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Hello Hello. So I will start by stating the obvious: I love anime and manga. As a child, I adored Dragonball Z and Sailormoon and even Pokemon. However after that, I did not return to anime until high school when I was introduced to OHSHC and now I am an avid fan.  I enjoy a wide range of anime/manga though there are few genres that I tend to avoid such as yaoi, yuri, ecchi, hentai, and explicit violence and nudity. Even then, I may compromise if I get good recommendations. For the most part, I am always up for trying new animes and manga so please feel free to recommend anything.

Some other interests including cooking and baking, playing the piano, doing yoga, running, reading, and just being with my friends. I am also currently a pre-med student and am hoping to become a doctor. If you want to know more, feel free to ask.

*For a run-down on my star rating system, let me first state that the star rating simply dictates how entertaining I find the series. It does not technically have to do with having a great cast with rich character development in conjuction with an innovative and thought-provoking plot now how I would choose to recommend the anime/manga.

5: This rating remains an exception to the above statement. I find the plot original, suspenseful, and incredibly well-thought out. The cast remains diverse yet memorable, with each character having their own significance, and there exists substantial character development. I would highly recommend this series to just about anyone regardless of their genre preference.

4: If I find a series entertaining but not amazing, this tends to be my go-to rating. I would consider this my generic default rating, as long as I am thoroughly entertained but not blown away. I would probably recommend this for anyone who enjoys the genre but not necessarily for anyone who does not.

3: For series that are subpar but still somewhat entertaining. The series, though not awful, seems lackluster and only mildly entertaining. There exists a low possibility that I would recommend this but for the most part, I simply found the anime mediocre at best so nothing really worth noting. Not really horrible or an eyesore but nothing all that great and note-worthy either.

2: This remains for series that had potential and has few genuinely decent moments but overall fell flat. Lackluster plot and cast that may be at times be entertaining but for the most part did not compell me to continue further. Since the series really has little redeeming value, I would not recommend this, even to someone who enjoys the genre.

1: Horrible. Absolutely horrible. I would never recommend this to anyone, regardless of genre preference. Series with this rating are lacking in every sense. The characters are either completely generic stereotypes with few if any defining or likable characteristics or are just horrificly disgusting characters that should only exist as villians, and even that could be pushing it. The plots lack originality, good humor, and remains either boring and vapid or completely bizarre to the point where little makes sense. There is absolutely nothing remotely redeeming at all about this series and I would never even want to discuss such a series.

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FlameBaby says...

i like Fairy Tail really good one ^^

its still not finished yet always waiting to the next ep ^^ AWEOMSE anime really love it

hmm there is also..

Code Geass

Elemental Gelade

Fate/Stay Night

Kaze No Stigma <-- love it alot ^^

well watch some amv's of them on youtube and if you like any anime of it watch it ^^

Dec 2, 2010
Lonewulf56 says...

Hey You!!

Long time no talk :)

How are you doing these days. Sorry I havn't been on much. The truth is im very sick right now but im finally recovering. Ive been trying to play the piano lately but I just cant do it. I think i May have just lost interest in it for the time being. Anything new and exciting with you?

Nov 28, 2010
DuskFey says...

Thanks! You should try Special A if you haven't yet. Maybe Spice and Wolf too. :)

Sep 2, 2010
Lumineux says...

haha no problem. the icon is Zoey from a zombie game called Left4Dead. the pic is cropped out of context from a fanmade humor picture. i just thought the expression is funny.

Aug 30, 2010
Otaku108 says...

sorry it took so long to get back to you on your question, I made this about a year ago (before AP v2 and the anime lists were released) so it's in need of a little updating, still there are several I highlighted as "must see" in it. Some you may or may not have already seen but I'd say they're well worth trying out if you haven't


Aug 29, 2010