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Natsume Hyuuga is now friends with Mikan Sakura.

2 hours ago



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Mikan Sakura

She joined facebook today.

Write on her wall.




Mikan Sakura’s birthday Friday



Mikan Sakura Yey! 2 hours to go and it’s my birthday! :-P

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Anna Ummenomiya Advance Happy Birthday Mikan-chan! *hugs and kisses*

Nonoko Osagawara More Birthdays to come, Mikan-chan! *iloveyou*

Yuu Tobita Happy birthday in advanceSakura-san. Have a fun-filled birthday. :D

Mikan Sakura Anna: aww..thanks anna-chan. *hugs and kisses*

Nonoko: thanks much nook-chan. *iloveyoumore*

Yuu: just call me Mikan, Iinchou. Anyways, thank you. :P

Natsume Hyuuga Who cares?

Mikan Sakura You’re so mean! Can you please stop teasing me today? It’s almost my birthday you know. *pouts*

Natsume Hyuuga Yeah right! it’s not YET your birthday, polka. Anyway, have a SAPPY birthday. *smirks*

Mikan Sakura Whatever. THANKS anyway. Hmph! :P

Hotaru Imai Nice one Hyuuga. You greeted the idiot. *evil smirk*

Natsume Hyuuga Tch. What’s in it with you?

Hotaru Imai Nothing much. Entertainment maybe. Happy birthday idiot.

Mikan Sakura Thanks Hotaru! *hugs*

Hotaru Imai Idiot. *getting her most precious 2010 baka gun version*

Mikan Sakura Okay fine! No more hugs! *teary-eyed*

Ruka Nogi Happy birthday Mikan-cchi.

Mikan Sakura Aww. You’re so sweet Ruka-pyon. Thanks. :”

Natsume Hyuuga Hey! Aren’t you being too friendly?! *sending death glares*

Mikan Sakura You’re just jealous. :P

Natsume Hyuuga Speak to yourself!

Mikan Sakura You just won’t admit that you’re jealous, huh?

Natsume Hyuuga Because I am not, POLKADOTS!

Mikan Sakura PERVERT! I’m not even wearing that today!

Natsume Hyuuga so you decided to wear thongs now, huh? Trying to seduce me? *smirks*

Mikan Sakura Yee-uck!! Look who’s talking.

Natsume Hyuuga it’s obviously YOU.



Mikan Sakura is doing countdown. 30 more minutes to go.

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Tsubasa Andou Happy birthday my favorite kouhai. What do you want for your birthday?

Mikan Sakura You’ll give me something? *puppy-dog-eyes*

Tsubasa Andou Sure! Anything just for you. :)

Mikan Sakura I want howalons, Tsubasa-senpai.

Tsubasa Andou Of course! My treat tomorrow, since Misaki answered me. :)

Mikan Sakura Really?! I’m happy for the both of you!

Misaki Harada Happy Birthday Mikan-chan.

Mikan Sakura Thanks Misaki-senpai. Congrats to the both of you.

Misaki Harada Uhm..Thanks Mikan-chan. *blushing*

Tsubasa Andou Misaki: You’re so cute when you’re jealous.

Misaki Harada Tsubasa: You better stop if you don’t want me to break up with you.

Tsubasa Andou Misaki: Fine. I was just joking.

Misaki Harada Tsubasa: Good boy!



Natsume Hyuuga is thinking that Facebook should have a ‘dislike’ button.

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Kokoro Yome Something is suspicious.

Kitsuneme I smell something fishy. :)

Natsume Hyuuga That’s definitely you.

Ruka Nogi Looks like it has something to do with……….I wont tell.

Natsume Hyuuga Good thinking, you better shut up Ruka.

Hotaru Imai LMAO.

Tsubasa Andou I guess I know why. :))

Natsume Hyuuga I’m gonna burn you to crisps, shadow freak!

Tsubasa Andou Hey, easy man. She’s all yours ya know!

Natsume Hyuuga Who wants her?

Mikan Sakura I don’t get it. Who’s her?

Natsume Hyuuga You’ll know TOMORROW, but not now!

Mikan Sakura Ok!



Tsubasa Andou and Misaki Harada are now offline

Hotaru Imai NEEDS money fast! $$

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Ruka Nogi Why do you need so much money?

Hotaru Imai None of your business, bunny boy.

Ruka Nogi That’s what you say!

Hotaru Imai Why? Do you actually care?

Ruka Nogi What if I do?

Hotaru Imai Don’t play with me.

Ruka Nogi ILY.

Hotaru Imai You’re gross

Mikan Sakura How sweet. How I wish that the pervert was just like Ruka-pyon.

Natsume Hyuuga Missed me huh? *smirks*

Mikan Sakura In your dreams.



Ruka Nogi is into K-Pop…I Want Nobody Nobody but you(Hotaru)..;)

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Mikan Sakura Go Ruka-pyon! You have my blessings!

Ruka Nogi Thanks Mikan-chan.

Natsume Hyuuga Why? Are you Hotaru’s mother giving Ruka his blessing?

Mikan Sakura I’m Hotaru’s BFF! .

Natsume Hyuuga That’s what you say.

Mikan Sakura Whatever! :P

Hotaru Imai You’re gross, Nogi!

Ruka Nogi Ouch! I’m hurt! :(



Sumire Shouda Mikan is flirting with Natsume-sama! Screw her!

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Luna Koizumi Mikan, you better stop flirting Natsume-sama!

Shouda Sumire Luna’s right!

Mikan Sakura I’m not flirting with him! Waaah! :(( *cries waterfall*

Hotaru Imai Go to hell, you two!



Natsume Hyuuga I hate fan girls! X(

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Mikan Sakura So, someone is actually gay, huh?

Natsume Hyuuga In your face.

Mikan Sakura Screw you!

Natsume Hyuuga Tch. Whatever



Mikan Sakura Didn’t know that Edward could be so romantic. :”

Mikan Sakura was told by Edward

You are my life now.”

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Natsume Hyuuga What a creep!

Mikan Sakura You’re just jealous.

Natsume Hyuuga Jealous of what? Your Edward? Who cares about him?

Mikan Sakura I do! And why are you always butting in?

Mikan Sakura Hey! Where are you?

Hotaru Imai Concerned?

Mikan Sakura As if!



Natsume Hyuuga Stupid internet connection! Tch.

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Hotaru Imai What a nice excuse!

Natsume Hyuuga STFU, Imai!

Mikan Sakura Hey! Stop being mean!

Sumire Shouda Don’t you dare talk to Natsume-sama like that!

Mikan Sakura Whatever, permy!

Ruka Nogi Hey, Natsume! Did you just--Nevermind.

Natsume Hyuuga Yeah, guess I did. *smirk*

Kokoro Yome Nice one Ruka. You’re actually taking Hotaru’s side. Nobody Nobody but YOU! Haha…:))

Kitsuneme Love is in the air! Haha…:))

Hotaru Imai Shut up if you don’t want to feel the wrath of my baka gun. *evil glare*

Kokoro Yome Yes, Ice queen.

Kitsuneme Zipping my mouth.



Luna Koizumi is now offline

Natsume Hyuuga O.o wtf?

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Natsume Hyuuga asked for a pick-up line

If you were a puzzle, then I’m your missing piece.”

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Mikan Sakura Hahaha…Natsume’s being cheesy!

Ruka Nogi Man, what happened to you? LOL

Kokoro Yome Fag, is that you? LMFAO

Kitsuneme Nice one. Someone’s feeling gay tonight! =]]

Hotaru Imai Thanks Hyuuga, I could gain some dough from you!

Natsume O.o wtf? You all better STFU!



Natsume Hyuuga Someone’s been stalking me. *smirks*

Natsume Hyuuga’s Top Followers:

1: Mikan Sakura

2: Ruka Nogi

3: Kokoro Yome

4: Kitsuneme

5: Yuu Tobita

6: Hotaru Imai

7: Tsubasa Andou

8: Luna Koizumi

9: Sumire Shouda

10: Mochiage

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Mikan Sakura This is so NOT true! Why am I your top follower?! .

Natsume Hyuuga Is it my fault if you’re like a bee who’s attracted to me? :

Mikan Sakura Attracted to you?! Ugh! And why am I bee? T_T

Natsume Hyuuga Because you want me as your honey.

Mikan Sakura ……..



Mikan Sakura I think I’m in love with Edward! *blushing*

Mikan Sakura was told by Edward

I will never leave you.”

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Anna Ummenimya How sweet:”

Nonoko Osagawara *daydreaming* Wishing he was real.

Sumire Shouda Just stick with your vampire and not with my Natsume-sama! :P

Mikan Sakura He’s all yours! 8-|



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Natsume Hyuuga IS going to burn that vampire alive!

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Hotaru Imai Someone…

Ruka Nogi is…

Kokoro Yome actually

Kitsuneme JEALOUS!

Natsume Hyuuga Yeah right!

Mikan Sakura ???



Kokoro Yome, Kitsuneme and Sumire Shouda are now offline



Hotaru Imai $$

I need more cash in Friends for Sale!

Hotaru Imai needs more cash in Friends For Sale! Can you help?

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Ruka Nogi Satisfied?

Hotaru Imai NOT.

Ruka Nogi You should get some sleep you know.

Hotaru Imai Save it for later.

Ruka Nogi I lost my bunny…:(

Hotaru Imai Then buy a new one.



Hotaru Imai and Ruka Nogi are now offline

Mikan Sakura Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to me! Wondering about what Natsume-kun will tell me. Also excited to Tsubasa-senpai’s treat tomorrow!

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Natsume Hyuuga HB…

Mikan Sakura Uhm, Natsume? What’s HB?

Natsume Hyuuga H-Happy B-Birthday!

Mikan Sakura Aww…Thanks Natsume, I’m touched. Hey, what are you going to tell me?

Natsume Hyuuga Aren’t you tired? You should take some rest.

Mikan Sakura Don’t change the subject! And I’m not tired at all. Why’d you say so?

Natsume Hyuuga Because you’ve been running in my mind all day.

Mikan Sakura Uhm, is that you??

Natsume Hyuuga Did it hurt?

Mikan Sakura Huh? Did what hurt?

Natsume Hyuuga When you fell out of heaven?

Mikan Sakura Seriously! What happened to you?! :-?

Natsume Hyuuga Do you believe in love at first sight?

Mikan Sakura Absolutely no!

Natsume Hyuuga Then I guess I have to walk by you again.

Mikan Sakura Please stop those cheesy pick-up lines Natsume.

Natsume Hyuuga They’re not pick-up lines. Are you scared?

Mikan Sakura …….Yeah……to fall for you?!

Natsume Hyuuga Don’t worry…

Mikan Sakura I was just joking, you don’t need to take it seriously :-S

Natsume Hyuuga You can’t lie to me Mikan. I know that you know you like me. Don’t deny it.

Mikan Sakura What if I do? What will you do?

Natsume Hyuuga I’ll definitely catch you.

Mikan Sakura ……….



Natsume Hyuuga is in a relationship with Mikan Sakura.



Natsume Hyuuga Back off ladies, I’m with someone now.

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