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have to finish


Yesterday I was drawing and the inspiration-less made me watch some credit less openings I had on my HD. Because of them I now feel like I have to finish some series that I have stalled because of real-life timing. The titles:

Heroic Age: even when the only motor to start this serie was the "oh, no more fafner but this looks similar...", it was decent and the animation (if my memory is not that wrong) was really good. Not to mention that some characters are really likable and the opening sequence is all the better.

Mouryou no Hako: this one was stalled because the fansub almost dropped it and I don't like to watch a serie with different fansubs or something like that. But, the story was totally catching. Not to mention the characters design (I used to like CLAMP but... they are like EVERYWHERE now so...), stylish.

And some other titles wich are more like will be finnish soon: Pandora Hearts (don't really into it, but it is handy), Dennou Coil, DOGs and Zettai Shonen.

P.S.: sorry my english, really.


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