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Girls Bravo

Nov 20, 2011

First off, I'm not a writer (meaning that the review will be under 1000 words) so only read this for some of my thoughts on the Story, Sound, Animation and Characters. And once my internet goes back to normal (super-slow) I will go back and watch the seasons again a do a more in depth review.

Ok now tell me why you are watching this anime is for the story. How did you find this anime, my old friend told me that he had search on google... 'hentai anime shows' and ups pops 'Girls Bravo'.

Story: Yukinari Sasaki is an average high school student who was teased and bullied by girls to the point that he developed an allergic reaction whenever he comes into contact with a female. One day, when he returns home from school, he gets kicked into his bathtub by Kirie Kojima, his neighbor, and is transported to Seiren, a mysterious world with a mostly female population. Eventually, Yukinari befriends Miharu Sena Kanaka as well as her sister Maharu (OK you got me, I did just steel from wiki but get over it). Miharu Sena have magical powers and can do some crazy shit (sorry). Miharu Sena has to go back to seiren because she has magic powers but Yukinari tells the magic police that Miharu is going to stay with him and that’s that (I don't know the the story off by heart, sorry this is just a test review, so why you hateing) oh, and some other girls from seiren come to earth to.

Animation: Ok, as we all know 'Girls Bravo' is a soft-core-porn anime (H-game) so I'm not going to talk about the animation so I don't sound the a total perv, all I'm going to say is that its good animation for its time. But if you must know what I thought of the anime look at the rating.

sound: If the characters voices are louder than the music is all good in the hood.

Characters: This is were my reviews get big but, this is only a test review and I have been watching other show so I don't remember the characters name only the things that they did (when/if I review this anime again witch I SHOULD because this one sucks!!!!! I will write about the Story, Animation, Sound and Characters, just for you)

If you read this and have soething to say other then hate, than leave a comment and I will get back to you (if it's something about my spelling, plz don't post it) 

7/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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AironNeil Nov 21, 2011

I hate your review, your spelling sucks, and you stole from Wikipedia, hate, hate, hate!...okay, I'm just kidding, I don't really care, correcting spelling and grammar on the internet is as pointless as hiring a 5 dollar hooker...just don't do it.

'course, the show is really just okay at breast--or I mean at best.