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Lovely Complex

Nov 21, 2010

Story: The anime revolves around a tall girl liking a short guy and the fact the such a coupling is socially looked down upon or mocked. I thought that this anime would be predictable, cliche, and not memorable. Man, oh man, was I proven severely wrong.  Before, watching this anime or reading the manga, I would never think of being with a guy shorter than me because that would just be so strange and unattractive. However after Lovely Complex, I've changed my stance without feeling guilty about my previous standard mainly because the anime handled the height issue so wonderfully. Rather than preaching "love is about the beauty inside", it focuses more the budding relationship between the guy and girl and how they start to focus less and less on their height. They never completely forget about it but it starts to have less importance to them towards the end of the anime. The anime wasn't so simple as girl tells guy she likes him and vice versa and the two can live happily every after. There are so many complications between the two that it really isn't that straightforward. It pulls at the heartstrings in unexpected ways and kept me hooked until the rather satisfying end.

Animation: One of the downfalls of the anime. The animation looked rather outdated, as if it came around a decade ago rather than just a few years ago. The montage stills were poorly done, there were way too many sparkles and hearts and what not that made a sweet moment extremely cliche and cheesy, and of course the animation for the characters and backgrounds seemed fairly dated though it wasn't too bad. Despite that though, some of the animation was nicely done. Expressions were beautifully done or hilariously done depending on the situation, conveying moods that were appropriate for the scene. The colors were also nice and bright though not as clean and rich as I would probably have liked for an anime that came out in 2007 but I suppose that's of a personal flaw that I had bothered me.

Sound: Pretty generic for the most part though some of the pieces were quite lovely. The first opening and both endings were catchy and sweet while the second opening was okay but somewhat bland. The score had a few nice pieces while most sounded fairly mediocre. At times, the music would actually ruin the atmosphere of the scene. Thankfully, however that did not happen to often. More often than that though, the music either heightened the mood or was merely forgettable.

Characters: Absolutely amazing. I loved the cast. The main two especially were some of the most unique yet realistic characters I have seen in a shoujo comedy or in a romantic comedy in general. The main girl isn't completely adorable and pretty and nice 100% of the time. She makes some pretty hideous (and hilarious XD) expressions, isn't completely polished, is sometimes selfish which is okay and human, and very expressive about her emotions to the point of . However, I absolutely adore her because she is so human in her flaws, is so easy to relate to, and so strong in her conviction for love, pulling through when most would give up. In addition, the main guy she likes isn't the hotshot in the school that all the girls swoon over, which is hard to find in shoujo or even romantic comedies in general. He isn't a perfect bishie there to save the day for the main girl. He's extremely dense, says exactly what's on his mind even though it may be socially rude yet is very sweet (sometimes too sweet) and thoughtful. It's completely understandable why Risa is in love with despite his flaws.

The rest of the cast seem like cliches at first but easily showcase their true quirkly yet realistic personalities throughout the anime to create one diverse, hilarious, unpredictable, and wonderful cast.

Overall: This anime breaks quite a few boundaries. Tall girl with a short guy, the main girl going after the guy rather than the other way around, and not having stunningly flawless main characters. Timing is executed so wonderfully that it goes from dramatic to romantic to hilarious without seeming to random. This romantic comedy has all the necessary elements of romance, comedy, unpredictability, a great unique cast and harmonizes all the elements so well that the all-together package was amazing. This anime is highly unpredictable, insanely hilarious, sweetly romantic, and one of my favorite romantic comedies, up there with Toradora.

8.5/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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nasreen10 Jan 2, 2011

I totally agree with you! Lovely Complex is one of my favorite romantic comedies as well.