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Kodocha: Sana's Stage

Story: The plot revolves around Sana, a young TV star, and her situation dealing with the class bully, Akito. Despite the fact that the main characters are in middle school, the manga addresses mature topics in addition to the typical middle school problems. Suicide, mental and psychological illness, child abandonment, love, fear of separation, and various other issues are addressed quite nicely and realistically throughout the manga. Except for the unrealistically convenient and simple fixing of Akito’s relationship with his father and sister, all the problems that came after were dealt with quite well. This story spastically goes from serious to funny and flutters between the two.  However, this worked out well since it was in-sync with Sana’s over-the-top personality.

Art: Fairly mediocre. The character designs were nice and emotions were expressed well. However, the panels were simply too cluttered, distracting from the overall story. The atmosphere was more chaotic than necessary and would have been more effective had it been slightly toned down. For the most part, the art was decent but generic.

Characters: They added emotional depth to the story, breathing life into the manga. Despite the fact the characters tried to be mature in dealing with their issues, deep down their raw naivety and inability to cope with such situations seeped through. All of them were fleshed out and realistically dealt with their problems as best as they could.

By and far, the relationship between Sana and Akito was the most endearing. As opposed to most shoujo where the readers only get to see how the character show their love for each other, this manga addresses why the two care for each other. They faced continual obstacles in their relationship, which was far from ideal, and had to cope with the situation in poignantly and beautifully addressed manner.

Overall: A lovely manga addressing the hardships faced by young students in during their middle school and high school that goes beyond the stereotypical teenage angst of love that makes up for many shoujo. Various life problems in addition to love are addressed nicely with a good touch of humor to keep the story afloat. All in all, a wonderful story that realistically conveys problems faced by both adults and children and how they overcome them.

8/10 story
6.9/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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