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Story: All I can say about this story without ruining anything is already given in the story summary. On the surface, this seems like a cliche, predictable high school romantic comedy but after watching this anime, it turned out to be a whole lot more. It was original, not quite predictable, and insanely funny with unique, realistic, and (most importantly) likable characters. It is a definite must-see. Like I said, despite the fact that the story sounds predictable, it is so uniquely, intelligently, and beautifully executed that it stands out from the rest.


Animation: Bright, vibrant, and very well done. The characters all had their own distinct appearance with exception to two characters but their differences in appearance were a little more subtle. Their appearances matched their personalities almost perfectly with bubbly big-eyed red-haired Minorin, cool blue-haired Ami, student-council vp Kitamura with a school boy haircut and glasses, misunderstood Ryuugi with his "evil/up-to-no-good" eyes, and angelicly deceiving Taiga. Even though the characters were all drawn carefully, the background wasn't forgotten. Everything was drawn with such careful detail and beautifully rich colors.


Sound: The openings and endings were both very catchy and each matched the season they were trying to portray. The 1st opening was unique, catchy, upbeat, and slightly random easily capturing the crazy, humorous 1st season while the 2nd season was a little more dramatic matching the more drama-filled love triangle that was the 2nd season. The endings were sweet and bubbly and connected to the message of the anime.This is one of the few animes where I loved both openings and endings. The soundtrack also suited the mood. It either added to the mood beautifully and was never distracting/inappropriate/mismatched. It had a unique blend of sweet, dramatic, and uplifting music that too me really stood and made for a memorable soundtrack.


Characters: Ah, the characters. This is what made the show so unique and frankly amazing. Every character had distinct personalities and they were all fleshed out without any drawn out flashbacks or shows dedicated to each of them specifically. Taiga is a tsundere who realistically transitions back and forth between being beastly and being sweet and child-like without seeming bi-polar. Unlike most harem males who are bland/faceless and who's only defining trait is being "nice", Ryuugi has more going for him. Not only is he nice and caring, he takes care of his household while his mom works, loves to cook, is humorously ocd about cleaning, is comically attached to his bizarre parrot, has odd ways of expressing his anger and showing that he cares, and doesn't fall for girls for their superficial appearance. He actually has standards in that he cares more about personality rather than physical appearance. The other characters were introduced in the beginning and their personalities just shone on their own. You feel for all of them even though none of them have some devastatingly tragic past. They are so realistic in the actions that they seem like people I could easily meet in real life except for the fact that they are so funny, crazy, and have such quirky traits that it is hard to predict what will come out of their mouths or what they will do, whether it is whipping out a samurai sword in class to fight a fellow student or doing some crazy dance in a train station. They made me crack up and wish they existed in real life.  Even though I didn't agree with their decisions at times, I understood them and so I couldn't quite dislike them.


Overall: Once I started, I just kept wanting to watch more and then got hooked till the end. It kept me laughing, guessing, and interested till the very suitable end. Everything was done well, including the end which is hard to say for many romantic comedies. Not every character has a perfect ending which is what I liked about this anime. It didn't end perfectly yet it was happy ending nonetheless. I can't stress enough that this is a must-see.


9/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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