become friends! :)

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maka23 Oct 23, 2013

Thursday US twin day. You have to math someone.

maka23 Oct 22, 2013

I dont know I'll have to ask. But I'll tell you when I get it.

maka23 Oct 21, 2013

ok thanks:) oh this week is sprit week so you have to wear a type of color. Tomorrow is red, white, and blue. I know you not going to be there but im just telling u so when you come back you will know about it.

maka23 Oct 19, 2013

ok see until then. oh also have you seem is this a zombie? of dead. it is really good i just started watch it and i like it. :)

maka23 Oct 18, 2013

Hey u kinded left me hanging. But its all cool I found a new show I don't think u will like it but its hangai. It's really good. U should see it